Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chetan Bhagat's "Two States - the story of my marriage"

I liked the new book ! It's fun, racy and moves at a good pace. "Two States - the Story of my marriage" is a good tp read.

With this book, CB has matured. And it shows. Both in the flair and sensitivity with which he has tackled issues that are common within our families. From a Tam Brahm point of view, i think it is one the finest spoofs written on the community, after Clive Avenue.

Communities apart, we Indians do get married into families. Malhotras and Swaminathans apart, the story could be true of any love marriage in India, where the couple decides NOT to elope !

There is lot of reservation amongst the elite "book reading" class of society w.r.t Chetan Bhagat "type" of books. Almost a snigger. But really, the world needs to wake up. This guy writes well. And clean. We need to get to a more egalitarian book reading society. CB takes a dig at them as well. He writes somewhere, if the book had pretentions about winning an award, well he needed to spend two extra pages on the smell of rasam wafting across the living room in Ananya's house ! Clever !

And I must congratulate Rupa. Starting with "Inscrutable Americans", they have gone Biyani style hammer and tongs after the Rs. 95/- pricing. Making it irresistible.

Good Book, CB. I am "middle aged" and I liked it. You are not writing for India's "youngsters" any more !

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