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As the new academic season starts, we at twistntales are back to service you with your book needs. May seems such an ideal time to take a break, but by middle of June, we are itching to go!

We are back with a long reading list for you with a plethora of wonderful books to suit every taste, and we do hope you make the trip to twistntales …. It all seems so convenient to click on the mouse ;-)

This year we have planned to bring you some exciting offerings, and as a starter, we are introducing “used and rare” books in twistntales. We hope that you can find some real treasures on our racks. Do drop in and check them out. For those of you who would like to part with your used books, check our blog ( for details, or call me (Janaki) at +919960639162.

Now for new books:


“Adapt: Why Success Always Starts With Failure” by Tim Harford @ Rs.499/- (Pgs 309)

Why is learning from mistakes hard? In this impressive, very readable book author Tim Harford tells you just why Adapt debunks the command and control style of planning and vindicates the trial and error approach with apt examples and inspiring arguments! The book tells us why we need to embrace risk, accept failure and experiment positively- pushing one to be a go-getter! A must read for corporate and entrepreneurs alike, the book is open to anybody trying to make sense of this increasingly complex world which we inhibit!

“Lie spotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception” by Pamela Meyer @ Rs.399/- (Pgs 236)

Folks, the ‘moment of truth’ is here! Do you know that there are ten questions out there that will get people to tell you anything? What a wonderful opportunity to bully, right? Lie spotting will tell you about the most dangerous facial expressions to watch out for in business and personal relationships and give you valuable insights on secret deception techniques previously known only to a handful of scientists, interrogators and intelligence specialists! It will educate you about the secret language of communication, gestures, words and emotions making you smart, smarter, smartest!

Indian Writing:

“The Dhamma Man” by Vilas Sarang @ Rs. 250/- (Pgs 171)

Countless books have been written on the subject of the Buddha, isn’t it? Here’s a beautiful biographical novel –sensitive, richly imagined and blended to perfection! Vilas Sarang takes us back to the initial beginnings –His birth under the Sal tree, his childhood and portrays his role as son, husband and father, in a delicate and skillful fashion of an instinctive narrator! Remarkable writing! Be ‘Enlightened’!

“The Prince and the Sannyasi” by Partha Chatterjee @ Rs.395/- (Pgs 650)

The story of the Kumar of Bhawal and the secret history of Indian nationalism is a book like no other that you may have read in recent times. The ‘Bhawal Sannyasi Case’ may have been long closed but Partha Chatterjee attempts to refresh our memory by this first attempt at academic history to deal with the case. The subject is a sensational trial of the 1930s and 1940s of an event of 1909, set against British India vis-à-vis a landed family of East Bengal. The book is a fabulous narrative woven around a real life story in which the truth turns out to be undecidable. When a Sannyasi returns to his kingdom to stake his claim as the long given up dead prince, the legal battle that ensures with witnesses and cross examination on both sides, what emerges is a fascinating battle of narrative history. The book also carries accounts of several women who played roles quite different from those depicted in the judicial discourse back in 1946 which gives the story its essential, alternate perspective! Don’t miss this book. Partha Chatterjee is a true worthy heir to the likes of Amitav Ghosh.

The Inspector Ghote Series

This series is a Bombay based mystery of an incredible Inspector- ‘Ghote Saab”! The adventures of this perfectly lovable ‘Inspector Ghote’ will leave you amused and wanting more! H.R.F Keating authored this series a hundred years back even without visiting India, although the book never once reveals this remarkable secret! Written exceptionally! It’s the Best, Read it!
Titles in this Series all @ Rs. 299/-
“The Perfect Murder”
“Inspector Ghote Breaks an Egg”
“Inspector Ghote Trusts the Heart”


“Bad Ideas? An Arresting History of our Invention” by Robert Winston @ Rs.425/- (pgs 558)

Humans are born with an instinct to create and invent. But have our creations always produced desirable results? ‘Bad ideas’ is a thematic history of human inventiveness and an account of its positive and negative aspects. It over analyses, criticizes, portrays, and deliberates about the ‘ideas and inventions’ across history, concluding on a suggestion- giving, hopeful note! The conversational tone of the book makes a difficult subject quite appealing. Not a bad idea to read this book :)

“The Information: a History, a Theory, a Flood” by James Gleick @ Rs.599/- (Pgs 526)

Although we live in an information age, how many of us actually know what information really is? And hence Gifted Science writer Gleick’s book is a wide-ranging, deeply researched and delightfully engaging history of how we have come to occupy a world defined in bits and bytes. ‘Information has always been our medium’ says Gleick going forward to explain how we’ve progressed from seeing information as the expression of human thought and emotion to looking at it as a commodity that can be processed, like wheat or plutonium. It’s a long, complicated, and important story, beginning with tribal drummers and ending with quantum physics, and in Gleick’s hands it’s sure to be a mesmerizing one!

Coffee Table:

“Bhanu Rajopadhye Athaiya: The Art of costume design” @ Rs.2500/- (pgs 188)

What is common between Guru Dutt`s `Pyaasa`, Richard Attenborough`s `Gandhi` and Ahutosh Gowariker`s `Swades`? The answer is costume designer Bhanu Athaiya! Here is brilliant work on the pioneering vision of a person who shaped the landmarks of Indian film costumes, set the fashion trend of the 1960s and 70s and won Indian cinema the highest acclaim in the international arena! The first Indian to win an Oscar in 1982 for her work in Lord Richard Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’; Athaiya rests in our hearts as a distinctive classicist!

“First Life: A Journey Back in Time” by David Attenborough @ Rs. 1250/- (pgs 283)

In fifty years of broadcasting Sir David Attenborough has travelled the globe to document the living world in all its wonder. Now in the landmark series First Life, he goes back in time in search of the very first animals! This book is all that and more. It is enriched with stunning photography, state of the world visual effects and captivates the charm of the world’s favourite Naturalist! A treasured keep!

“The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide” by Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer @ Rs.1295/- (pgs 336)

Are you a budding astronomer or an amateur sky-gazer? Here’s the book you ought to keep handy! In its expanded, fully revised and updated version this book will be happy to help you in your super adventurous sky journeys! With fascinating images, information about latest equipment and modern sky gazing techniques, this book is an indispensable guide to making you an expert!

Young Adults

“Taranauts: The Race for the Glo Rubies (Book 4)” by Roopa Pai @ Rs.145/- (Pgs 120)

Yes kids! They’re back- the fun taranauts in their super creative cum awesome world! After successfully saving Mithiya’s three worlds Shyn, Lustr, and Sparkl they’re at Glo now! Join these bright and brave kids with special powers in their incredibly crazy adventures to bring back the stolen rubies from planet Glo! How successful will they be? Come, dig the fantasy ride! Taranauts book 1: The Quest for the Shyn Emeralds was shortlisted for the Children’s Book Award 2009!

“Annexed: The Incredible story of the boy who loved Anne Frank” by Sharon Dogar @ Rs.299/- (pgs 329)

Remember Peter from Anne Frank’s famous diary? Yes, Peter van Pels -the very same who was compelled to live in hiding with the Franks. So this is Peter’s account of the dark days of the holocaust, experiences of living with Anne and her family and his shocking tale of falling in love with the girl he once hated! So here’s Peter’s Diary- brave, touching and richly imagined! Annexed: The Incredible story of the boy who loved Anne Frank was short listed for the 2010 Costa Children’s Book Award.

“Uncle Pai’s Favourite 50” by Anant Pai @ Rs. 2000/-

Here’s an everlasting treat for all the Amar Chitra Katha (ACK) fans from the ‘going to be missed dearly’ Uncle Pai! Fifty of Uncle Pai’s favourite ACK’s have been put together for us to delight in! This collection also contains a letter specially signed by Uncle Pai! Rush, rush before it goes by!

“Amar Chitra Katha’s for Junior’s” @ Rs.70/- each.

From the ocean of Indian stories, a selection of the wisest and wittiest tales for children- here they are: Junior ACK’s! With coloured pictures, larger font and simpler language, there’s something to learn on every page in these mini sized classics!
Titles so far in this Series:
Krishna Lifts Govardhana
Drona and the Ball Game
Hanuman is Hungry
Krishna and the Yamalaarjuna Trees
Rama and the Squirrel

“Limca Book of Records 2011: Sports Achievers Special” @ Rs.400/-

It’s here! It’s here! The Book of the all ultimate, mind-blowing Indian records! Packed with a variety of the latest, incredible achievements, interview excerpts and amazing pictures this book is surely going to leave you proud to be an Indian! Get ready to be amazed!

“Justin Bieber: Our World” by Millie Rowlands @ Rs.350/- (pgs 45)

Yes, yes- the teenage sensation/heart-throb is here having all our eyeballs popping! To discover how this teenager made fancy headlines by pursuing his dream and trusting his instincts, come grab this cool book!
(This book contains a really, really large and Exclusive poster of Justin!)


“The Poetry of Birds” edited by Simon Armitage and Tim Dee @ Rs. 399/-(Poetry)

Here is a rich, powerful collection of verses on the subject of our feathered companions- birds! The poetry here is inspiring, refreshing and truly life- affirming. Little footnotes bearing some interesting characteristics or peculiarities about the bird under conversation, makes this little book informative and a pleasant read! Most of the poems in this book were written without the aid of Binoculars! Cheers, to the commonplace yet mysterious creatures we share this world with and the poetry they have inspired!

“Chutnefying English: The Phenomenon of Hinglish” Edited by Rita Kothari and Rupert Snell @ Rs.299/- (Pgs 235)

Ek chance milega? Aaj middle east mein peace ho gayi. Cutting chai. Remember the“Pink Chaddi” campaign?
Let’s welcome the cool and happening phenomenon of “Hinglish!” – All set to become a major language in the near future! This book, a creation of the deliberations of leading scholars from literature, language, cultural studies, translation, cinema and new media is a collection of essays, case studies and arguments, analyzing the use of Hindi in English! Or is it English used in Hindi? Read this fun, wow book to find out!

New Arrivals

“Make Yourself Unforgettable: How to Become the Person Everyone Remembers and No One Can Resist” by Dale Carnegie @ Rs.470/- (Pgs 224)
“Stand And Deliver: How to Become a Masterful Communicator and Public Speaker” by Dale Carnegie @ Rs.470/- (Pgs 240)
“The Throne of Fire” by Rick Riordan @ Rs.399/- (pgs 451)
“Time Management Secrets” by Martin Manser @ Rs.150/- (pgs 128)
“Manik-Da: Memories of Satyajit Ray” by Nemai Ghosh @ Rs.199/- (pgs 107)
“1857: The Real Story of the Great Uprising” by Vishnu Bhatt and Godshe Versaikar @ Rs.250/- (pgs 208)
“First Day First Show: Writings from the Bollywood Trenches” by Anupama Chopra @ Rs.499/- (pgs 376)
“Crazy Times with Uncle Ken” by Ruskin Bond @ Rs.175/- (pgs 158)
“The 10 Rules of Sam Walton” by Michael Bergdahl @ Rs.495/- (pgs 259)
“Skin Deep: An Inside Out Approach to Looking Good Naturally!” by Aparna Santhanam @ Rs.199/- (pgs 240)
“Poems Come Home” by Sukrita (Translated by Gulzar) @ Rs.299/- (pgs 120)
“The Business of Cricket: The Story of Sports Marketing in India” by Shyam Balasubramanian and Vijay Santhanam @ Rs.299/- (pgs 193)
“The In-tolerant Indian: Why we Must Rediscover a Liberal Space” by Gautam Adhikari @ Rs.399/- (pgs 228)
“The Corner Office: How Top Ceo’s Made it and How you Can Too” by Adam Bryant @ Rs.399/- (pgs 249)
“Poor Economics: Rethinking Poverty and the Ways to End it” by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo @ Rs.499/- (pgs 303)
“A Poet’s Mind: Selected Quotations” by Rabindranath Tagore @ Rs.99/- (pgs 186)
“Easy Adventure Holidays” by Outlook Traveller @ Rs.95/- (pgs 159)
“Priya: An Incredible Indyaa” by Namita Gokhale @ Rs.350/- (pgs 195)
“Reinventing India” by Raghunath Mashelkar @ Rs.499/- (pgs 403)
“Vintage Guns of India” by S.K. Chatterji @ Rs.1500/- (pgs 196)

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