Monday, February 16, 2009

Series of (un) fortunate events - 2

Some are not posting stories... but they are coming on mail ....
so i shall have to do it for them !

"Hey Boss...whats up??
The whole documenting stories idea is very cool but I think we may have a problem.

Firstly, there are those stories where I have messed up...hehehe ...those I would obviously not mention.
Then there are so many controversial stories, how are we going to pick???

Like we could mention the "you must be joking" story but then, what if Tia was joking???...We can never be too sure right?

Then we could write about the whole HK story..but there are so many of those..and I may be unnecessarily dragged in..also I dont think we'll ever see either of them around..hmm ;-)

or we can mention how Billo sneaks out during work to meet her friends near the corner bench ...but then..Billo is going to beat us up sooo badly...not a good idea

can we mention Akash dancing?...isnt that supposed to be top secret..our marketing strategy??...
Tripuri and Neha danced in the store also..but I think they chased away the customers

And he helped us get customers...We cant tell them that can we??

I wonder if Anushree would always want to be known as the Colin girl..maybe she'll become famous like the liril add..hehehe

Ohhh..and the customer (Kuldip Joshi??..I think) who thinks there's some magic in the store cuz we recognize him when he asks for ordered books..we cant tell him our secret

Ah Ha!!! I've finally got it.We do have stories we can tell.

We can tell people how our staple diet is chips and naturals. Then maybe they'll drop by with some food.

And the coolest story...My hair on the bus stop.Boss, you do realise that was the only thing that made people look at the hoarding....See i can use my head sometimes.



Liquifier said...

What's HK???

janaki said...

see ?!! not all stories u can catch on ! rest in sms !

Anonymous said...

yh..wats HK???? n who is billo?

Resh said...

Billo is Kshitija...also given another name by me called Kshitzu with a small bark at the end off the name....
HK?...yea what's HK? Harry Kotter? or House Keeping in the Kitty expenses list?

smileawhile said...

heyyy..I like the newly christened