Sunday, November 13, 2011

Book Review - Just a Train Ride Away !

Santosh. His name means contentment.
However Santosh is not content. He is a normal, good, school going boy just like any other child; except that he lives with his Mother alone. Ma and Baba had separated when Santosh was four, and that’s all what he has been told, really!
Thus Santosh is set to travel alone from Mumbai to Kolkata during his holidays with a secret plan in his mind- that of looking for his Father whom he barely remembers.
As the ‘Howrah Mail’ whistles away, something begins to happen. The journey brings him into contact with people quite outside his sheltered, protected world. It opens his mind to a whole new world where life beyond wardrobes full of jeans and shoes, and imported 10 speed bicycles exist. And other things like survival and the bare necessities matter. It brings before him life full of so many possibilities in spite of all odds. It sparks hope and spirit with honesty.
And above all he discovers how growing up is just a train ride away!
Chuuckk- chuukk!

Now, A little about our Award Winning Author:

Mini Srinivasan’s this very book- ‘Just a Train Ride Away’ has been awarded the Bal Sahitya Puraskar, 2010. She lives and works in Pune where she writes for Children, develops educational radio programmes, works with teachers and children in rural schools and is part of a child rights advocacy group. She particularly likes writing for pre-teens whom she finds bright, feisty and fun!

Come meet her on 19th Nov, at the Store!

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