Friday, October 9, 2009

Our small tree canopied lane - 2

There were these 2 girls - we would see them every fri, sat, sun - sometimes they would not show up for couple of weeks - and then again, one weekend with bags laden with groceries, veges... they will come and plonk themselves in the tnt chairs.

Initially, it was the books that attracted them. Both were good readers. As the bags waited outside to be taken home to be cooked, both will be inside immersed in books. Suddenly it will be too late, they will need a quick fix recipe, roomates will be waiting, and they will run. First books, then conversation, then i suddenly found myself helping them with recipe for rasam ! Bharathi and Nandana were roomates, Infy and Wipro were their employers. They came from BITS and IIT, M.

Today, Bharathi is an "Art of Living" teacher and Nandana is with Infy, Chennai.

There were also this group of guys - Vishwanath, Amit, few others more or less same batch @ Infy ... but these guys had read almost everything. Our Store was at its infancy, but trying to get the right books to keep these software engineers coming in was a challenge, everytime I went for book selection !

Some of them "met" at the Store, some dated, some married ... we have many stories to tell.

Then we had another one, who also lived in our lane. She wrote this.

Then we had Jo. And many others. A few who have had long standing relationships with us, whether they be in London, Bangalore or Chennai.

And when Violet walked in couple of days back, it was deja vu. Our lovely tree canopied lane has given us a lot of joy !


Violet said...

great post!!!

It's great to look back and reminisce sometimes, thank you for mentioning me, I'm honored :)

Deepak said...

Chetan Bhagat’s new book is a compelling read. You can classify it as an airport lounge read or an up market aunty read. Books need not be serious, it always need not change the world or the audience, but it could certainly do one thing, entertain the ones who chose to buy it. This book actually did. Rarely an Indian writer could make you laugh and I bet there were quite a few occasions were I broke into laughter and made the whole Barista gawk at me.

Having gone through a bit of the same myself, this rift between the clan’s (South and North Indians) portrayed in the book is extremely close to reality. I could add to some of these if Chetan might be interested in publishing a Sequel of the same. My Girlfriends family, accuse we south Indians of not washing hands after shitting, eating with bare hands and licking them from the elbow joints to the finger tips and last but not least making balls of rice and shooting at your own mouth !!!!!!!. My clan would say that Punjabi women are aggressive and would make me knead atta, will drink more than men at weddings and even beat up their husbands!!!!!.

We generalize a lot and Chetan has hit the nerve, though being of a same country we tend to kick each other based on color, traditions and the diversities within us. Good and bad are too subjective and comparisons often a futile exercise, if a life is what you are looking at then the only thing that would matter will be trust and understanding.

Two thumbs up for Chetan and the publishing house, the book is affordable and actually a good read, I could finish it off in a day’s time. Might be I would give a shot at his earlier books!!!!!

Shibani said...

Beautiful tnt! I cannot even begin to describe how much I miss it and you, J! tnt was a home for me... and everybody knows that there is no place like home.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Janki!

I just remembered - Bharathy and I used to come on her cycle! I still remember - she used to claim that she was excellent in taking doubles and I'd be clinging onto her scared that I'd fall off when the cycle used to go up and down potholes. And very correctly said about Homeland - it was a landmark for everyone. "Where is the telephone office? - On the way to Homeland from Medipoint Hospital"

And right on my last day at the shop, I had forgotten to bill a customer! Was feeling so apologetic all evening especially since it had to happen right at the last day.

Do you, by any chance, have some of the photos we'd taken of the shop, etc on Diwali (I think)? It was definitely for some festival because I remember Rina, Mridula and I were busy decorating the store and you had brought some sweets.

I really miss Pune a lot especially when it rains here in Chennai. Bcoz I remember how I used to enjoy the monsoons in Pune and how the hills and every possible life-form used to come alive during that time!

After reading the blog, I seem to be dreaming now. So, let me get back to reality and my kitchen and I'll catch you later. :)

Warm regards,

G said...

I lived in that same lane, in fact right opposite to your store for a good six months time. I yearn for those lovely days. :) The lane indeed is endearing and very welcoming after a long day at work.
I often peeped out of my window to see if your store is open and would then walk down to get myself a book. :) If I ever open a bookstore (which I dream of always) the inspiration is surely going to be Twist n Tales. I am not sure if my compliments reached you, but I sure did tell the girl at the counter to tell you that you were doing a swell job.
And it made me really sad that such a treasured shop like yours could be broken into. :(

Everytime I come to Aundh I make it a point to pass through the lane (now Chitales has become an excuse) :)

This comment is becoming too long and seeming like a post. :D So here i stop.
Best Wishes and Happy new year.

P.S. I would be glad to help/contribute in anyway possible. I dont live all that far either. :) Let me know.

janaki said...

Thanks G for your lovely comments !

Often we seem to be in our own utopia setting quite demanding and exacting standards for ourselves. Ocasionally we wonder whether anybody at all notices, where the world at large is SO happy with a Chalta Hai !

I am so happy that u wrote, it makes it all so so worthwhile ! Thanks again !