Sunday, July 1, 2012

The book bunch!

The People who visit a bookstore are varied.
The Good Indian Girl observes..

There are everyday- persons, well almost every day-ers who come to us for the scent- the intoxicating scent of a book, touch covers, and feel. Experience. They come to sooth their nerves amongst books and just be. They keep us good company and so do we (yes, we do!) And along the way some leave us with their valuable movie reviews on a fortnightly basis! It’s just lovely to nurture such relationships!

There are the Every Weekers: Like we know them, who-what-where, their need, preference and taste. They know us too. The information is mutual. Well it has to be, doesn't it? Isn't that what helps us serve you better? I believe so.

Then there are the month people, two three month-ers: Them too we know and service according to their choice. We shower them with our finest putting our best foot forward.

We have bill gates who drops by en route to spotting his favorite cheese and even langoor our neighbourhood monkey friend from the animal kingdom who comes for the sacred banana leaf book!

At the bookshop we kindle sparkling conversations amongst colleagues, customers, boss & family, ex tntians or anybody our wavelength. Here we raise the bar for ourselves at every opportunity as time rolls by. But No, Do not be intimidated.
We are all happy creatures- nice, warm and accepting.
The neighbourhood is open minded and cool. Be assured !

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