Thursday, December 16, 2010

X'Mas at Sassoon !

X”MAS at Sassoon!

Give to your heart’s content!

Twistntales celebrates X’mas with Santa every year in the Paediatric Ward of Sassoon Hospital. Children (from birth) to the age of 14 years, needing hospitalization are admitted here. This year, our celebration of the “Spirit of Giving” is on Sun, 19th Dec, at 4pm, in the Children’s Ward.

Donations and gifts of various kinds are accepted. Most specifically, the hospital requires:

1. Intra Cath # 25 – 50 pieces
2. Feeding Tube # 6 – 50 pieces
3. Feeding Tube # 7 – 50 pieces
4. Paediatric Nasal Cannulas – 50 pieces
5. 3 Way Valves – 50 pieces

A few volunteers have created a “Sunshine” room within the kid’s ward to encourage play and fun for these children. Over time, twistntales has helped in providing toys, TVs, music systems, coloring, activity books etc.

In keeping with this, donations are welcome of the following kind:

• Toys, dumper trucks, other vehicles, building blocks etc. (used is Ok, broken Not ok. No soft toys please)
• Music/ Movies – VCDs, DVDs – Hindi/ Marathi please
• Story books – Hindi/ Marathi please
• Coloring/ activity books, crayons, colour pencils, other art material, drawing books etc

These gifts can be handed over to twistntales or you can bring it yourself and come to the entertainment programme that twistntales puts up at the Children’s Ward.

Donations in cheque may be made in the name of “SOFOSH” and a proper receipt will be issued to you for 80 – G IT exemption. Kindly mention your full postal address at the back of the cheque.

“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment”

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!

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