Saturday, February 14, 2009

Series of (Un?)Fortunate Events

First Story of this Series is titled: Shama and the card machine

Shama had been working for quite a while at the store when this incident occurred. She had been working at the till, was used to the card machine and was struggling to remember Team tnt members.

One evening it was just Shama and me at the store when one such Team tnt member walks in. As usual, he selected a huge stack of books and plonked them down on the counter. Shama made the bill and was thrilled that she remembered his name and wrote it on the bill with a flourish. He gave his card to swipe, and Shama was so thrilled that she remembered his name that she forgot the policy!
After that there was complete mayhem for the next 15 seconds when she realised what had happened. What I remember is her jabbing at the red Cancel button on the card machine, saying "Oh shit! Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!!s"

Of course I shouldn't be one to say anything. Apparently when I started and Tia taught me how to work the card machine, I asked if I should swipe the other side as well.


shama said...

hehehe...thankfully it worked...the machine me screaming at a machine is very effective..but i like the way i get to inaugurate the first of unfortunate events...not fair ...the world is against me!!!!..u ppl nah..just u wait

janaki said...

why ... is it just inaugration ? theres probably a series of them, shama.
U are our most lovable mascot ! alongwith resh !

Liquifier said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yes, Weed you did ask if you should swipe the other side! Achha..I'll be posting about Hellboy very soon. And 'you must be joking.'

Resh said...

hey big j, you have to write about weed meeting bill gates! Remember that evening? were holidaying at Manali...Anushree was doing evening with weed...and bill gates turned up! I can still see the picture of Weed's legs bouncing right up and she kept saying 'I'm not putting them down!''I'm not putting them down!'So, Dheeraj comes in and has to move Weed along WITH the chair she is stuck to with both legs up all the way to the other corner AND SHE still has her legs up!!!!! hahaha...and Colin girl was giggling away and yet keeping distance from the counter. You know, I think Colin girl was trying to be 'macho'..hee hee ...she is going to kill me for saying this...