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Dear all,

Street Play @ twistntales! Don't Miss!

Press the Bell / Bhajao Ghanti

The Violence Against Women (VAW) fortnight is observed all over the world from 25th November to 10th December.

twistntales is happy to present a street play, "Mulgi Zali Ho" by members of Lokayat, Pune. This play was originally presented by Stree Mukti Sanghatana in 1982, and has been successfully running for 28 years.

On Saturday, 11th Dec, 8 pm, at twistntales

25th November is the day observed as VAW day and 10th December is the Human Rights Day.

Between these two days the fortnight is observed as VAW fortnight. Previously, 25 November was observed in Latin America and a growing number of other countries around the world as "International Day Against Violence Against Women". With no standard title, it was also referred to as "No Violence Against Women Day" and the "Day to End Violence Against Women". It was first declared by the first Feminist Encuentro for Latin America and the Caribbean held in Bogota, Colombia (18 to 21 July 1981). At that Encuentro, women systematically denounced gender violence from domestic battery, to rape and sexual harassment to state violence including torture and abuses of women political prisoners.

The date was chosen to commemorate the lives of the Mirabal sisters. It originally marked the day that the three Mirabal sisters from the Dominican Republic were violently assassinated in 1960 during the Trujillo dictatorship (Rafael Trujillo 1930-1961). The day was used to pay tribute to the Mirabal sisters, as well as a global recognition of gender violence.

UNO was compelled to declare this day as VAW day in 1999.

We are happy to present “Mulgi Zali Ho” on Saturday, 11th Dec, at 8pm. Please be there on time. Chairs for senior citizens only. Standing room only, please make it to twistntales early.

Lokayat is an NGO based in Pune, and takes up social and civic issues. It comprises working professionals who give their evenings and weekends to a good cause. They use novel techniques of protest, one of them being street plays.

twistntales has supported the street play form of protest from its early days.

“Mulgi Zali Ho” is a musical play about the plight of the girl child, with powerful and biting humour and a simple form. It has touched the chords of the masses. This group has been performing this for years. The play raises questions and problems but also ends with solutions to the problems. The play also defines the direction as to what women with problems should do in our lives. It starts with making obeisance to the work of those who fought for injustice to women like Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Maharshi Karve, Raja Rammohan Roy, Dr.Ambedkar etc. It speaks of the condition of women even today. It talks of the reactions within the family if a girl is born. It talks of marital relations, emotions between husband and wife. And ends, with a positive empowered way out. And that is why it is very important. Everyone speaks about the inferiority complex of women or re-building self esteem, or empowering women, but few talk of how these things can happen in everyday life. “Mulgi Zali Ho” gives courage to women to stand up and fight back.

Be there, don’t miss this!


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