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August Bonanza !

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Hi all,

Here’s bringing you another huge pile of new and noteworthy books for you to curl up with in this festive season. Some nice long weekends coming up, and you can start stocking up!

New Arrivals:

Wow: Grassroots Comics – a tool for democracy and others

There are five comic books from World Comics India. These are exemplary and you should check them out. World Comics India (WCI) is a collective of grassroots activists, cartoonists, artists, development journalists and students using comics as a communication tool as well as medium for self expressions. WCI imparts skills to NGOs staff and activists, students of mass communication and social work through workshops on grassroots comics.

The creators of these comics are not professional artists but people living in different parts of the globe from Brazil to Pakistan and UK to SriLanka.

The titles in this series:

“Grassroots Comics – a tool for democracy” @ Rs. 75/-
“Understanding Gandhi through Cartoons” @ Rs.75/-
“Half World Four Frames” @ Rs.150/-
“Whose Development???” @ Rs.100/-
“Parallel Lines” @ Rs.100/-

Business / Management

“The Business of Cricket: The Story of Sports Marketing in India” by Shyam Balasubramanian and Vijay Santhanam @ Rs.299/- (pgs 193)

Switch on the television, surf the web; enter a mall; and a sports celebrity- Sachin, Federer or a Dhoni look down at you or rather you look up to them! It’s hard to escape sports marketing, isn’t it? This book charts out how the market for it was established in the 1970’s, how it grew between 1980 and 2000 and finally exploded post 2000! Appealing to both sports enthusiasts and business students alike this book is very sales- able!

“The Winning Way: Learning from Sport for Managers” by Harsha Bhogle and Anita Bhogle @ Rs.200/- (pgs 196)

Understanding the business world through the lens of sport is stimulating and energizing. And The Winning Way explores just that! Harsha Bhogle- a well known cricketing figure and Anita Bhogle’s advertising and corporate exposure has perfectly brought to life- ‘The Winning way’, initially a workshop that draws learnings from sport and applies them to Business, now into a book! Sport and Business have much in common- Competitiveness, dynamism, uncertainty, strategy, execution and above all leadership and teamwork, comparisons of which have been stressed in this gripping book. Makes a great gift to ambitious, sporty aspirants from the corporate and entrepreneurship worlds setting them all the way onto The Winning Way!


“The Bastard of Istanbul” by Elif Shafak @ Rs.350/- (pgs 360)

Set against the background of Turkey is this engrossing story- there’s a mysterious family curse, Asya, the protagonist, and her rebellious mother who runs a tattoo parlour, a newly discovered clairvoyant and a character obsessed with impending disaster in the picture! And when Asya’s Armenian American cousin comes to stay, long hidden family secrets of the turbulent past are laid bare! Read this fine book which is sure to leave you gasping with disbelief until the very last pages!

“The Second Lady Chatterley’s Lover” by D. H. Lawrence @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 375)

It was the most controversial book of the early 1920’s! D.H. Lawrence, known as a controversial writer of those times, and known to throw caution to the wind, openly explored the very base nature of men as well as women and delved into areas that were talked about behind closed doors. This is the second version written in 1927 and published posthumously. There are a few key differences in plot and characterization from the original. So come take a peep into a Victorian lady’s chamber!

“The Tiger’s Wife” by Téa Obreht @ Rs. 325/- (pgs 335)

If you thought the tiger’s iconization stopped at Rudyard Kipling and Yann Martel, then think again. “He”, the magnificent beast, who is facing a slow decline in number, has once again been resurrected by Obreht, a young 25 year old writer born in Yugoslavia. Her debut novel, sprinkled with metaphors, woven into this fantastic tale against the backdrop of war and death, is pure eloquence of words and sentences, which takes you into a fast paced journey – an unputdownable book till you reach the end. This young storyteller holds you rapt within the pages of her book. Come ride the tale of the tiger!

“Elephant’s Journey” by Jose Saramago @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 198)

Based on historical facts, Jose Saramago, weaves historical journeys and fiction into the travels of Solomon, an Indian elephant, from Lisbon to Vienna across the plains and seas and the snowy Alps. This interplay between fact, fiction and fantasy, is all narrated with magic and a bit of humour. An elephant traveling in the early 19th century through regions where it caused excitement and wonder unravels the human frailities of life’s journey itself.

“A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R.Martin

A fantasy epic of the modern age this series is sure to thrill you! Its knights, lords, liars, kings and Queens all at play magically woven around one of the greatest dazzling fantasy adventure! ‘Game of Thrones”, the H.B.O. original series as seen on Sky Atlantic HD is based on these books! Indulge and get fantasized!
Titles in the above Series:
“Game of Thrones- book 1” @ Rs.399/- (pgs 801)
“A Clash of Kings”- book 2 @ Rs.399/- (pgs 741)
“A Storm of Swords: Steel and Snow” Book 3 (part one) @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 661)
“A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold” Book 3 (part two) @ Rs.399/- (pgs 637)
“A Feast for Crows” Book 4 @ Rs.399/- (pgs 936)

“Bloody Valentine” by James Patterson @ Rs. 115/- (pgs 122)

The first line mesmerizes you and under hypnosis you continue to read page after page – in what can be described as Patterson’s “Bloody Valentine”. And so begins the plotting of how a day of “Red for Passion” turns “Red for Blood”. Gruesome but gripping!

“There but for the” by Ali Smith @ Rs. 550/- (pgs 356)

Through each word taken apart a story unfolds, and yet weaves together a tapestry of thoughts and perspectives unfolding the extremes of what could define human identity. Interjected with humour, this quiet narrative takes the reader to a realization of the importance of hearing ourselves think amidst the din of the mundane.

“The Dangerous Man” by Ibn-e-Safi @ Rs.199/- (pgs 204)

Ibn-E Safi, comes highly recommended by none other than the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie. For the first time, translated from Urdu into English, The Dangerous Man, forming part of the Detective Imran series, give readers a peep into the past of the Asian subcontinent. Now need I say more….Read our very own crime writer at this best!

Indian Writing

“River of Smoke” by Amitav Ghosh @ Rs.699/-

Get ready to once again sail the high seas of the Indian Ocean in the Book Two of the Ibis Triology, steered on by none other than Amitav Ghosh. Traveling further into the harbours of China and the illicit trading of opium are glimpses of early nineteenth century China. Delve deeper into the storm-tossed lives of the characters whose destinations bring them all together from across the oceans into the waterways and darkened alleys of Canton.

“Priya: An Incredible Indyaa” by Namita Gokhale @ Rs.350/- (pgs 195)

Carefully resurrecting truly unforgettable characters from her 1984 cult bestseller ‘Paro’ and growing them into mature, older individuals befitting present times is quite a task and Gokhale has accomplished it, par excellence! This book has it all- valiant struggles of status, infidelity, glamour and sex, coupled with Delhi’s toxic waste of power, money and greed! After ‘Paro’, it’s the story of ‘Priya’ now, wickedly funny and occasionally tender captured in Incredible Indyaa! Simply Enchanting!

“Last song of Savio De Souza” by Binoo K. John @ Rs.350/- (pgs 265)

Only in God’s own Paradise, can a metaphorical twist of fate occur. Binoo John, known for his famous travelogue and his book on fundas of Indian English, now sets in print a fine novel set against the backdrop of vying miracles between faiths, love and hope. Written with great humor and large doses of metaphors, John brings to live this sleepy town of Vettakud, and the tumults that beset it and the lives of people, just before the tsunami of 2004. Ordinary lives all entwined with religion and nature, unfolds along the pristine sands of Kerala.

“Bombay Duck is a Fish” by Kanika Dhillon @ Rs. 195/- (pgs 320)

Mumbai the city where dreams are made and broken spins out many a story. Kanika Dhillon, a screen writer and with an assistant director’s profile, presents her debut novel around the industry that is her working environment. Bollywood and Page 3 stories are woven into this fast paced narrative of a young girl whose desire it is to be the next famous Director in the world of Bollywood. But, she soon realizes that all is not what it was promised when she starts working in the star studded land of Bollywood. People do not necessarily turn out to be as they present themselves but could be someone totally different when you get to know them. Thus aptly titled, a Bombay Duck is not a duck but a fish!

“Starstruck” by Rajal Pitroda @ Rs.199/- (pgs 306)

Sapna, as the name suggests, and the central character of Starstruck, is a dreamer. The romantic in her spins dreams of lovers, especially in movie scenes. Soon her dreams turn to reality, when on a chance trip brings her up and close with the Bollywood world. The intricate network of characters that dot this book and the underlying nuances that she has to deal with, soon turns the dreams into harsh reality that involves murder. In true Bollywood style, Pitroda, gives us all the masala of a movie in the making.

“Miss Timmins’ School for Girls” by Nayana Currimbhoy @ Rs.399/- (pgs 496)

A combination of an intense love story and a dark murder mystery set around a boarding school in Panchgani is what this interesting new read has in store for you! The book presents a Confluence of cultures- that of the protogonist’s conservative, middle class values, the very British atmosphere at the boarding school and the rock’n’roll, drugs and free-love way of life makes this book absolutely spell binding!

“Strangers on the 16:02” by Priya Basil @ Rs. 115/- (pgs 107)

Your train ride will never be the same again! Everyday you catch the same train you have caught a thousand times- but that one day things just don’t go the way they are expected to. Know that feeling? Well get onto to this train and be prepared for that short and fast paced ride of your life.

Deliverance: A Novella: by Gauri Deshpande @ Rs.225/- (pgs 134)

The invisible threads that tie a family together yet never quite woven so tightly can often seem to fray at the edges. Gauri Deshpande’s novel translated from Marathi titled Nirgathi, by Shashi Deshpande, explores family relationships that we so often take for granted, and brings to the forefront Deshpande’s repeated questioning of society’s and the family’s hypocritical mores and ethics. Hard-hitting, yet very relevant to today’s familial relationships.

“Now That I’m Fifty” by Bulbul Sharma @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 154)

You are forty, then get naughty, a greeting that a woman is often met with when she turns forty! But what happens when you, a woman, turn fifty? Does life really change that drastically? Do you feel you are nearing that age when others think you should not be doing things that don’t befit your age? Check out the short stories narrated by Bulbul in her book, Now That I’m Fifty and ponder upon what has come, what will come, or may not come to be.

"Masooma" by Ismat Chugtai @ Rs. 250/- (pgs 143)

Written in 1962 by one of the foremost women Urdu writers (where have they all gone??) by Ismat Chughtai, Masooma has been translated by Tahira Naqvi, a well known translator of Urdu fiction. Ismat, besides being a writer also co-produced films alongside her husband. The journey of Masooma, the young protagonist, in this narrative, unfolds not just the issues a young Muslim girl faces but also the unsavoury side of our famous Bollywood and its tryst with the underworld way back in the 60’s! Drips with sarcasm and irreverence, yet empathy is that single thread that tugs at your heartstrings for the protagonist.


“Manik-Da: Memories of Satyajit Ray” by Nemai Ghosh @ Rs.199/- (pgs 107)

A translation by S.K Ray Chaudhuri, from the Bengali original, this book lays bare India’s most respected name, the finest, internationally acclaimed director - Satyajit Ray! A Film maker extraordinaire, this book captures the work and many moods of the master in splendid style with over fifty exquisite, never- seen –before photographs! This little book is simply wonderful!

“His Majesty’s Opponent: Subhas Chandra Bose and India’s Struggle against Empire” by Sugata Bose @ Rs.699/- (pgs 388)

An extraordinary biography of a Legend that went down into history spearheading India’s Freedom Struggle is here, it’s a magisterial and intimate study. What makes this essay more special is that it has been put together by Netaji’s Brother Sarat Chandra Bose’s grandson- Sugata Bose! Capturing and analyzing Netaji’s life, legacy, ideas and relationships that influenced him during his exile and his ascent to the peak of nationalist politics, this book profoundly illuminates this great epic perfectly! Truly Exceptional, read it!

Socio Eco Pol

“The In-tolerant Indian: Why we Must Rediscover a Liberal Space” by Gautam Adhikari @ Rs.399/- (pgs 228)

In this current spell of corruption and newer/fresher scams by the day, this timely essay by Gautam Adikari is a plea to build and sustain a truly liberal society. The book tackles the question of national identity demonstrating how extremist religious ideologies and violent politics have overshadowed the idea of a liberal, tolerant India that our founding fathers dreamed of. This eye opening and thought provoking book leaves us mulling over the question of what kind of a nation do we want India to be? Must she uphold a particular culture? Or celebrate her splendid diversity? Read this and think we all must!

“Poor Economics: Rethinking Poverty and the Ways to End it” by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo @ Rs.499/- (pgs 303)

For more than 13 years, the visionary authors- Abhijit and Esther have worked with the poor in dozens of countries spanning five continents, trying to understand the specific problems that come with poverty and to find proven solutions. Through careful analysis they show why the poor despite having the same desires and abilities as anyone else, end up with entirely different lives. ‘Poor Economics’ is thus radical in its rethinking of the economics of poverty, but also entirely practical in the suggestions it offers. Their work is a vital guide to policy makers, philanthropists, activists and anyone lese who cares about building a world without poverty!

“Reinventing India” by Raghunath Mashelkar @ Rs.499/- (pgs 403)

From the nation’s visionary promoter of Science, eternal Optimist and a very fine Human being comes this inspiring and compassionate book personifying his greatest love – Science; and blending it with India! The book explores the avenues of growth and development in the field of Science and technology believing in India’s potential to achieve these in the years to come! It presents us with a positive, achievable vision, covering Science, technology, and its widespread use in governance and a whole range of other fields leaving us itching to take the first step, to see our dreams come true!

“Walking with the Comrades” by Arundhati Roy @ Rs.150/- (pgs 132)

Upside down. Inside out. This is how Arundhati Roy describes the very epicenter of India, the hotbed of Maoists, the land where the so called GGWRC (Gentle Giants who really Care) rule, and where daylight robbery by the biggies is rampant. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Are the “poor” tribals really being freed from their so called “misery”? Who is actually freeing whom from the social ills? Plain facts no opinions, is what this hard hitting report of 2010 is all about.

“Prisoner No.100” by Anjum Zamarud Habib @ Rs.325/- (pgs 226)

It’s a passionate and moving account of the days spent in prison by one extraordinary woman and a searing indictment of draconian state policies and expedient political practices. This book will give you a good idea about POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act) and how Kashmiris are falsely implicated in it. Its value lies in it being a heart to heart talk, a poignant story of prisoner no.100! Read it!


“1857: The Real Story of the Great Uprising” by Vishnu Bhatt and Godshe Versaikar @ Rs.250/- (pgs 208)

A translation from the Marathi version which was originally translated from Vishnu Bhatt’s account of the uprising written in the traditional modi script, this is a unique account of Historic Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 brought alive for you! It’s gripping, this book, as it’s the only documentation of such a climactic event in the history of India recorded wholly in first person by a Chitpavan Brahmin by the name of Versaikar during his journey across the Vindhya ranges. Get ready for an uncut, clear and eye-witness perspective of 1857!

“Vintage Guns of India” by S.K. Chatterji @ Rs.1500/- (pgs 196)

An absolute treasure- Vintage is here! Beginning with a historical perspective about the emergence of artillery this book colours a picture of guns from the Moughal times to Guns of Bijapur, Jhansi, Bidar, Coastal and Portuguese guns for you! Filled with a variety of incredulous pictures this book surely calls out to you-‘I’m really WOW, pick me up!’

“Litanies of Dutch Battery” by N.S.Madhavan @ Rs.350/- (pgs 312

The kaleidoscope that defines India through its many colored socio-religious hues has been well woven in this historical fiction set in God’s own Paradise- the backwaters of Kerala. Madhavan takes us not only on a historical journey of a tiny island, Dutch Battery, but also into the idiosyncratic lives and generations of the inhabitants. All this is viewed through the eyes of a young Catholic girl. This book is not just a fictional history of a place, but is a must read for those who wish to relive their childhood memories, and for those who love to soak in the culture of a land that they have or will travel through.

“Lost Loves: Exploring Rama’s Anguish” by Arshia Sattar @ Rs.250/- (pgs 145)

We have all looked at the central hero of the Ramayana, Rama, as the ideal son, brother, & often touted as the ideal husband. But, women have always wondered how Rama, as the ideal husband, could have been so cruel to Sita, repeatedly demanding a test of virtue & fidelity. Arshia Sattar, through her essays, now gives us a chance to stand in the shoes of Rama and see his point of view, at each momentous decision in his life.

“The Burma Campaign: Disaster into Triumph 1942-45” @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 532)
Capturing the exhaustive Campaign through the biography of four larger than life personalities- William Slim, Louis Mountbatten, Orde Wingate and Joseph Stilwell who played a commanding role in the whole crusade, this book is like no other book ever written on the subject of the Burma Campaign. It’s a riveting and an honest account from a distinguished Historian and Biographer! Comprehensive style and a striking read!


“The Most Powerful Idea in the World: A Story of Steam, Industry and Invention” by William Rosen @ Rs.599/- (pgs 370)

Interesting and gripping – this book dwells into the history of the industrial revolution and the steam engine along with a marvelous account of how inventors first came to own and profit from their ideas! Telling us How inventions spring forth from logic and imagination, William Rosen takes us deep into the human mind explaining how ‘eureka’ moments occur when the brain is most relaxed and stresses on the crucial role played by the concept of intellectual property and patents that allowed their inventions to flourish!

“Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100” by Michio Kaku @ Rs.699/- (pgs 389)

Examining what life might be like at the end of the current century, the revelations herein are eye- popping! The book is well researched and presents revolutionary developments in areas like medicine, computers, nanotechnology, quantum physics and space travel leaving us surprised, enthralled and sometimes even frightened! So if you find yourself technologically disoriented, read this and get fascinated along the way!


“Does he know a Mother’s Heart: How Suffering Refutes Religions” by Arun Shourie @ Rs.599/- (pgs 435)

Semi autobiographical and philosophical in nature this book is an account of the suffering and pain that Shourie has seen first hand which has led him to the teachings of the Buddha, and a perspective on the questioning of the prime existence of God amongst all this suffering which is done. This book based on his true life is truly moving and intense. Containing accurate citations from various religious texts, the book has a conversational tone and travels an emotional pathway!

“Click” by Ori Brafman & Rom Brafman @ Rs. 399/- (pgs 215)

Transform that single moment into a Wow moment! Conversations are not just enough these days. So if you want to know more about why you “click” with a few people instantly, or why you thought you should have but it didn’t just happen- here is a well researched book by Pro & Rom Brafman that not only talks about the why but also about the how! So come to twistntales and check out your “click quotient”


“Nagaland: A Journey to India’s Forgotten Frontier” by Jonathan Glancey @ Rs.650/- (pgs 268)

Impressions of childhood are long lasting! Jonathan Glancey in true journalistic style chases his childhood impressions made by his early readings, his short childhood forays, and the desire to search out his own “Shangri-la”, into the mesmeric land known as Nagaland. His book is not just a journalistic piece of information, but an anthropologist’s mine of information, a travelogue for the thirsting traveler in search for undiscovered beauty, a historian’s chronological unfolding of events, and a sociologist’s understanding of the past and present day aspirations of the Naga people. All this is woven tightly into print for a reader wanting to know more about this little State tucked into the corner-most part of India.

“The Tao of Travel” by Paul Theroux @ Rs.499/- (pgs 285)

Here it is- a book to be plundered and raided! A compendium of quotations, part gossip, part philosophy it covers a lot of angles on literary travel! There are chapters on exotic meals, travel ordeals, the English abroad, railways and imaginary travels. This work belongs on every traveler’s bookshelf! Simply Delightful and profound!

“The Delhiwalla Hangouts” by Mayank Austen Soofi @ Rs. 199/- (pgs 100)

Here is a perfect guidebook! It tells you about the places to shop, Stroll, play, eat, breathe and explore in big city Delhi. Also given are the timings of these places with realistic pictures and valuable –just- essential information which make this little book really handy! So if you’re headed to travel, come catch a quick glimpse of this delhiwalla book! And to the others who aren’t going, you can come relish this very likeable book!


“First Day First Show: Writings from the Bollywood Trenches” by Anupama Chopra @ Rs.499/- (pgs 376)

It’s a compilation of interviews, quotable quotes and pithy observations that give a panoramic view of Bollywood in the last two decades! The concentration being on the 90’s, the resourceful author’s passion for Hindi Cinema brims forth with her intelligent and spunky pieces! It’s quite nice for a lovely, light and lazy reading!

“The Chopra Centre Cookbook: Nourishing Body and Soul” by Deepak Chopra with David Simon and Leanne Backer @ Rs.350/- (pgs 322)
Combining modern nutritional Science and Ayurveda, the world famous Chopra Centre- a retreat that serves as a beautiful, nurturing place to heal the body and soul is here with this delightful book featuring more than 200 appetizing breakfast dishes, snacks and desserts! Along the way the book also enlightens us with chapters such as the wisdom of food, and the art of cooking and eating thereby reestablishing the mind body connection and reversing the aging process!

Coffee Table

“Illustrated book of Steam and Rail: The History and development of the Train and an Evocative Guide to the World’s Great Railway Journeys” by Colin Garratt and Max Matthews @ Rs.695/- (pgs 512)

Come puff your way from the past to the present along with the great train journeys of the world. Filled with photographs of the various trains down the ages come check out the old and new models, how and why they changed their forms and learn the wonders that technology has created, as a consequence of travel! Not just informative but a travelogue as well, a great combination for those the trainspotting enthusiast as well as the die-hard traveler.

“The Human Story: Where we Come from and how we Evolved” by Charles Lockwood @ Rs.350/- (pgs 110)

Here’s a chance to get to know your ancestors! Where they came from, how they looked, and how far back can you trace them down the millions of years! A concise book, yet filled with information and realistic photos, Charles Lockwood traces not only our origins back in time but also presents the ancestry tree with its branches of diversity of species that existed, survived or just died out. Simply written with colour coded pages to help guide you back in Time.

Young Adults

“Tales of Historic Delhi: A Walk Through its Many Cities” by Premola Ghose @ Rs.225/- (pgs 62)

This book doesn’t just walk you through the history of monuments of Historic Delhi, but enhances that walk with sprinkles of interesting information! Premola Ghosh gives you a ride on the wings of the birds and narrates the stories through the birds and beasts of Ranthambore. There is also a timeline presented at the end of this fantastic time travel book not just the dynasties, but also the poets who resided and presided over the then monuments. A must read to revive that interest for history in kids whose interests have waned.

“The Diary of Amoslee: I Sit, I write, I Flush!” by Adeline Foo @ Rs.195/- (pgs 118)

Move onto Amos’s crazy-fun diary after that of Rodrick (Wimpy Kid Series)! It’s so Hilarious that you kids will roll off the chair laughing! Along the way you will get to know a little about Singapore, its people and different languages the locals speak! The Glossary at the end of the book is a great help to figure out some of the local words which Amos Scibbles into his diary! Lots of fun awaits you in this sensational diary! Come Pick!

“Tunnel of Illusions: Guardian Warlocks” by Aayushi Kolhatkar @ Rs.100/- (pgs 163)

From our very own local and budding writer Aayushi Kolhatkar, A game of treasure hunt, mystical happenings, secrets, friendship and adventure awaits you in her First book! Come join in this adventurous ride through the tunnel of illusions where deep secrets are set to be revealed! Aayushi is a 9th grade student at Vidya Valley School in Pune. This is her very first book and we are pleased to encourage our young authors!

Books for Children (all Tulika)

“Mayil Will Not Be Quiet” by Niveditha Subramaniam @ Rs. 150/- (pgs 104)

Tired of being told “Be quiet”! well here is your chance to learn the tricks and trade of what you can do when told to Be quiet. Mayil can teach you a thing or two, so get your diary and pen ready & start scribbling away!

“Beyond the Blue River” by B. Vinayan @Rs.250/- (pgs 243)

Robots and Transformers visually are fun to watch. But try getting into the heart of a mechanical creature and seeing the world from its view, what it wishes and what it wants to say to you. The author Vinayan, has done just that! So what are you waiting for?? Come get your ride and the next time you travel on a mechanical creature, listen carefully….

Stitching Stories by Nina Sabnani @ Rs. 200/-

Stories are usually woven. But here is a unique book where the stories are told through the stitches by women in a village in Kutch. Embroidery and appliqué forms the basis of their story and their travel from Pakistan into India. A visual imaginary treat in store for children…

The Enchanted Saarang by Asha Hanley @ Rs. 385/- (pgs 99)

Come learn about the enchanted stories of Kashmir and the legends and folk tales that abound in this enchanted place. Full of wonderful tales interwoven with beautiful illustrations, the Valley of the Gods comes alive through its flora and fauna that abounds in this region.

Other New Arrivals:

“Crazy Times with Uncle Ken” by Ruskin Bond @ Rs.175/-
“The 10 Rules of Sam Walton” by Michael Bergdahl @ Rs.495/-
“Poems Come Home” by Sukrita (Translated by Gulzar) @ Rs.299/-
“A Poet’s Mind: Selected Quotations” by Rabindranath Tagore @ Rs.99/-
“Easy Adventure Holidays” by Outlook Traveller @ Rs.95/-
“Broken Republic: Three Essays” by Arundhati Roy @ Rs.499/-
“Someone Else’s Garden” by Dipika Rai @ Rs. 350/-
“Best of Health: 25 Stories on living, Healing and Hope” @ Rs.350/-
“Empire of the Moghul: Ruler of the World” by Alex Rutherford @ Rs.495/-
“Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day” by The Times Group @ Rs.550/-
“The Hilliker Curse” by James Ellroy @ Rs.399/-
“The End of Wallstreet” by Roger Lowenstein @ Rs.499/-
“A Time for New Dreams” by Ben Okri @ Rs.499/-
“Mozart’s Last Aria: Musical Genius.Murder Victim?” by Matt Rees @ Rs.450/-
“Last Man in Tower” by Aravind Adiga @ Rs.699/-
“The Tennis Party: Mixed doubles, anyone?” by Sophie Kinsella @ Rs.399/-
“The Windup Girl” by Paolo Bacigalupi @ Rs.395/-
“Wodehouse at the Wicket” by P.G.Wodehouse @ Rs.250/-
“Single Woman and other Poems” by Manoj Wad @ Rs.100/-
“A Tangled Web: Jammu and Kashmir” Edited by Ira Pande @ Rs. 699/-
“I Shall Wear Midnight” by Terry Pratchett @ Rs. 299/-
“Between Lives” by K.S.Maniam @ Rs. 399/-
“An evening in Lucknow: Selected Stories” by K.A. Abbas @ Rs.299/-
“The Book of Answers” by C.Y. Gopinath @ Rs. 499/-
“Middle School The Worst Years of My Life” by James Patterson @ Rs. 499/-
“Empires of Food” D. G. Evans Fraser & Andrew Rimas 2 Rs. 399/-
“Scribble, Scribble, Scribble” by Simon Schama @ Rs. 499/-
“Swimming Pool Sunday” by Sophie Kinsella @ Rs. 399/-
“A Scandalous Secret” by Jaishree Mishra @ Rs. 299/-
“First Spring: The Golden Age of India” by Abraham Eraly @ Rs. 1299/-
“The Shift : The Future of Work is Already Here” by Lynda Grantton @ Rs. 399/-
“7 Spiritual Laws of Superheroes” by Deepak Chopra @ Rs. 399/-
“Inspirations: Selections From Classic Literature” Selected by Paulo Coelho @ Rs.299/-
“Septimus Heap: Darke” by Angie Sage @ Rs.499/-
“The Definitive Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock” edited by Michael Heatly @ Rs.1995/-
“Dream Cruises of the World: Explore the World in Pictures” by Insight @ Rs.595/-
“The Ultimate Illustrated Encyclopedia of Classic Cars: A celebration of the 20th Century’s most Iconic Automobiles” by Martin Buckley and Chris Rees @ Rs.695/-
“European Paintings before 1800 in the National Gallery of Victoria” by Ursula Hoff @ Rs.1195/-
“Great Discoveries: An Amazing Journey through Space and Time” @ Rs.495/-
“The World Encyclopedia of Locomotives: An international Guide to the most Fabulous Train Engines” by Colin Garratt @ Rs.695/- (pgs 256)
“Rock Tease: The Golden Years of Rock T-Shirts” by Erica Easley and Ed Chalfa @ Rs.695/-

Enjoy your reading and see you at twistntales!

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