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Welcome Ganesha with new books !

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As we welcome Ganesha into our hearts, homes and our streets, here’s to all the catching up in reading that you can do! But make sure, you walk to our Store or park far ahead, our street is in a mess, and will stay that way for ten days till our public devotion leads to some sanity on our streets!

Best wishes for Ganesh Chaturthi and may Ganesha bring in joy, prosperity and happiness to all, including book lovers!

Lots of new books, including the latest books by Gurcharan Das and Salman Rushdie! Some really whacky ones and some really different. Come in and have a good look and give yourself the time to discover some absolute gems that we have here for your reading pleasure.

We in twistntales are looking for a “Booksitter” (see next post) – mainly for the afternoon hours. If interested, please call or write-in. To our last appeal, we have had 2 absolutely wonderful ladies who responded and some of you may have met them during your visits to twistntales. Hema, is a senior citizen, who comes in 3 mornings, works with a smile, and takes all payment in kind for her grandchildren  More strength to such women who step out of home, even at 70.

The other is Saira, again many of you who are regulars at our Christmas event at Sassoon will know her well. Saira volunteers at Sassoon, and now also at twistntales. Yes, twistntales is almost (!) an NGO – and soon we will be asking for unpaid volunteers!

Apart from these 2 ladies, our youngsters bringing in daily joy both to us and you, are Malhar and Richa. We have had to bid a fond farewell to Lijya, whom so many of you were fond of too! As Lijya prepares for her graduation and future studies, we are currently going strong with Malhar, and Richa who has joined us in August. Malhar is doing his Liberal Arts in Symbi and Richa is doing her BSc from FC. Between the two of them, they bring a sense of whacky fun to our evening hours at twistntales.

And now on to new books, some of which are reviewed for you,


‘Bared to You’ by Sylvia Day @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 340)

‘Bared to You’ is the second book in the new genre popularly known as clit-lit, after the Fifty Shades of Grey series. Sylvia Day is a New York Times bestselling author and has written more than a dozen books. The book revolves around Gideon Cross- brilliant and handsome yet a person with inner demons. Eva the main character narrates the story of how she falls in love with Gideon and even after she knows his alter ego cannot escape his drug-like charm. A well-written and sexually charged romance, this book keeps you hooked just like Fifty Shades of Grey.

‘Gamble - A Dick Francis Novel’ by Felix Francis @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 418

Felix Francis is the son of Dick Francis, and heir to his stable of best-selling thrillers about the world of horse-racing. The story follows Nick Foxton’s career as a jockey being cut short by a near-fatal fall after winning the Grand National. Back at the Aintree as a spectator, Nick witnesses the assassination of his friend and colleague, Herb Kovak. Though the presses link the shooting to gangland crimes, Nick is convinced otherwise and begins investigating himself. Soon he finds himself face to face with the men who killed Herb only to realize that their next target is he! Descriptive narratives and fast-paced, ‘Gamble’ retains all properties of the original Dick Francis novels: Simple Plotted, entirely guessable and huge fun to read!

Indian Writing

‘Ships That Pass’ by Shashi Deshpande @ Rs. 295/- (pgs 136)

Marriage is a strange thing. On one hand it signifies to the world, the union of two people who will live together and have children, while on the other hand marriage is an intensely private affair. No outsider will ever know what goes on in someone else’s marriage. This is the story of Radhika, who has been engaged to someone she barely knows. As she struggles with her emotions for another man her sister, Tara dies in mysterious circumstances and her husband Shaan is arrested for murder. Originally a story in serialized format written by Shashi Deshpande in Eve’s Weekly in 1980, Ships that Pass is a meditation on the nature of love and marriage.

‘Govinda’ (The Aryavarta Chronicles Book 1) by Krishna Udayasankar @ Rs. 350/- (pgs 458)

In the war torn realm of Aryavarta emerges an unlikely hero-the cowherd turned prince- Govinda. But can he face the demons of his past and find the courage to protect the land and people he loves. A thrilling tale of power and treachery ‘Govinda’ is the first book in the ‘Aryavarta Chronicles’, a new series by the debut author Krishna Udayasankar. Neither a reinterpretation nor a retelling, this unique reconstruction of Mahabharat is a must read for all those who love Indian Fiction.

‘A Current of Blood’ by Namdeo Dhasal (translated by Dilip Chitre) @ Rs. 180/-

Namdeo Dhasal is a poet whose writing reflects vigor, rage and compassion for the oppressed dalits and for the festering innards of his city, Mumbai. He is the founder of Dalit Panther, the militant organization modeled on Black Panther, in 1972. His book Golpitha, a collection of poetry, is a landmark in Marathi literature. This book is takes us on an elegant journey to those difficult spaces of the mind over which we have build mental flyovers and hence fear to explore.

Krishna Coriolis Series by Ashok K. Banker:

Ashok K. Banker reinvents Indian Mythology and transports us to a world of cunning demons and intricate prophecies which are faced by the Protector of mankind when he was just a young mischievous cowherd.
‘Lord of Mathura’ (Book 4 - Krishna Coriolis Series) by Ashok K. Banker @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 283)
A cowherd against the King, a nephew against his uncle- Krishna returns in this witty and engaging fourth book to fulfill the prophecy and protect humankind! Catch the action that unfolds between the boy-God and the evil Lord of Mathura.
‘Rage of Jarsandha’ (Book 5 - Krishna Coriolis Series) by Ashok K. Banker @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 301)
Krishna days as a flirtatious cowherd are over, now it is time for him to rule his kingdom and face a new enemy. Catch Krishna and Balaram combining forces to fight the deadliest enemy yet in this fifth book!

‘Toke’ by Jugal Mody @ Rs. 160/- (pgs 215)

Before handling web and social media for ‘Filmfare’ and ‘Tehelka’, Jugal Mody worked in gaming. As a rule he writes to feel like a dog sticking his head out the window of a moving car. The story is about Nikhil, who while stoned, teams up with his friends, survivors and Lord Vishnu to save the world from turning undead. Mostly ‘high’ they battle zombies, crash a plane in Santacruz and undergo a lot of non-consensual kissing. Hilarious and trippy this debut novel delves into the mind and heart of true pot-heads.

‘The Purple Line’ by Priyamvada N. Purushotham @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 216)

Priyamvada’s debut novel, The Purple Line, delves into womanhood and explores the significance and intricacies revolving around the elusive ‘Purple Line’ that symbolizes pregnancy. The story is about Mrinali, a Gynecologist with Masters from London, who has returned and set up a clinic in Chennai and six women whose lives are unknowingly linked together on a journey that will make Mrinali laugh and cry and teach her the true meaning of Womanhood.

‘Maharani’ by Ruskin Bond @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 180)

We’ve read about the Queen’s in Ruskin Bonds old books. But most of the time they were either creatures of mystery, never coming out of their unreachable palaces (turned ruins in some cases) or just part of third hand stories. But this time, the queen is not mysterious, not part of some fable, and very much a real person with a real life and real fault’s. Maharani HH is a spoilt, selfish, beautiful widow of the Maharaj of Mastipur. And by her side is her friend our own Ruskin! Melancholic, wry and full of charm, Maharani is a delightful novella about love, death and friendship.

Graphic Novels:

‘The Itch You Can’t Scratch’ (A Graphic Novel) by Sumit Kumar @ Rs. 350/- (pgs 178)

This new Graphic Novel describes the life of Sumit Kumar (Author of the book and a former writer of Savita Bhabi!), born in a middle class family. From Entrepreneurship to embarrassment, this is a Honest View of the Life of a Young, Confused Man Suffering from an Acute Case of ‘The Itch You Can’t Scratch’. Insanely and extremely funny, witty and highly captivating, this new graphic gives a whole new outlook and meaning to ‘Comics’ in India. A ticking bomb of simple plots, tight satires and sarcasm to its max!

‘PAO: The Anthology of Comics 1’ @ Rs. 799/- (pgs 300)

Aliens write Science Fiction, hair burns like grass and a city sleeps under the Sleepscapes: Surreal and touching stories merge with image and word to narrate twelve graphic tales in PAO Anthology of Comics Vol 1. The graphics range from raw sketches to professional and provocative images. The anthology features many fresh authors with fresh-talent. The stories are contemplative, profound and gripping- all in all an extremely enjoyable book!

Socio Eco

‘The Curious Case of Binayak Sen’ by Dilip D’Souza @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 186)

In May 2007, Binayak Sen, a public health specialist and civil rights activist was arrested under the accusation of being involved in Naxalite activities. In December 2012, a sessions court in Raipur found him guilty of sedition and cooperating with terrorist organization and sentenced him to life imprisonment. This triggered an outburst of outrage across human rights and citizens’ groups in India and abroad. ‘The Curious Case of Binayak Sen’ boldly addresses issues of state power and individual freedom, issues that are too often censored and obscured with state propaganda. After the acclaimed ‘Roadrunner: An Indian Quest in America’ Dilip D’Souza has produced another work of genius; honest and hard-hitting.

‘The Liberals’ by Hindol Sengupta @ Rs. 350/- (pgs 311)

The Liberals is an autobiography of liberalization of India. It is a private story of a very public middle-class consumption revolution. It starts from 1991 when the Indian economy opened up to the world and unlocked a billion desires and dreams. An entrepreneur and author of two previous books on Indian Luxury Industry, Hindol Sengupta takes us on a journey through social media, Page-3 parties in Delhi, girls who impart lessons in capitalism, Bob Dylan’s jam with murderous villagers and many more unforgettable characters spawned by the needs of the world’s largest democracy. Written with innocence, knowledge and a keen understanding of life, Hindol Sengupta has touched upon the minutest details of the lives of the middle-class.

‘What Young India Wants: Selected Essays and Columns’ by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat, that cheeky chronicler of ‘Young India’, is back with a compilation of essays and columns. The title is sure to attract markets, because it pretty much states that Bhagat is about to unlock the secrets of our hopes, desires, dreams and ambitions as the next generation of Indians. With this foray into non-fiction, his first, he showcases his spectacular ability to graze and skim the surface of many a subjects. It is here through sections on society, politics and the Youth that Bhagat gives us his opinions on the current state of things and addresses questions like ‘why is there so much corruption in India?’ and ‘Why do our students regularly commit suicide?’


‘From The Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against West and the Remaking of Asia’ by Pankaj Mishra @ Rs. 699/- (pgs 356)

The Victorian period, in the West was viewed as a time of confident progress, but in Asia it was a catastrophe. British colonies had spread all over Asia and had torn apart great Empires which once had formed the heart of civilization. In this period they had destroyed the Summer Palace of Beijing, humiliated the rulers of Ottoman Empire and gunned down last heirs of the Mughal Empire. Amidst all the chaos the Tsushima Battle was fought and for the first time since the Middle Ages a non-European country had defeated a European power in a great war. The war inspired many Asian countries and a remarkable group of men from across the continent began to challenge the West which ultimately led to the freedom of them all and has defined our lives today. Mishra leads the reader through the events of two centuries through the eyes of journalists, poets, radicals and charismatics who through their ideas have build the infrastructure which lie behind the Asian nations of the twenty-first century. This fascinating and highly entertaining new book will take you on a voyage of epic learning of the history of the modern world.

Science / Personalities

‘The Quantum Universe: Everything that can happen does happen’ by Brian Cox & Jeff Forshaw @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 255)

Brian Cox, professor of particle physics at University of Manchester and employee at CERN laboratory in Geneva with Jeff Forshaw, professor of theoretical physics and winner of Physics Maxwell Medal in 1999 come together to explain to us the real science behind the bizarre and mind-boggling atoms and energy that make the cosmos. The world is a strange place and through science our closest understanding of our world- so far- is quantum physics. The main question addressed is: what is quantum physics and how does it help us make sense of the universe? Written simply and with passion this book strives to teach us more about our mysterious world and reveal to us how everything that can happen does happen.

‘S. Chandrasekhar – Man of Science’ edited by Radhika Ramnath @ Rs. 350/-

To coincide with the centenary of S. Chandrasekhar, his niece Radhika Ramnath, put together this book to salute one of India’s greatest scientist. The world recognizes this Nobel Laureate as one of the most outstanding astrophysicists. She paints a picture of the greatest man as that of a caring uncle, devoted husband and a compassionate brother. The book is divided in two sections. The first section is a compilation of his most famous essays and lectures that lays before the reader Chandrasekhar’s love for science and his motherland. The second section is a string of memoirs by his family members. The added bonus is the foreword by A.P.J Abdul Kalam, whose apt words sum up the reason for reading this book, “… In a globalized world distances have shrunk, but the need for bonding is felt more urgently.

Management/ Inspiration

‘Insanely Simple: The Obsession that Drives Apple’s Success’ by Ken Segall @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 225)

For Steve Jobs simplicity was not only a religion but also a weapon. It was Apple’s obsession with simplicity that today separates Apple from other technology companies in the market, in terms of innovation, customer friendly and devoid of all complexities in their products. ‘Insanely Simple’ gives the reader an insider’s view Apple’s organization and reveals ten elements of simplicity that has driven apple’s success- which can be implemented by you to propel your own organization. Ken Segall has worked closely with Steve Jobs as ad agency creative director for NeXT and Apple. He also is the person who named the iMac!

‘Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck: What it takes to be an Entrepreneur and Build a ‘Great Business’ by Anthony K. Tjan, Richard J. Harrington, Tsun-Yan Hsieh @ Rs. 795/- (pgs 236)

The author’s ‘Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test’ identifies entrepreneurial DNA and explains how heart, smarts, guts and luck mesh in various ‘I want to build it’ personalities. What type of a business builder are you? Hearts: vision and value driven and always look at the larger picture. Smarts: excel at analysis and strategy. Guts: focus on action. And Luck : those who are lucky understand that they are not the smartest people in the room and use their intellectual curiosity to acquire and share knowledge through networking. The authors use profiles from successful entrepreneurs to show that there are many ways to build a business- If you understand who you are. The book also provides self-awareness and tools a leader needs at every stage of business from founding to scaling and beyond.

Other new and noteworthy books:

‘Artemis Fowl and The Last Guardian’ by Eoin Colfer @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 306)
‘The Indus Intercept: In The Badlands of Balochistan every Step is a Minefield’ by Aruna Gill @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 330)
‘The Tiller of Waters’ by Hoda Barakat @ Rs. 375 (pgs 200)

‘Ending Corruption: How to Clean Up India’ by N. Vittal @ Rs. 499/- (pgs 255)
‘The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty’ Dan Ariely @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 283)
‘Swaraj’ by Arvind Kejariwal @ Rs. 99/- (pgs 175)
‘The Price of Inequality’ by Joseph E. Stiglitz @ Rs. 599/- (pgs 414)
‘Powder Room: The Untold Story of Indian Fashion’ by Shefalee Vasudev @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 332)
‘Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2013’ @ Rs. 1190/- (pgs 787)

‘The Krishna Key’ by Ashwin Sanghi @ Rs. 250/-
‘The Small Print of Success: The little details which will make BIG difference to your career’ by David Thompson @ Rs. 599/- (pgs 188)
‘Titans of History’ by Simon Sebag Montefiore @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 656)
‘The Puffin Book of 100 Great Indians’ @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 343)
‘Manga Martial Arts’ by David Okum @ Rs. 495/-
‘Blast Lab: 20 Great Science Experiments’ by Richard Hammond @ Rs. 399/-
‘Confessionally Yours’ by Jhoomur Bose @ Rs. 150/- (pgs 210)
‘Jinnah vs. Gandhi’ by Roderick Matthews @ Rs. 499/- (pgs 330)
‘Stuck on 1/Forty: A New Collection of Poems’ by Pritish Nandy @ Rs. 350/- (pgs 100)
“There is an I in Team’ by Mark de Rond @ Rs. 995/- (pgs 184)
‘The King in Exile’ by Sudha Shah @ Rs. 799/- (pgs 456)
‘The Illicit Happiness of Other People’ by Manu Joseph @ Rs. 499/- (pgs 343)
‘Days and Nights in the Heartland of Rebellion’ by Gautam Navlakha @ Rs. 299/- pgs 247)
‘The Timekeeper’ by Mitch Albom @ Rs. 499/- (pgs 226)
‘The Taming of Women’ by P. Sivakami @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 254)
‘The Book of Destruction’ by Anand @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 242)
‘The Empire of Moghul: The Tainted Throne’ by Alex Rutherford @ Rs. 599/- (pgs 438)
‘Dream New Dreams’ by Jai Pausch @ Rs. 295/- (pgs 228)
‘The Dust Will Never Settle’ by Mukul Deva @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 365)
‘Music of the Spinning Wheel: Mahatma Gandhi’s Manifesto for the Internet Age’ by Sudheendra Kulkarni @ Rs. 595/- (pgs 713)

‘How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded a Million Dollar Company’ by Varun Agarwal@ Rs. 140/- (pgs 249)
‘My Husband & Other Animals’ by Janaki Lenin @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 282)
‘Close, Too Close: The Tranquebar Book of Queer Erotica’ edited by Meenu and Shruti @ Rs. 395/- (pgs 216)

‘Sexy@Sixty: Health and Beauty at Every Age’ by Namita Jain @ Rs. 200/- (pgs 202)
‘Poor Little Rich Slum’ by Rashmi Bansal and Deepak Gandhi @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 189)
‘The Chakh Le India Cookbook’ by Aditya Bal @ Rs. 395/- (pgs 157)

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