Monday, June 13, 2011

Used/ Second hand books !

0Used / Rare Books

Twistntales is glad to introduce sale of second hand/ used books as well in the Store at Aundh. Used books are purchased from various sources, one of them being our own esteemed set of customers.

If you wish to sell your used books to twistntales, please keep in mind the following:

1. Selection of books will be the sole prerogative of twistntales.
2. Books will be bought at the price assessed by twistntales. The decision will be final, no claims or negotiations will be entertained. Books once sold will not be returned to original seller.
3. Books to be sold can be dropped off on the 1st/2nd Wed/ Thurs of every month. Kindly make 2 copies of the list of books that you are dropping off and keep a twistntales acknowledged copy with you.
4. Books not selected for purchase can be picked up the following Wed/ Thurs.
5. A credit note will be issued for the value payable for the books. No cash will be paid.
6. The credit note can be redeemed for purchases in twistntales within a period of 3 months.
7. The credit note will be a bearer document.

Some guidelines/ suggestions

1. Text books/ course books/ technical books/ books for various entrance exams will not be accepted for selection.
2. No pirated books please.
3. Books have to be in good condition.
4. Books in English, Hindi, Marathi and some regional languages will be accepted for selection.
5. No magazines please unless they are collector’s issues of National Geographics, Scientific American etc.

We hope to see you at the Store with a huge pile of books to offload!

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