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Children's Day, Diwali, Reading Sessions and new books !

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Thank you for your magnificent response for the street plays. Both the children of Sanskriti School and Lokayat felt encouraged by the response of the audience. And the interaction which followed the street plays was welcome and thought provoking. Check the photographs on our Facebook page!

We at twistntales feel heartened by the response to our events, and we have something lined up for Nov too! It’s been a while since we did something for young children, so we return to our core constituency, kids! On the occasion of Children’s Day, we are happy to be celebrating children’s month! We have 2 events lined up for you,

9th Nov, 12, Friday,      6.30 pm       7 to 11 years       “Rahi and the Maya Jaal”

11th Nov,12, Sunday,    11 am         Upto 6 years        “School is Cool”, “Have you seen this”

On 9th November, we have “Rahi and the Maya Jaal”

Rahi has returned to her favourite Bandipur National Park, only to find trouble. The animals and birds of this great Indian forest are under the attack of a very clever and evil poacher. What can a little girl do to help her beloved friends? Read and find out!

Rahi and the Maya Jaal is an adventure story full of jungle atmosphere, written by Rohit Nayak, and brought to life by Anusha Menon's beautiful and evocative illustrations..

Rohit is a freelance software engineer and father of two young children who love stories. He is passionately interested in environmental and social issues and enjoys bird-watching and nature. This is his first book.

Anusha Menon, a class 12 student is an artist to watch out for! Many of you will remember her as the girl who illustrated Deepak Dalal’s books, The Sahyadri Adventures. She is smart and she is talented.

Presenting Rohit and Anusha in a joint interaction with the kids. Do get your kids in the age group 7 to 11 years, and get them to hear and ask questions of both the illustrator and author.

On 11th November, Sunday, we have reading sessions for the tiny tots. Tulika books have been a long time favorite with our kid friends at twistntales. Join writer Sowmya Rajendran for a powerhouse storytelling session of School is Cool. Sunitha Thomas will be doing an animated reading of the whacky Have You Seen This?.

Our two events will be followed by a short break for Diwali. We will be closed from Tuesday,13th Nov to thurs, 15th Nov. We will reopen on Fri, 16th November for business as usual.

And for those of you who want to stock up before the Diwali break, here’s a list of new books!

New books:

‘Bullshit Quotient: Decoding India’s Corporate, Social and Legal Fineprint’ by Ranjeev Dubey @ Rs. 350/- (pgs 248)

Indians are generally wired to unquestioningly trust those who are in authority or those who we admire, even if they shamelessly scam us. In this book Rajeev C. Dubey exposes to us the bullshit that surrounds aspects of modern Indian corporate, social, political and legal life. The book offers radical and hard hitting facts of the modern world: Criminal cases are business scores being settled through intimidation. Corruption is necessary so that we may fund our government. And Brands and Trademarks are tools to scam consumers! Ranjeev Dubey is a mainstream commercial lawyer, prolific writer and public speaker. He is also a columnist for India’s leading business magazine ‘Business World’ and writes extensively on contemporary corporate, legal and political developments.

‘Lessons in Lean Management: 53 Ideas to Transform Services’ by Debashis Sarkar @ Rs. 350/- (pgs 289)

The Lean management approach which endeavors to create a profitable and agile business by focusing on what is of ‘value’ to the consumer. This technique does not only make your business profitable but also provides you with an engine for continual/constant improvement and innovation. An example of a company using Lean management is Tatas Using real life case studies and real applications of the Lean approach conducted by the author successfully, this book presents how to implement principles of Lean management and empower people. Debashis Sarkar is a global authority on Lean management and has held leadership positions in companies such as Unilever, Coca Cola and ICICI bank.

‘Days and Nights in the Heartland of Rebellion’ by Gautam Navlakha @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 247)

‘Truth, it is said, is the first casualty of war.’ The India State is at war against the Maoist, and the story of this war comes to us in adulterated version from the Indian State, where the truth is always masked with a creamy layer. Gautam Navlakha, a renowned civil liberties activist, went into the heart of Bastaar to get to know the Maoists story first hand. This book recounts his fortnight experience in the guerrilla zone where the maoist government, the Janatam Sarkar rules. Often shocking, the book reports the nature of this demonized rebellion in an excruciating manner.

‘The One World School House’ by Salman Khan @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 259)

Good quality education is undoubtedly the cornerstone of any prosperous society. However an oft raised question is ‘What is the quality of education our children are receiving and how can we improve it?’ In ‘The One World School House’ – part memoir and part social commentary – Salman Khan, founder of the world renowned ‘Khan Academy’ (an online portal that offers free educational resources for all subjects and levels) puts forth some of his revolutionary ideas about how to make free quality education available to people from all backgrounds and how to effectively integrate technology and learning. Thought-provoking and revolutionary, this inspiring book will transform the way you perceive the modern education system and the role technology will play in shaping it.

‘In Search of Oneness: The Bhagavad Gita and the Quran through Sufi Eyes’ by Moosa Raza @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 240)

'So steep has been this man-made schism that we forget that all religions teach unity'. 'In Search of Oneness' retired IAS officer and Padma Bhushan awardee, Moosa Raza, explores the common threads that connect all religions. Citing examples both from the Geeta - which defines 'daan' as a gift given selflessly and without expectation of return - and the Quran - which carries the concept of voluntary giving to an obligatory tax called 'zakat' - he effectively shows that ultimately all religions teach the same values of brotherhood and unity. His insightful observations are supported by his own experiences and encounters with people practising these values. Thought-provoking and contemplative, this is a book that will urge you to reexamine your own faith and beliefs.

‘Joseph Anton’ by Salman Rushdie @ Rs. 799/- (pgs 636)

‘Joseph Anton’ is the combination of the name of two of his favorite authors which Salman Rushdie chose as his alias during the time he was forced underground due to the fatwa issued by the Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini. His Crime-he wrote a novel ‘The Satanic Verses’, which was accused of being ‘against Islam, the Prophet and the Quran.’ As a large controversy broke out Rushdie struggled for 9 years as he traveled from house to house with his family, a constant protection of an armed police team and above all the threat and the fear of murder. In this memoir, through his struggle Rushdie brings out the crucial issue of ‘freedom of speech.’ Rushdie believes that memory is selective hence to write this memoir he entrusted his records spanning 40 years in the form of floppy disks, tattered diaries, faded faxes packed in hundreds of boxes to a leading research institute in Atlanta to organize a digital archive so that he could access it all easily through a master index. Honest and compelling this book is a story of ‘how one stumbles and learns to fight back.’

‘Jamie Oliver’s Meals in Minutes’ by Jamie Oliver @ Rs. 1515/- (pgs 287)

Cooking maestro Jamie Oliver’s latest book, ‘Meals in Minutes,’ offers a brand new take on how to achieve a quality meal literally in minutes! According to Jamie all one needs is half an hour, a well-organized kitchen and lots of enthusiasm. In this beautifully illustrated and painstakingly researched book he provides 50 exquisite meals from around the world – from Curry Rogan Josh to Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca and Thai Red Shrimp Curry – that will turn any ordinary day into a celebration of food. The step by step instructions in the book make it ideal for beginners and more experienced cooks alike.

‘Sounding Off’ by Resul Pookutty with Baiju Natarajan @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 408)

A village boy from Kerala, whose resilience and conviction drove him to the most advanced cinematic sound technology; from there to the struggle in the ruthless film world and finally to international renown! This is an inspiring autobiography of Resul Pookutty, India’s best known sound designer and audiographer, won an Oscar for his work in Slumdog Millionaire. Already a bestseller in its original Malayalam script, this book is a celebration of a life in Indian Cinema industry and the rise to glory.

‘Sethji’ by Shobhaa De @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 290)

After ‘Starry Nights’ based on Indian Cinema Industry Shobhaa De next book, ‘Sethji’ is a tale of power set in India’s political ground. Sethji a crucial coalition partner in the government, is shrewd, ruthless and a man who refuses to play with moral codes or lose a single battle. His intelligence and status is challenged by two of the country’s most powerful men team up to destroy him. With no one to trust but Amrita, his daughter-in-law, Sethjis ambition, greed and his willingness to trust is tested. Shobhaa De latest novel exposes and shocks the reader with the dynamics of Indian politics.

Other new books:

‘31: A Thriller’ by Upendra Namburi @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 372)

‘Playing to Win’ by Saina Nehwal @ Rs. 199/- (pgs 118)

‘Rammohun Roy – A critical Biography’ by Amiya P. Sen @ Rs. 450/- (pgs 211)

‘N-W’ BY Zadie Smith @ Rs. 499/- (pgs 295)

‘Mastani’ by Kusum Choppra @ Rs. 195/- (pgs 274)

Enjoy your books!

Do bring your kids for the events, all reading sessions are free!

Wishing all of you and your families a very happy and safe Diwali! And may Goddess Lakshmi help us pay for LPG!

With warm regards,

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