Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Book Review - Atleast a Fish !

At least a Fish!

‘Please, At least a Fish, if not a Dog!’

Here it is. The ubiquitous argument heard across all families- Children pleading with their parents into getting them a pet! And just like any other child is Ana’s plea to her parents- ‘The Bopannas’!

After rounds of prolonged negotiation, scenes of ‘eyes filling up with tears’ and all what it takes, (yes the children, they sure know it best!) Three fish- the wise philosophers with cool shortened names- Socky(Socrates), Platty(Plato) and Totty(Aristotle) enter into the home and lives of the Bopannas!

But, in the picture is a homeless, very fishy puppy in the hands of kind Dr. Nirmala from Adopt-a- Pet agency. To them is written a thoughtful letter by brave Ana and her friend Zain after as much thinking as what their minds are capable of! And a mysterious smelly pond with a reputation of spookiness and strange sightings lurks around in the corner.
And what Happens then?

Well there are many twists in the tale, weaved to surprise one- dragons magically transforming into turtles, many super illustrations which appear on the page just when u need them; like they say at the right place in the right time– creating splendid animated visuals and along the way you will discover how the very fishy Puppy may actually just be a Fish!

A Fish is not a Dog. But can a Dog be a Fish?

Then Come to our Event, travel with the Author Anushka Ravishankar herself, through this book which is her First book in the ‘Zain and Ana’ series. She is a award-winning Children’s writer based in Chennai. She has written over twenty books for children, including Moin and the Monster, Elephants Never Forget. Song of the Bookworm and To Market! To Market! Several of her Books have been translated into languages like Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish, among others.

You can meet Anushka Ravishankar her at twistntales, your neighbourhood bookstore soon!

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