Friday, March 23, 2012

Midnite Sale and Celebrations !

Hi all,

Greetings of Gudi Padwa, Ugadhi, Sindhi New Year!!!! May the New Year be prosperous and joyous for all of you and your families.

Thank you for your great response to our Sale.. Many of you timing your work hours to synchronise with our happy hours  Makes us happy too!

And for all those of you who have not yet found the time, yes, there’s happy news for you too. Sat, 24th March is the last day of our Sale, and we will have happy hours from 10pm to 12 midnight. So, be there for our Midnight Sale, on Sat, 24th March when the Store will be open way past our normal working hours. And yes, there will be freebies too!

And please make time for us in the evening hours of 28th March, Wednesday when we actually complete our ten years. It’s been a long journey for us, and for many of you who have been a part of this magnificent journey for large parts of time. Do join us for the mega celebrations at the Store on Wed, 28th March.

For us behind the scenes in twistntales, it has been a joy and pleasure to connect with folks like you and build relationships and understand your book needs, both for you and your kids.

And our model of working mainly with students has been unique and extremely rewarding. Tnt-ians are now all over, accomplished in their respective fields and continue to stay in frequent touch or visit. You will see many of them on Wednesday, the 28th. All of us share wonderful memories of working together and twistntales has had the pleasure of handing over the “first salary cheque” to almost all these students. That these students have done brilliantly both in academics and in the real world is a matter of great pride and joy.

Many of these students are now returning “home” to join us in our party time.

Of them, Reshma Valliappan is one of them, who is truly a creative genius. Reshma is creating a unique graffiti abstraction on our shutter, which is a delight to see. We have been updating the progress on face book on a daily basis. For those who have not seen it on fb, you are most welcome to the Store before/ after Store working hours to see the shutter. We are sure that your kids and you can identify numerous characters on the shutter!

Books are not or have not been a profitable business. When you are faced with a scenario of bookstores closing down around the world, what is it that wants us to go on? Because we have you! Bookstores are a reflection of the times and cultures we live in.

Over time, twistntales has created a niche for itself and is an articulation of the “space” that we crave for. A safe place in the neighbourhood where you can be you, and we can be we. Some conversation, some activity, some re-charging. Something fresh, a liberal thought, a protest activity, a space for disconnects to connect. Yes, we have become a little more than a bookstore and it is your recognition and support for all these activities that makes us feel wanted and supported and gives us renewed energy to carry on.

Sometimes, when we think back and see how long ten years has been, well:

How come we have a hotmail id? Well, then there were only two! Yahoo or Hotmail! how come we have a yahoo group ? Well, msn didn’t have groups and google wasn’t born!

Do you remember a time when there was no google? Well, we have been around from before that?

Do you remember an Aundh with no DAV, no petrol pump, no Bonsai and no Crossword? Well, we have been around from before that!

In many things, we have been ahead of our times. Whether it was our mailer service, which is personally written and sent through yahoo groups or creating a net based book club. Long before Ecommerce became “happening”, our mailers through your inbox allowed you to select books and respond though mail. But we have been slow to allow freedom of purchasing on the net. Soon we shall have all books on the net, and give you the flexibility to browse from home and place orders with us.

We at twistntales feel robust and look to the future with confidence. Currently, we have no plans of adding more outlets anywhere. We prefer to stay small but do a good job. From the numerous responses that we receive from you, we know we are on the right track!

Thank you again for your support!

From the team at,


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