Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Asterix !

October 29th 2009 is the 50th birthday of Asterix !

About Asterix:

Asterix was created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo in 1959. For millions of readers the world over (more than 325 million albums sold in over 100 languages), this extraordinary day commemorates 50 years of sheer happiness with Asterix.

Created for the Pilote weekly magazine in 1959, Asterix became the most famous Gaul in the world. Brainchild of the dynamic duo Goscinny / Uderzo while weathering a sweltering summer on a balcony in the Paris suburb of Bobigny, the adventures of the little Gaul hero with the winged helmet have since become classics.

With some 400 characters (from Aberdeenangus to Zurix!), the 33 Asterix albums (current series) describe a world teeming in activity and never-ending change, a universe that has spilled over into various media: cinema (8 animated films and 3 live-action films), video games and, of course, the Parc Astérix leisure park.

More dynamic than ever, Asterix and his friends are preparing a great number of events to celebrate a half century of merriment with their readers. They have just one idea in mind: to persist in "laughing and making others laugh".

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