Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rituals for everyday

Our Saraswati puja was divine.
Given the number of festivals and holy occasions, an enthusiastic Indian wife can stay busy all year round. Every occasion calls for a different process, starting with a special shopping list for every god. Oh, and boy how our relationship with lists goes back a long way! From Checklist (our God) to Shree shopping list, stationery shopping list (lovely), the secret Gayatri mantra list, to event checklist and the infamous lists folder we certainly cherish and treasure each of our lists quite uniquely with our fair share of amusing stories!

Every God has his likes and dislikes the pundits tell. Our Pundit ‘Geetanjali’ with the serenity she imbibes with her yoga and the wind her expeditions on her bike leave her with simply elevated the mood to such levels of flawless beauty that words quite thoughtfully fail to support me.
The smell of the fresh mala (garland) brought in by Saroj aunty wafts through the space. The smell of the books. And the infusion. Ahh, it’s ecstatic. (I can sense the smell fill my nostrils again)
Errors are overlooked as long as you have shraddha (faith).
And we were all wise.
With only our books wiser!

Like Oriflame or Tupperware, the rituals of India can keep one involved, and entertained even.

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