Saturday, March 28, 2009

i feel like a new mother answering all calls and wishes on behalf of her kid !

chk this :

and this :

hey Tnt,

happy birthday


and this :

Dear Janaki

Heartiest greetings on turning 7. Hope there will be many more birthdays, each happier than the previous. There are bookstores and bookstalls but twistntales has been different. To my mind, the difference has been the personal touch (none of the "Dial 1 for History, Dial 2 for Fiction....") and the interest and investment you have created in people - your customers. This is what makes me come all the way from near the airport to Aundh to pick up books. Not only do I collect my books but I also spend some time with you and the staff and this interaction is something that cannot be quantified or measured. You are doing business all right, but there is a genuineness in the gregariousness you display, which makes twistntales so endearing. My best wishes for this birthday and each birthday. Love.


Thanks all of you !!!

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