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Happy Children's Day with events and new books!

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Here’s wishing all our children – our biggest fans are kids! – a great time ahead … Happy Children’s Day on the 14th of Nov. The joy of childhood is a great feeling, and many of us as parents relive these joys with them. So, make sure you make time for your kid/s this week to help them enjoy their special day! And for all kids out there, make sure you pick up your copy of the new book in the Wimpy Kid series “Cabin Fever” releasing on Wed, 16th Nov at your favourite store!

As part of our celebrations, we bring you “Tales Teens Try” – a reading cum discussion with three award winning authors together! These authors (a brief profile given below), come from different backgrounds and write books of different genres for young adults (9yrs to 14yrs). The idea of this session is to have readers, authors, young adults, teachers participate in the readings and discussion and understand what appeals most to this age group in this day and age. The participating authors are:

Mini Srinivasan

Winner of the first Children’s Literary Award – the Bal Sahitya Puraskar 2010 instituted by the Sahitya Akademi in India, for her book, “Just a Train Ride Away”. Mini Srinivasan lives and writes in Pune, where she works with teachers and children in government-run schools. She is also part of a child rights advocacy group focusing on making education more meaningful for underprivileged children. She loves to write for pre-teens +, who she thinks are smart, feisty and fun.

Anushka Ravishankar

Anushka Ravishankar is an award-winning writer and playwright. Her books include Wish you were Here, Moin and the Monster, Tiger on a Tree, Today Is My Day, among others, and several have been published internationally. Many of you will remember picking up these books from twistntales over the last many years. We in twistntales are huge fans of Anushka’s writings and are very happy to have her do a reading at our Store. She writes books that kids fight to read! “Atleast a Fish” and its sequel are the latest to add to her list.

Sonja Chandrachud

Many of you know Sonja, having attended her previous book releases at our Store. Dubbed the ‘Desi Rowling’ by the media, Sonja deftly brews up fantastical tales filled with magic, mayhem & mischief. Potion of Eternity & Pearls of Wisdom are the bestselling books in the much loved Hilarious Hauntings Adventures series. Her new YA series - DOA Detective Files takes you deep into ancient historical times where cryptic curses, mysterious murders and lost treasures beckon. “Trouble at the Taj” is the first in the series.

All of them will read from their books as well and take questions from their young readers. They will be in conversation with noted theatre person Mahrukh Barucha on what our Young Adults like to read! Please stay in touch with our blog where all their books will be reviewed in the next few days. Inviting Young Adults, Educators, Librarians, Parents and all those keen on reading to join this interactive session. Kindly participate with your time and energy and make this a meaningful session for all of us!

This event will happen on Saturday, 19th Nov 2011 at 5pm (upto 8pm) at twistntales. Make sure your kids are there and between these three authors, a whole host of books that they have authored will be on sale at a discount. Get your autographed copies!

In the meantime, lots of new books have already reached/ or are releasing in the next few days. While Paolini fans have already got their “Inheritance”, Rick Riordan’s “Sons of Neptune” and Jeff Kinney’s “Cabin Fever” should be in twistntales from early Wednesday morning! Promises to be a busy week with lots of new books!

Some new books reviewed:

“The Sense of an Ending” by Julian Barnes @ Rs.499/- (pgs 150)

‘Sense of an Ending’ is a story of one man coming to terms with his Past. Starting out by evoking memories from School the story moulds itself emphatically to the end with some thoughtfully etched out characters, throwing in surprises and promises! Laced with Julian Barnes’ trademark precision, dexterity and insight, it comes as no surprise that this work won the David Cohen Prize for Literature as well as the Booker Prize 2011! Brilliant!

“Ithaca” by David Davidar @ Rs.499/- (pgs 276)

The picture is of Litmus, a publishing house in the UK which is struggling to survive after the unexpected death of its most successful author. Will the company remain independent and be able to keep at bay the giant corporation intent on taking it over? Will it be able to survive the sweeping change taking place in the publishing industry? Coming from one of the foremost figures in the publishing industry itself this novel is a thrilling account of the turbulent world of publishing presented inside out!

“The Tailor of Giripul” by Bulbul Sharma @ Rs.299/- (pgs 320)

With the redolent smells and sounds of a village buried amongst the Mountains comes this story of a mild- mannered Tailor who sits strewn around with bits of Cloth to stitch for the Women of his Village! Along the way he has to deal with their dreams, desires; his relationship with his wife and solve the mystery of a killing! Bulbul Sharma is at her best creating small portraits out of telling details and it is this gift that breaks through to create pockets of magic!

“India Inside: The Emerging Innovation Challenge to the West” by Nirmalya Kumar and Phanish Puranam @ Rs.795/- (pgs 177)

In ‘India Inside’, authors and respected London Business School Professors Nirmalya Kumar and Phanish Puranam assert that the long held monopoly on Innovation by Western Corporations is over and that Nations, Policy makers and Organizations need to look East to a hidden movement that is changing how innovation happens! Drawing on extensive research and in depth interviews with India based executives at companies like AstraZeneca, GE, Infosys, Intel, and others the book illuminates Indian Companies’ growing ability to innovate by conjuring up consumer offerings that are low cost, compact, efficient and robust in spite of harsh environmental conditions! Innovation is the need of the hour and so is this book!

“The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life’s Most Difficult Problems” by Stephen R. Covey @ Rs.799/- (pgs 456)

From the bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People comes this latest book which is a breakthrough approach to conflict resolution and creative problem solving both professional and personal. Through key examples and stories from his work as a consultant, Covey demonstrates the power of 3rd Alternative Thinking leaving one feeling inspired and at peace!

“The Billboard Illustrated Encyclopedia of Music: From Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues and Hip Hop to Classical Folk, World and More” edited by Paul Du Noyer @ Rs.1995/- (pgs 448)

Written by a team of expert music writers and musicologists this richly illustrated encyclopedia will take you on a remarkable journey of discovery from the sounds of the early 20th Century Bluesmen through the birth of Rock’n’Roll right up to the present day Dance and Hip Hop. Every facet of music is explored! Each section begins with a glimpse of the social, cultural and political influences that helped shape the course of the music and covers the major artists who defined the sounds of their time. Without leaving behind the one hit wonders which should not be forgotten and the instruments that created these sounds; this all encompassing reference book is a rare gem!

“Pilots Man your Planes: The History of naval Aviation” by Wilbur H Morrison @ Rs. 995/- (pgs 462)

It is the story of Naval Aviation and of the Men and Women who fought for it through its obscure beginnings in 1910 from the Persian Gulf War and on to the present. It is a complete History woven together from interviews and stories of the architects and visionaries who have shaped and influenced the development of Naval Aviation throughout the twentieth Century. Author Wilbur Morrison paints the picture of the successes, failures, conflicts and politics of the wings who govern the Seas in this brilliant volume!

“Rafa: My Story” by Rafael Nadal with John Carlin @ Rs.595/- (pgs 304)

Private is Dark. And here is the biography of the personality whose life has been much in the dark, until now. This book takes us to the heart of Nadal’s Childhood, his growth as a player and his incredible career. It includes memorable highs and lows, from victory in the mind-blowing 2008 Wimbledon final to the recent injury problems that have posed a threat to his dominance in the sport. This book is sure to take you on a ride from Nadal’s lifelong home on the island of Majorca and leave you live at the locker rooms of the Centre Courts!

Other new books:

“The Shadow Market: How Sovereign Wealth Funds Secretly Dominate the Global Economy” by Eric J Weiner @ Rs.399/- (pgs 310)
“First Proof – The Penguin Book of New Writing” @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 219)
“A Shot at History” by Abhinav Bindra @ 399/- (pgs 228)
“C. V. Raman – A Biography” by Uma Parameswaran
“Non Stop India” by Mark Tully @ 499/- (pgs 257)
“The Price of Civilization: Economics and Ethics after the fall” by Jeffrey Sachs @ Rs.599/- (pgs 326)
“Ardent Shakespeare: Complete Works” Edited by Richard Proudfoot, Ann Thompson and David Kastan @ Rs.499/- (pgs 1346)
“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson @ Rs.799/- (pgs 627)
“The Litigators” by John Grisham @ Rs.350/- (pgs 436)
“Great by Choice” by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen @ Rs.799/- (pgs 304)
“Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography” @ Rs.599/- (pgs 339)
“The Race” by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott @ Rs.499/- (pgs 404)
“Sonia Gandhi: An Extraordinary Life, An Indian Destiny” by Rani Singh @ Rs.499/- (pgs 268)
“Corporate Divas” by Sonia Golani @ Rs.250/- (pgs 229)
“Boomerang: The Meltdown Tour” by Michael Lewis @ Rs.599/- (pgs 213)
“There is No God: Agnostic Khushwant” by Khuswant Singh with Ashok Chopra @ Rs.299/- (pgs 246)
“Extreme Money: The Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk” by Satyajit Das @ Rs.699/- (pgs 514)
“Where Good Ideas Come From: The Seven Patterns of Innovation” by Steven Johnson @ Rs.399/- (pgs 326)
“The Sealed Letter” by Emma Donoghue @ Rs.499/- (pgs 397)
“Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins @ Rs.299/- (pgs 372)
“The Fall of the House of Forbes: The inside Story of the Collapse of a Media Empire” by Stewart Pinkerton @ Rs.799/- (pgs 302)
“The Affair” by Lee Child @ Rs.550/- (pgs 427)
“The Wonder book for Girls and boys: Six Great Greek Myths” by Nathaniel Hawthorne @ Rs.195/- (pgs 246)
“Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi” by Steve Inskeep @ Rs.599/- (pgs 284)
“Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini @ Rs.699/- (pgs 860)
“Talking to the Terrorists – Face to Face with the Enemy” by Peter Taylor @ Rs. 450/- (pgs 358)
“Ice Boys in Bell Bottoms” by Krishna Shastri Devulapalli @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 263)
“The God Enchanter” by Anuradha Majumdar @ Rs. 199/- (pgs 145)
“The Temple and the Mosque – the Best of Premchand” @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 197)
“God Save the Dork” by Sidin Vadukut @ Rs. 199/- (pgs 240)
“Grand Pursuit – The Story of Economic Genius” by Sylvia Nasar @ Rs. 499/- (pgs 555)
“1Q84” by Haruki Murakami @ Rs. 999/- (pgs 925)
“Calcutta Exile” by Bunny Suraiya @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 249)
“The Tennis Partner” by Abraham Verghese @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 340)

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