Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2013

Hi all,

Thank you all for your tremendous response to our appeal for funds. Our team managed to collect close to Rs. 1.5 lakhs which by our standards is huge and will pay for the Pediatric Physiotherapy Ward and so many other things on the wish list! A note on the event and a list of donors is available at

Thank you also to many of you who have been joining us for Christmas carols on a daily basis! There is so much joy in participation, and we are having a lot of fun too!

The team at Twistntales wishes you and your family a merry Christmas and a very very happy 2013. May the New Year bring joy, happiness and peace to all our families.

Now for new books:

‘Everest 1953 – The Epic Story of the First Ascent’ by Mick Conefrey @ Rs. 899/-

Foremost among the modern myths of the first ascent of Mount Everest is that it was essentially made by two men: Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norway. No serious mountaineer has ever claimed this nor did Hillary or Tenzing, but over the years the rest of the team has been forgotten. Today school textbooks headline ‘Hillary and Tenzing’s ascent of Everest’ and the others go unmentioned. Everest 1953 was a team effort, led by an exceptional leader, John Hunt, Hillary and Tenzing were at the apex of the pyramid but beneath them were the strong shoulders of many other men. This gripping narrative draws first-hand interviews, unprecedented access to archives, letters and personal diaries to reveal the true account of that extraordinary first ascent. It recounts all the controversies faced by the climbers ‘on and off’ the mountain and the victory of human will. Mike Conefrey is the author of award-winning The Adventurer’s Handbook and internationally recognized film-maker for ‘The Race for Everest.’

Other new books:

‘Rammohun Roy – A critical Biography’ by Amiya P. Sen @ Rs. 450/- (pgs 211)

‘Dork Diaries: Dear Dork’ by Rachel Renee Russell @ Rs. 225/-

‘Guru Dutt – A Tragedy in Three Acts’ by Arun Khopkar @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 153)

‘Moin – The Monster Songster’ by Anushka Ravishankar @ Rs. 160/- (pgs 109)

‘Tales from Shining and Sinking India’ by Akash Banerjee @ Rs. 525/- (pgs 328)

‘Diary of a Wimpy Vampire’ by Tim Collins @ Rs. 225/- (pgs 221)

‘Diary of a Wimpy Vampire – Prince of Darkness’ by Tim Collins @ Rs. 225/- (pgs 223)

‘Who Was Roald Dahl?’ by True Kelley @ Rs.150/- (pgs 102)

‘Who Is J.K. Rowling?’ by Pam Pollack and Meg Belviso @ Rs. 150/- (pgs 105)

‘The Lilliputians’ by Kirsty Murray @ Rs.295/- (pgs 322)

‘Big Questions from Little People Answered by Some Very Big People’ Compiled by Gemma Elwin Harris @ Rs. 550/- (pgs 317)

‘Rajnikanth – The Definitive Biography’ by Naman Ramachandran @ Rs. 699/- (pgs 290)

‘A Sideways Glance at Hindi Cinema–Diary 2013’ by Nasreen M Kabeer @ Rs. 599/-

‘Love Stories #1 to 14’ By Annie Zaidi @ Rs. 350/- (pgs 314)

‘TATA Log: Eight Modern Stories from a Timeless Institution’ by Harish Bhat @ Rs. 599/- (pgs 200)

‘Yudhishtar & Draupadi: A Tale of Love, Passion and the Riddles of Existence’ by Pavan K. Varma with a new translation by Gulzar @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 175)

‘Fear: Essential Wisdom for Getting Through the Storm’ by Thich Nhat Hanh @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 165)

‘The Complete Fitness Guide for Women’ by Mamta Singh @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 233)

‘Red Sorghum’ by Mo Yan @ Rs. 450/- (pgs 359)

‘Kareena Kapoor: The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva’ by Kareena Kapoor with Rochelle Pinto @ Rs. 699/- (pgs 266)

‘The Hobbit’ (film edition) by J.R.R Tolkien @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 389)

‘Phantom’ by Jo Nesbo @ Rs. 350/- (pgs 547)

Happy Holidays and wish you a great start to 2013,

From the team at

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