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New Street Performance and Happy Sankranti !

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Best wishes for a beautiful harvest season and may the festivals of Sankranti/ Pongal fill you with abundance and joy! As the Sun begins its journey, we in twistntales embark on a series of events building up to our tenth anniversary celebrations!

As starters, we have “LOK”, a theatre group from Kolkata performing in twistntales on Sat, 14th Jan. For those of you who attended their show “Dear Ragini” at the same time last year, Soumyajit comes this year with a new offering!

LOK is a national creative arts group for the youth and by the youth. LOK has travelled extensively all over the country (Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Tuljapur, Raipur) performing severally in these cities in alternative spaces like campuses, bookstores, art galleries, shopping malls, cafes, lawns, parks, streets, amphitheatres thus creating a personal idiom of using spaces for live –act exploration. Soumyajit, founder of LOK specializes in musicals and installation theatre, focuses on “arts for change”.

“LOK” was formed by artistically and creatively inclined students mostly from St.Xaviers College, Jadavpur University, Presidency College, Loreto College and some other premiere schools and colleges of Kolkata. It involves young minds engaged in photography, filmmaking, music, theatre, dance, creative writing, fine arts etc. The aim is to connect the Indian youth on a common platform and facilitate interaction and exchange among them.

LOK is embarking on it's 2nd annual national road trip PROJECT YUVA with its performance “Walking Along" (a solo musical play by Soumyajit Majumdar dedicated to the late Badal Sircar - the pioneer of alternative theatre in India who passed away last year).

WALKING ALONG fuses baul, kirtan, doha - Indian folk music forms and experimentally narrates a contemporary tale of a young dreamer standing against all odds and walking alone, yet walking along. It seeks to inspire all those individuals who want to walk differently in the journey of life and all those who still believe that art can be a voice of dissent, art reach the spirit of everyone, inspire individuals to work together, create visions & heal.

Be there for the event, Sat 14th Jan, at 7pm at twistntales!

And now for our books:

Indian Writing

“The Rivered Earth” by Vikram Seth @ Rs.399/-

‘The Rivered Earth’ is a collection of Four Libretti which Vikram Seth wrote for the composer Alec Roth and Violinist Philippe Honore. The First three were about places- China during the Tang Dynasty, the Salisbury house of the English Poet George Herbert and India. And the fourth was about the elements. Accompanied by the poet’s own calligraphy; here is a work of immense beauty. Read it.

“The Average Indian Male” by Cyrus Broacha @ Rs.199/-

Here’s a riotous account of Indian men from India’s favorite funny man! Cyrus is back. And this time as agony aunt and master critic, he has set out to deconstruct a subject we are all familiar with - the average Indian male/ manush/ purush/ aam aadmi/ or Bunty! Pick up; and laugh!

“The Kashmiri Storyteller” by Ruskin Bond @ Rs.250/-

The oral tradition of storytelling may have just about died out, but the written word is still around. In this brilliantly illustrated collection, Ruskin Bond brings alive unforgettable folk tales from the misty hills of Kashmir that are sure to delight and enchant you. And so the Kashmiri Storyteller lives again, telling his ageless stories!

“Narcopolis” by Jeet Thayil @ Rs. 499/-

Narcopolis is a rich, hallucinatory dream of a novel that captures the Bombay of the 1970s in all its compelling squalor. Stretching across three decades, with an interlude in Mao’s China, it portrays a city in collision with itself. With a cast of pimps, pushers, poets, gangsters and eunuchs, it is a journey into a sprawling underworld written in electric and utterly original prose! Completely fascinating, read it!

“The man who would be Queen: Autobiographical Fictions” by Hoshang Merchant @ Rs.250/-

The man who would be Queen is a collection of lyric essays on the self that flaunts itself as autobiographical fiction! Lyrical, erudite, playful and sometimes provocative Hoshang Merchant’s new book is a significant landmark in Indian Writing.

“Krishna Coriolis Series” by Ashok K. Banker

The fantastic adventures of the Hindu God Krishna have entertained and inspired people for millennia and this series sets out to do just that. Playful Cowherd, Mischievous lover, feared demon slayer- the legendary exploits of this super being in human form rival the most rousing fantasy epics! After Slayer of Kamsa (Book 1); Ashok K Banker works his magic again through these second and third books! Read them!
Book 2: Dance of Govinda @ Rs.199/-
Govinda, God-child, redeemer of the World takes on the might of Kamsa in the second of the Krishna Coriolis Series.
Book 3: Flute of Vrindavan @ Rs.199/-
The mischievous God Child weilds the Flute to make Evil dance to his tune in Book 3 of the Krishna Coriolis Series.

“Too Asian, not Asian enough: Fiction from the new Generation” edited by Kavita Bhanot @ Rs.399/-

Here you shall find startlingly diverse and original range of stories; some too Asian, while others not Asian enough. A Frightened traveller wanders the twilit streets of Jerusalem; an argument erupts at a cocaine- fuelled party and a miniaturist unwittingly precipitates the downfall of David Beckham; a jilted lover takes a foodie revenge on his ex- wife and a nosy Grandmother takes spying on her neighbours too far… Here is an anthology of twenty- one stories in which writers such as Gautam Malkani, Nikesh Shukla, Niven Govinden and Bidisha sit alongside thrilling new voices published for the first time!

“Wild Child and other Stories” by Paro Anand @ Rs.150/-

Here is a collection of short stories put together for young teens by Paro Anand. The stories here aim to sensitize and broaden the perspectives of these children who are in the in between stage, to becoming adults. Along the way it leaves them inspired, only to learn and grow!

Other Fiction:

“Death comes to Pemberley” by P.D. James @ Rs.499/- (pgs 310)

Combining a sensitive insight into the happy but threatened marriage of the Darcys and the excitement of a brilliantly crafted detective story Death Comes to Pemberley enshrines psychological and emotional richness of characterization, vivid evocation of place and a credible and superbly structured plot. Recreating the magic of Pride and Prejudice P.D James elegantly fuses her passion for the work of Jane Austen with her talent for writing detective fiction. And the result is extraordinary!

“The Prague Cemetery” by Umberto Eco @ Rs.550/- (Translated by Richard Dixon)

Nineteenth century Europe from Prague to Paris abounds with mysterious plots. There are forgeries, massacres, French criminals, Italian Priests and conspiracies. But what if, behind all these conspiracies both real and imagined, lay just one man? Here is a novel inspired by History and Fiction by Umberto Eco whose first book ‘The Name of the Rose’ was a bestseller.

“The Sea is my Brother: The Lost Novel” by Jack Kerouac @ Rs.699/-

Kerouac began this novel shortly after his first tour in 1942 where he kept a journal detailing the gritty daily routine of Life at Sea and the character traits of his fellow shipmates. After his return to shore, he wove these spontaneous observations into a manuscript which was lost during his Lifetime. Now published in its entirety along with fragments of early stories & letters, ‘The Sea is my Brother’ gives us a unique insight into the young Kerouac and the formation of this Genius. So, here is Jack Kerouac’s first Novel; inspired by his love affair with the Sea.

Biographies/ People/ Places

“Pakistan: A Personal History” by Imran Khan @ Rs.599/- (pgs 389)

Recounting his country’s history through the prism of his own memories, here is a unique insider’s perspective. Commenting on the many subsequent historical developments which shook the Muslim world, the wars with India in 1965 and 1971, the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the current controversial and intractable war in Afghanistan, throughout herein we see these events viewed not only through the eyes of Westerners, but through those of ordinary Pakistanis. Pakistan: a Personal History is also Imran’s personal life history interwoven into the narrative - his happy childhood in Lahore, his Oxford education, his marriage to Jemima, his current philanthropic and political activities.

“Jerusalem: The Biography” by Simon Sebag Montefiore @ Rs.695/-

‘Simon Sebag Montefiore’ reveals here the ever changing city Jerusalem in its many incarnations, bringing every epoch and character blazingly to life. Jerusalem’s biography is told through the wars, love affairs, the authors’ own family papers and lifetime’s study and the many revelations of the Men and Women- kings, empresses, prophets and poets who created, destroyed, chronicled and believed in it! Read and discover how Jerusalem became ‘Jerusalem’- the only city that exists twice, in heaven and on earth!

“Letters to Friends, Family and Editors” by Franz Kafka (translated by Richard and Clara Winston) @ Rs.299/-

This volume presents Kafka as Son, Brother, Student, Friend, Lover, Writer, Critic and reveals his fascination for life in its entire complex, absurd and tragic manifestations. These letters dated from 1900 onwards follow Kafka’s life from his student years through his experience as an insurance clerk to his final days, exploring his many friendships and confirming his place as one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century!

“Inside Steve’s Brain: Business Lessons from Steve Jobs, the Man who Saved Apple” by Leander Kahney @ Rs.399/-

‘Inside Steve’s Brain’ explores the principles that guided Jobs when he launched his killer products, attracted fanatically loyal customers [the way we do ;-)] and managed the World’s most powerful brand. Part biography and part leadership manual, here is a fascinating insight into one of the critical business and cultural figures of our time!

“Gandhi: A Manga Biography” by Kazuki Ebine @ Rs.499/-

The life of a true twentieth-century hero told in a vibrant graphic novel format.
Through his quietly powerful leadership and influential use of nonviolent resistance in India's struggle against the British Raj, Mahatma Gandhi became one of the most revered figures of the modern era. While history has recorded Gandhi's words and deeds, the man himself has been eclipsed by maxims of virtuosity that seem to have little resonance in our everyday lives. In Gandhi, the exciting new manga biography, Kazuki Ebine combines a gripping narrative with stunning illustrations to share Gandhi's inspiring and deeply human story with a whole new generation of readers.

“Deep Focus” – Reflections on Cinema – by Satyajit Ray, (edited by Sandip Ray, Foreword by Shyam Benegal) @ Rs. 450/- Pgs 168

Satyajit Ray’s “Our Films, Their Films” published in 1976 remains the only collection of essays articulating his thoughts of Cinema. Published by the Society for the Preservation of Satyajit Ray Films, Deep Focus brings together His Master’s Voice and some of his most cerebral writings on film. The selection of his essays have been done by his son Sandip Ray in association with his favourite actor, Dhritiman Chaterji, Arup K. De, Deepak Mukherjee, Debasis Mukhopadhyay and some of his writings even predates his film making. A wonderful collection, and is a valuable addition to the worthwhile books on Indian Cinema. Must Buy and Keep. Read and Re-read.

Socio Eco Pol

“Moral Materialism: Sex and masculinity in Modern India” by Joseph S Alter @ Rs.499/-

A strikingly new interpretation of Indian ‘maleness’; this book offers an elegant and inventive perspective on the multiple meanings of Indian masculinity. Through the distinct yet interrelated lenses of Nationalism, Yoga, Wrestling, Male Chastity and the concept of Brahmacharya, Alter examines the moral, material and biological roots of Indian Masculinity in this modern age with immense clarity of thought evident throughout this book!

“The Other Country – Dispatches from the Mofussil” by Mrinal Pande @ Rs.350/- (pgs 210)

The huge divide between Bharat and India troubles most of us as we grapple with the issues, whether it is Retail FDI or Rs. 32/- a day. Not since “Butter Chicken in Ludhiana” (1995) by Pankaj Mishra and “Great Indian Middle Class” by Pavan Varma (1998) has an author attempted seriously to straddle the two worlds. No person is better qualified to do this than Mrinal Pande. Having been deeply involved in editing national newspapers in both Hindi and English, she is the most suitable to tell us both about news as we heard it and the phenomenon of “paid” news from the hinterland. The Other Country is incisive, insightful and deeply compassionate. Through chronicle, anecdote and hard hitting reportage, Mrinal traces the many, ever widening fault lines between Bharat and shining India, the small town and the metropolis.

“My Father Baliah” by Y.B. Satyanarayana @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 211)

An extraordinary story of a Dalit family in southern India. Dr. Y.B Satyanarayana hails from a poor Dalit family. A keen academic, he has been a part of several governing bodies including the executive councils of Kakatiya and Osmania Universities. This social history chronicles the life of a family of the Dalit Madiga community of Telangana in Andhra Pradesh. But it is not just a family chronicle. It is a depiction of the lived experiences of the members of the Madiga community over several decades in different places, settings and situations, making it a unique social history of our times. Relying extensively on oral contributions of members of his family and community, Dr. Y. B. Satyanarayana has given us and future generations a treasure trove of history.


“The Bartenders Guide” @ Rs.395/-

The cocktails of today are made with fresh, high quality ingredients, with the intention of producing sometimes subtle, sometimes startling flavour combinations and this book is happy to help you! ‘The Bartenders Guide’ is informative, educational, entertaining, elegantly designed and holds the key to consuming less but tasting more in our health and lifestyle- conscious world! A must have for any aspiring Bartender and equally useful behind the counter of a top city bar or even your coffee table at home!

“Open the Windows to the World around you” by Sukant Ratnakar @ Rs.299/-

This powerful book on self- empowerment and leadership principles offers a wealth of ideas and techniques for achieving success. ‘Open the Window to the World around you’ will unleash the power of your observations and make you look at the World differently. The Author ‘Sukant Ratnakar’ conveys the fundamental principles of Management and the Art of Living in a lucid manner and eventually relates his experiences to India, and talks about how we can grow and refresh ourselves! Read it and kick start the New Year on a positive note!

“The Maths Handbook: Everyday Maths Made Simple” by Richard Elwes @ Rs.299/-

Fret No more at your inability to do even simple mathematical tasks as ‘The Maths Handbook’ is here. Along with elucidating the language of mathematics the book draws our attention to the Basics of Mathematics like Angles, Algebra, Powers, Fractions, Trigonometry, Triangles etc to name a few and works to change the mind of the ubiquitous person who says- ‘I was never any good at Mathematics’. Come, Brush your math skills!

“The Best Thing About You is YOU!” by Anupam Kher @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 228)

Bollywood Superstar Anupam Kher in a new role for you, speaking from the heart and no written script. Using examples from his own life and based on numerous interactions, his basic simple mantras will help you counteract the negativity and stress that exists in this world. Acquiring a positive outlook and realizing the power within you is easier said than done and Anupam Kher uses soothing insightful guidance with practical advice to help you sail through those difficult times!


“SEAL Target Geronimo: The Inside Story of the Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden” by Chuck Pfarrer @ Rs.499/-

SEAL Target Geronimo is the story of the relentless hunt for the terrorist mastermind. After talking to members of the SEAL Team involved in the raid, Pfarrer, a former assault element commander of SEAL Team 6, shares never before revealed details of the historic raid and the men who planned and conducted it in an exclusive boots on the ground account of what happened during each minute of the mission- both inside the building and outside. Here is an explosive story of unparalleled valour, clockwork military precision and deadly accuracy, carried out by one of the most elite fighting forces in the World- the U.S Navy’s SEAL Team 6.

“Understanding Michael Porter” by Joan Magretta @ Rs.795/-

Competitive Advantage. Value Chain. Five Forces. Industry structure. Differentiation. Relative Cost – If you want to understand how companies achieve and sustain competitive success, Michael Porter’s frameworks are the Foundation! But while everyone in Business may know Porter’s name, many managers misunderstand and misuse his concepts. The Essential Michael Porter sets the record straight, providing the first concise, accessible summary of Porter’s revolutionary thinking. Written with Porter’s full Co-operation by Joan Magretta, his former editor at Harvard business Review, this new book delivers fresh, clear examples to illustrate and update Porter’s ideas. An added feature is an original Q & A with Porter himself, which includes answers to Managers’ FAQ’s!


“The Lives we have Lost: Essays & Opinions on Nepal” by Manjushree Thapa @ Rs.350/-
“Girl Meets Boy” by Ali Smith @ Rs.225/-
“How to Love your Body and get the Body you Love” by Yaana Gupta @ Rs.199/-
“Can Love Happen Twice” by Ravinder Singh @ Rs.125/-
“Being Ethical- Ethics as the Foundation of Business” by S. Manikutty @ Rs.299/-
“The Slap: Whose side are you on?” by Christos Tsiolkas @ Rs.350/-
“The Complete Harry Potter Collection” by J.K. Rowling @ Rs.3299/-
“Postcards from Ladybird: 100 Classic ladybird covers in One Box” @ Rs.599/-
“Demand: Creating What People Love before They Know They Want It” by Adrian J. Slywotzky with Karl Weber @ Rs.299/-
“The Marriage Plot” by Jeffrey Eugenides @ Rs.399/-
“Heart to Heart: Remembering Nainaji” by Vidya Rao @ Rs.199/-
“Sold: Can she ever be Free” by Patricia McCormick @ Rs.245
“Delirious Delhi: Inside India’s Incredible Capital” by Dave Prager @ Rs.399/-
“Bird Songs From Around the World: Featuring Songs of 200 Birds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology” by Les Beletsky @ Rs.1295/- (pgs 368)
“The Guitar Chord Composer: A Mix and Match Music Guide to Practicing and Composing Music” by Ernie Jackson @ Rs.495/- (pgs 128)
“Great American Kitchens Collection: Real Solutions from Award Winning Designs” @ Rs.695/- (pgs 288)
“100 Things to Make and Do”@ Rs.395/-
“Developing Intuition: Practical Guidance for Daily Life: Complete book on CD” by Shakti Gawain @ Rs.595/-
“Why Pandas Do Handstands and other Curious truths about Animals” by Augustus Brown @ Rs.450/- (pgs 301)
“History of Art: Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Design” @ Rs.1295/- (pgs 704)
“The Complete Idiot’s guide to Social Media Marketing” @ Rs. 699/- (pgs 332)
“Offshore – How India got back on the Global Business Map” by Gaurav Rastogi and Basab Pradhan @ Rs. 499/- (pgs 225)
“The World in our Time” A Memoir by Tapan Raychaudhuri @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 365)
“Travelling to Infinity – My Life with Stephen” by Jane Hawking @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 488)
“Tao – The State and the Art” by OSHO @ Rs. 399/- (Pillars of Consciousness series)
“Zen – Its history and teachings and Impact on Humanity” @ Rs. 399/- (Pillars of Consciousness Series)
“Confessions of a Serial Dieter – A weightloss memoir by Kalli Purie @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 225)
“Let me tell you about Quinta” by Savia Viegas @ Rs. 299/- (pgs 254)

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