Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SALE !! SALE !! Tenth Anniversary Bonanza !!

Hi all,

Thank you again for your response to our Women’s Day event, which happened on Sat, 10th March.

As we have been shouting from the rooftops, our tenth birthday is fast approaching and we need you to participate in our joy. This series of events has been building towards more excitement. Last week, we had a special promotion for Libraries and Schools and we have had a great response from all the Schools, both near and far. A big thank-you to the teachers and Principals/ Directors who made the time to come and make their selections. Thank you very much.

And now it’s your turn! After having patiently waited, it is now your turn to visit us – Yes, it is ANNUAL SALE time, starting on Thurs, 15th March and on till Sat, 24th March. Do check in, and we are sure, you will love the selections as well as the discounts on offer. There will be happy hours announced every day, where additional discounts will be given, so keep in touch on Facebook, to check out happy hours every day.

So, do make sure as school ends and vacations begin, both you and the kids are well stocked up to last your summer break!

Happy Buying and see you at the Store!

From the team at,


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