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Celebrate the Spirit of Giving at Christmas at Sassoon Hospital

Hi all,

Thank you to many of you for making it to our event, “Tales Teens Try”. We had a wonderful response and a good interesting debate between the authors and pre-teens/ teens and the parents/educators gathered here on that day.

Details of proceedings and snaps of the event posted on Facebook and in our Blog.

We are ready to move on to the next event – our annual feature, an X’mas party with the kids at Sassoon Hospital. To give you an idea about it:

Sassoon Municipal Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Pune and offers free medical aid to patients in and around Pune. It has one of the largest pediatric wards (120 beds) – where kids 0-14 yrs are treated. It has a neo-natal, a Thalassemia ward, ICU and a regular ward for kids. Patients from Pune and nearby villages travel to Sassoon for treatment. It is a sight to see – families move to Pune and live in the compound of the Hospital while the child is undergoing treatment.

The Doctors, Nurses and other employees are doing a yeoman service working under sometimes very trying circumstances. They are all highly skilled and of course, they have a choice of being in better equipped hospitals. But many of them work on, almost as if on a spiritual calling.

Twistntales has been celebrating Christmas every year with the children and staff of Sassoon Pediatric Department. This is our 7th year at the hospital. Over the years, we have collected donations, toys, medical equipment, and got corporates with CSR requirements in touch for larger projects and so on. The Hospital has been kind enough to allot a room, christened “The Sunshine Room wherein these toys, books, games are kept. Volunteers come and give their time to these children and help read to kids, have a story session and generally spread some joy and cheer to these sick children. The Sunshine Room is equipped with a carom board, coloring books, and a music system and is generally a happy place.

During our party, the hospital likes our Santa to visit every kid in bed and the doctors insist that Santa visit even the kids in ICU. The Hospital gives us permission to organize an entertainment program for the children, which we happily put together. Our children (who volunteer) perform (sing/dance), we add a puppet show/ magician and lo and presto, with a touch of storytelling, we have a show that all of us enjoy.

Our Christmas Party is on 17th of Dec, Sat at 4 pm in Sassoon Hospital, Pediatric Ward. You are most welcome to join us for the party. If you or any of your children like to perform (Hindi/Marathi songs, storytelling, perform on any of the musical instruments) kindly give us a call (25881465/ 25899745/ 9960639162) and let us know right away in a day or two. Our program will normally last up to 5/5.30 pm.

The Santa bandwagon leaves twistntales around 2.30pm, so if you will like to join us (in your own vehicles), please let us know and be at twistntales by then. Twistntales will be closed on 17th Dec for a few hours in the afternoon.

The donation list will be posted shortly on the blog. Kindly let us know if you/ your friends/ your organization will like to contribute towards any of the items listed. Every contribution will be acknowledged by twistntales and SOFOSH (Society for Friends of Sassoon Hospital), which is a registered NGO. All donations in cash/ cheques are exempt under 80 G under IT Act. Cheques can be drawn in favor of SOFOSH.

Volunteers desirous of contributing time and energy towards this project may also contact twistntales, either for that day or on a longer on-going basis. We will be shortly announcing a Volunteer Program for Sunshine for college students (after our program).

Do join us and give generously. Many of you have been very generous benefactors in the past, and we look forward to you spreading the word and adding more donors to this cause. Thank you for being there.

Now, onwards to books:

New Arrivals:

“Great by Choice” by Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen @ Rs.799/- (pgs 304)

Ten years after the world wide bestseller Good to Great, Jim Collins returns with his colleague, Morten Hansen to ask why some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos and others do not. Focusing not just on performance, but also on the type of unstable environments faced by leaders today, the authoritative study reveals many new findings which are sure to leave you surprised! The authors challenge conventional wisdom with thought provoking practical arguments on the 10Xers, 20 Mile Marchers and other topics. The final chapters deal with the role luck plays to achieve the ‘great’ status for a Company. This is classic Collins: contrarian, data driven and uplifting!

“The Price of Civilization: Economics & Ethics after the Fall” by Jeffrey Sachs @ Rs.599/- (pgs 326)

The Price of Civilization explains how Government can be made to reform Corporate Culture without stifling competition and to improve our energy infrastructure by both tax emissions and providing market incentives for innovation. Sachs shows how Government, Business and Citizens can find common ground- on bank accountability, the decentralizing of social services and taxing the super rich as a way to achieve our shared goals of efficiency, equity and sustainability! This book authored by the World renowned economist and Bestselling author of The End of Poverty is essential reading for Politicians, Business persons, Industry Professionals and indeed anyone with an interest in creating a sustainable Future!

“Boomerang: The Meltdown Tour” by Michael Lewis @ Rs.599/- (pgs 213)

After the success of the bestselling ‘The Big Short’, Michael Lewis continues in his endeavor to acquaint us with the full story of the U.S financial meltdown of 2008. How exactly had it come to hit the rest of the world in the face too is investigated comprehensively. After studying and thereby understanding the behaviour/ reactions of persons and societies as a whole, Michael Lewis here, bursts the financial bubbles across Europe and other countries for us, the laypersons, like a terrifying story superbly well told!

“Extreme Money: The Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk” by Satyajit Das @ Rs.699/- (pgs 514)

Finance has come to dominate human reality and none other than best selling author Satyajit Das is here to tell us the story of how this happened. Revealing the spectacular money games that have generated increasingly massive bubbles of fake growth, Ponzi prosperity, sophistication and wealth; how everything from home mortgages to climate change has become financialized is discussed. Das shows us in present turbulent times how ‘Extreme Money’ has become ever more unreal!

“The Fall of the House of Forbes: The inside Story of the Collapse of a Media Empire” by Stewart Pinkerton @ Rs.799/- (pgs 302)

Stewart Pinkerton, a former Managing Editor of Forbes Magazine, writing from an insider’s perspective reveals the remarkable story of the House of Forbes- the legendary name in Finance Journalism synonymous with Wealth. He takes us inside their mansion- like headquarters at 60 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, tells of the private life of Malcolm Forbes and the family’s increasing discomfort with the Patriarch, the glory days of the magazine with its news- making stories, high rolling expense accounts without leaving behind the picture of how the company collapsed at shocking speed after their unsurpassed success run due to series of bad business decisions. Here is the Forbes: unraveled.

“Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson @ Rs.799/- (pgs 627)

A brutally honest, un-cut, exclusive biography of the Icon whom the world will continue to revere for centuries to come is here. Based on more than forty interviews with Steve Jobs and more than a hundred of Steve’s family members, friends, adversaries, competitors and colleagues this book chronicles the roller coaster life and intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized technology and all our lives! Presenting Steve, with his Apple and much more which probably even a die hard fan may not have been aware of! Read and be inspired; as who knows, you could well be the next apple of our eyes!

“Julian Assange: The Unauthorised Autobiography” @ Rs.599/-pgs 339

The editor in chief of the news making Wikileaks began writing the story of his life. He describes not only the work of Wikileaks here, but his moral and political development too. From his childhood and teenage years in Australia, through travels in Europe, Asia and Africa this book published under controversial circumstances burns with passion and anger and is a raw meditation on the meaning of disclosure itself! Read Julian Assange to understand his unflinching commitment to the Truth!

“Sonia Gandhi: an Extraordinary Life, an Indian Destiny” by Rani Singh @ Rs.499/- (pgs 268)

The remarkable story of Sonia Gandhi’s rise to Power and how she won the hearts of India’s millions is captured by Rani Singh, a noted London based broadcast journalist through exclusive interviews with senior members of government, part colleagues, political opponents and close family friends. In this first mainstream biography of this inspirational woman, the author’s compelling narrative retraces the path of the brave and beautiful Sonia Gandhi examining what her life and legacy mean for India!

“Lucknow Boy: A Memoir” by Vinod Mehta @ Rs.499/- (pgs 325)

This remarkably candid Memoir with its ringside view of many of the major events of our times, brims over with wit, wisdom, scandal and gossip Vinod Mehta’s extraordinary story. Racy tales on Indian Politics and Society coupled with valuable lessons from Mehta’s nearly four decade long tryst with Indian Journalism makes it unputdownable!

“The Litigators” by John Grisham @ Rs.350/- (pgs 436)

Yes, the master of the legal thriller is back with his latest! Three unconventional characters from diverse backgrounds make up team Finley & Figg: specialists in injury claims and quickie divorces. However none of them have ever faced a jury in legal court. And they are about to take on one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the States, giving up all- their easy going, lucrative lives and more, for a cause which is close to their heart. Will it be worth it? Read this action packed thriller to find out!

“The Race” by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott @ Rs.499/- (pgs 404)

It is the age of flying machines and Races, intricate plotting and may be even a killing. And intrepid detective Isaac Bell engages in his most dangerous case yet. A dazzling new novel from the grandmaster of Adventure, this is Clive Cussler at his Best!

“Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini @ Rs.699/- (pgs 860)

It began with Eragon… and it ends here with Inheritance. The Final stunning book in this series is out leading us onto the world of dreamers and dreams, sparking our imagination; leaving us transported! The Rider and his Dragon have come farther than anyone dared to imagine. But can good succeed over Evil? And if so, at what cost? Pick up and read to find out!

“God save the Dork” by Sidin Vadukut @ Rs. 199/- (pgs 240)

Book 2 in the Dork Trilogy is here; and is sure promises to be as hilarious as the First! Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese is back with his incredible adventures, this time in London where work beckons. Will the strategy Guru be able to turn the project around in his favour by his out-of-the-box thinking? Will he visit Madame Tussauds and take a photo with Shah Rukh Khan on his lover, Gouri’s insistence? Absolutely Unputdownable! Read to enjoy!

“There is No God: Agnostic Khushwant” by Khuswant Singh with Ashok Chopra @ Rs.299/- (pgs 246)

Khuswant Singh’s latest book which is raising some eyebrows; begins with a chapter on the need for new religion- without God. It then moves on to describe how religion has proved to be more harmful than beneficial, providing relevant extracts to prove his point. The author has tried to dispel many prejudices held against Muslims by Non Muslims by giving down to earth examples. The Chapter devoted to the interaction of the author (a confirmed agnostic) with the Dalai Lama makes for some really fascinating reading!

“Non Stop India” by Mark Tully @ 499/- (pgs 257)

Veteran journalist Mark Tully draws on thirty years of reporting on India to find answers of many unresolved questions about the sustainability of our rapidly growing economy and its effect on the Nation. Enriched with revealing interviews with captains of Industry, Subsistence Farmers, Politicians, Dalits, Spiritual Leaders and Bandits, Tully successfully captures the real voices of the Nation impressively! Addressing pressing concerns in different areas of life such as governance, business, spirituality and ecology Non Stop India truly has a lot on offer!

“The Art of the Adventures of Tintin” by Chris Guise @ Rs.999/- (pgs 200)

This book tells the story of how the film makers started the making of Tintin- the Movie; with early concept drawings, privies sequences, models, costume designs and final stills from the film. The book focuses on the creative process, showing the many designs that made it to the movie and others that didn’t. It highlights the attention to detail, skill and creativity of all the artists involved in the making of the movie. What is to note in particular is that the story is told by the artists themselves, (Wow!) who talk about their inspirations, techniques and experiences! Read this book to gain a true insight into the making of this ground breaking feature film!

“Grand Pursuit – The Story of Economic Genius” by Sylvia Nasar @ Rs. 499/- (pgs 555)
“1Q84” by Haruki Murakami @ Rs. 999/- (pgs 925)
“Calcutta Exile” by Bunny Suraiya @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 249)
“The Tennis Partner” by Abraham Verghese @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 340)
“Ardent Shakespeare: Complete Works” Edited by Richard Proudfoot, Ann Thompson and David Kastan @ Rs.499/- (pgs 1346)
“Corporate Divas” by Sonia Golani @ Rs.250/- (pgs 229)
“Where Good Ideas Come From: The Seven Patterns of Innovation” by Steven Johnson @ Rs.399/- (pgs 326)
“The Sealed Letter” by Emma Donoghue @ Rs.499/- (pgs 397)
“Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins @ Rs.299/- (pgs 372)
“The Affair” by Lee Child @ Rs.550/- (pgs 427)
“The Wonder book for Girls and boys: Six Great Greek Myths” by Nathaniel Hawthorne @ Rs.195/- (pgs 246)
“Instant City: Life and Death in Karachi” by Steve Inskeep @ Rs.599/- (pgs 284)
“Talking to the Terrorists – Face to Face with the Enemy” by Peter Taylor @ Rs. 450/- (pgs 358)
“Ice Boys in Bell Bottoms” by Krishna Shastri Devulapalli @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 263)
“The God Enchanter” by Anuradha Majumdar @ Rs. 199/- (pgs 145)
“The Temple and the Mosque – the Best of Premchand” @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 197)
“The Shadow Market: How Sovereign Wealth Funds Secretly Dominate the Global Economy” by Eric J Weiner @ Rs.399/- (pgs 310)
“First Proof – The Penguin Book of New Writing” @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 219)
“A Shot at History” by Abhinav Bindra @ 399/- (pgs 228)
“C. V. Raman – A Biography” by Uma Parameswaran
“Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune” by Rick Riordan @ Rs.399/- (pgs 521)
“Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever” by Jeff Kinney @ Rs.299/- (pgs 217)
“Grammar Rules: Writing with Military Precision” by Craig Shrives @ Rs.250/- (pgs 243)
“Yossarian Slept Here: When Joseph Heller was Dad and Life was a Catch 22” @ Rs. 399 (Pgs 272)
“Made for Goodness” by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu @ Rs.399/- (Pgs 206)
“Snuff” by Terry Pratchett @ Rs.799/- (pgs 378)
“The Magic of Home” by Nora Roberts @ Rs.250/- (pgs 367)
“One Click: Jeff Bezos and the rise of amazon.com” by Richard L. Brandt @ Rs.499/- (pgs 214)
“The Law of the Garbage Truck: How to Respond to People who Dump on you and How to Stop Dumping on Others” by David J Pollay @ Rs.299/- (pgs 244)
“The Secret Letters of the Monk who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma @ Rs.250/- (pgs 223)
“Tao Te Ching: The Book of the Way” by Lao-Tzu (Translated by Stephen Mitchell) @ Rs.225/- (pgs 108)
“War of the Worldviews: Science Vs Spirituality” by Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow @ Rs.599/- (pgs 315)
“Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography” by Swami Kriyananda @ Rs.195/- (pgs 274)
“Get to the Top: The Ten Rules for Social Success” by Suhel Seth @ Rs.250/- (pgs 194)
“Return to the Kingdom: Steve Jobs, the Creation of Apple and how it changed the World” by Michael Moritz @ Rs.399/- (pgs 352)
“Super Connect: How the Best Connections in Business and Life are the ones you least Expect” by Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood @ Rs.495/- (pgs 286)
“A Desirable Residence” by Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham @ Rs.399/- (pgs 332)
“Family Fables and Hidden Heresies: A memoir of Mothers and More” by Vrinda Nabar @ Rs. 299/-
“Mind and Life: Discussions with the Dalai Lama on the Nature of Reality” by Pier Luigi Luisi @ Rs.395/- (pgs 218)
“In Search of Silence: Dropping the Baggage Discovering what’s Real” by Rohan Narse @ Rs.295/- (pgs 247)
“The Kashmiri Storyteller” by Ruskin Bond @ Rs.250/- (pgs 103)
“Out of the Blue: Rajasthan’s Road to the Ranji Trophy” by Aakash Chopra @ Rs.299/- (pgs 262)
“The New Collected Short Stories” by Jeffrey Archer @ Rs.399/- (pgs 857)
“Pakistan: A Personal History” by Imran Khan @ Rs.599/- (pgs 389)
“Death comes to Pemberley” by P.D. James @ Rs.499/- (pgs 310)
“Gandhi: A Manga Biography” by Kazuki Ebine @ Rs.499/-
“Inside Coca- Cola: A CEO’s Life Story of Building the World’s most popular Brand” by Neville Isdell with David Beasley @ Rs. 499/- (Pgs 254)
New titles in the Puffin Lives series @ Rs.150/-
“Gautama Buddha: The Lord of Wisdom” by Rohini Chowdhury
“The 14th Dalai Lama: Buddha of Compassion” by Aravinda Anantharaman
“Swami Vivekananda: A Man with a Vision” by Devika Rangachari
“Guru Nanak: The Enlightened Master” by Sreelata Menon
“Two Fates: The Story of my Divorce” by Judy Balan @ Rs.150/- (pgs 199)

Enjoy your books!

As part of the festive cheer, we will have students performing/ singing every evening at twistntales (from the 13th of Dec) – 7pm onwards. Do join in and add to the good cheer!

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