Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review - Trouble at the Taj !

Trouble at the Taj

Whether it’s Natural or Supernatural, No mystery is out of this World for the young detective kids of the DOA Detective agency! Led by Madame X who is the head of the agency, she has trained her detective kids, and is now on a Holiday somewhere on a sunny Island, but that’s really none of anyone’s business!

Anyway Team DOA certainly comprises of some out- of -the -Box characters! There is Chintan Desai - the walking, talking encyclopedia from Malabar Hills, Katrina (Kat) - the Desi Charlie’s Angel who is a specialist at delivering lethal Karate Kicks, Pagal Pappu who can read people’s thoughts along with ‘Bandar’ his pet monkey whom u can put to work by offering a bunch of Bananas and Tuk Tuk, their Autorickshaw with ‘attitude’ who transports these detectives to places of trouble where the all important mysteries are to be solved!

So there is trouble brewing at the Taj Mahal, as the chief architect Ustad Ahmed Lahauri appointed to build the magnificent tomb has vanished. He was in the middle of the construction of the wonder, when; just like that, into thin air he disappears, and nobody knows where he is! And the ghost of the lovely Mumtaz is deeply saddened and has no peace yet. Team DOA has arrived at the royal palace. Will these detective kids be able to find the missing architect before his unfinished construction project is given to some other Architect? Is there a traitor in their midst with wicked plans? Read this book and you’ll discover whodunit!

And who has compiled this DOA Detective Agency (Asia HQ, Mumbai ki 13th Bogey)?
It’s our local Desi Rowling Sonja Chandrachud!

Sonja Chandrachud’s Potion of Eternity and Pearls of Wisdom published by Penguin Puffin India have received rave reviews from the young and not so young for their wonderful mix of fantasy and humour inciting keen interest from international film makers for film adaptations.
Her latest series—DOA Detective Files also published by Penguin Puffin India — takes you deep into ancient historical times where cryptic curses, mysterious murders and lost treasures beckon. This series has already been lauded as ‘a classic adventure series that is cleverly combines history and all its mysteries encouraging youngsters to read and learn and enjoy – effortlessly.

The first book in the DOA series – Trouble at the Taj – launched a month ago has made it to the children’s fiction bestseller list.

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