Tuesday, December 20, 2011

List of donors for Sassoon X'mas event

A very big thank you to all our donors who made our Xmas event joyful and meaningful.

Sr.no Name Item

1. Shafqat Hussain Rs. 5000/-
2. Piyush Goel Rs. 500/-
3. Delia Carey Sponsor paid for magician/ music system
4. Lijya P Coloring books and crayons
5. Nikita Kulkarni toys
6. Pramila Tate toys
7. Lalitha Vaidyanathan Rs. 1000/-
8. Gunjan/ Anagha/
Meenakshi/ Kanchan Carrom Board
9. Manoj/ Ramesh/
Anshu Cupboard/ decorations
10. Kshitija Bhuwad coloring books
11. Avalokiteshwar Sen Rs. 1000/-
12. Sonia Garcha Hindi/ Marathi storybooks
13. Nandini/ Aranya/ Children who made bookmarks and sold at
Nirali/ Manasi twistntales, and bought crayons.
14. Sangeeta Ganapathy Rs. 1000/-
15. V M Deusar Marathi storybooks
16. Uma Sarathchandran coloring books + crayons
17. Tripuri Godbole Rs. 6000/-
18. Ishani Joshi coloring books
19. Anushka Sawarkar Crayons

Thank you again, we are touched by your prompt response !

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