Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy 2013 and bye bye !!

Hi all,

Best wishes for 2013 and greetings for Makar Sankranti. Uttaraayan brings with it new beginnings and it’s time to move on.

Yes, its bye bye time!

Yes, twistntales will be downing its shutters shortly.

twistntales has been part of our lives for the past 11 years and has greatly enriched our lives. Living and being part of the neighbourhood where twistntales has been supported by the local readers, authors and educationists has been amply rewarding.

It has not been an easy decision. And it is with an aching heart that I write this. And with a tremendous sense of loss for this community that we are also part of.

But it is time to move on.

We, the team at twistntales (always a motley group of corporate drop-outs, housewives, students, senior citizens) will miss seeing you at our Store. Courtships, friendships, alliances, confidences and the so so many networking opportunities that twistntales provided the perfect venue for – yes, we will miss that too! The space that twistntales created for many like minded people to meet, bond, discuss, and sometimes just drop by for a chat will be missed, also by us.

The students who have worked here – from Tejal in 2002 to Richa now have added so much special character to this place, and it is to them that I owe a big thanks ! Thankyou, Tejal, Mridula, Shradda, Nandana, Ashok, Reena, Shefali, Neha, Samar, Riyaz, Geetanjali, Aarti, Rekha, Srikant, Akash, Tia, Jahnavi, Vidya, Neena, Resh, Shama, Poornima, Kshitija, Vernen, Anushree, Sharan, Madhavi, Lijya, Shahaji, Malhar and Richa. To each one of you, all of you have had a deliberate reason to be here, to work here – whether 6 months or 2 years – but the joy and energy that you got to twistntales, has been remarkable and we will not have come this far without you 

We have had tremendous fun these past 11 years. Our reading sessions, street plays, workshops, the all night sessions with Harry Potter – each one of these events, we have had great fun creating these unique events, fun with your children and you participating in them, watching your kids grow up in “their” bookstore, the tremendous joy we have had in connecting with each one of you, twistntales has grown to be an endearing part of our lives. We know that you will miss us too, and are now preparing for the black flag demonstrations that some of you have threatened us with ;-)

And to you, our readers. So many of you, who tell us that you come specifically to Pune, to visit us, sorry, we will miss you the next time you come around. And to those who live in and around, sorry, your favorite hang-out place is about to vanish. We will be around for another month or so, before we vacate the current premises. Whether it is for a birthday gift, or a workbook for your child’s skill building, we have also had tremendous satisfaction in identifying the right set of books for you, our special bond with parents and your faith in our recommendations has been touching. Thank you.

Reading and good bookstores, we hope, will continue to be. And we do hope that the community steps in and takes an active interest in vanishing relics of our time.

But for twistntales, the innings is completed. We will have a Stock Clearance sale starting today (15/01/2013), till stocks last. We have already stopped the sale of gift coupons. Kindly redeem the coupons that you may have in your possession. Everything will be on Sale, including racks, book stoppers, gift wrapping paper etc. Please check out your requirements. The yahoogroups, the blog and the facebook pages will be deleted shortly.

We have planned a couple of events even as we sign off, and we will send you mail on the events and dates.

And we take this opportunity to thank ALL our Customers, Business Partners, Vendors, Publishers, Authors, Media, Event partners, School Principals, Librarians, Teachers, Educationists, Social Activists, Theatre persons, Musicians – so many of you with whom we have worked closely. It has been a joy, truly - collaborating with each one of you to create and fulfill your requirements.

And it has given my family and me (Janaki) some amazing friendships, complete joy and happiness but this closure will leave a huge vacuum in our lives. But as we move on, we do hope that relationships will continue to be nurtured, and we can continue to meet in this neighbourhood.


Janaki and the team at,

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