Thursday, April 21, 2011

Students at twistntales !

We have always had students working in the evenings. They bring their joy and energy and really perk us up.

We also have summer trainees ... we take them after Class 12. But this year, we have had parents and kids asking for "something to do" "you don't have to pay us" ! Cute ! Some of them as young as Class 6 !

But no, we will take them after they are 18, and we will make them work ! and we will pay them !

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~G said...

The class 6 ones can probably start a book sharing club that meets at tnt once or twice a week.. :) Each member buys one book, joins the club and gets to read many other by circulating books they've bought amongst themselves. Wotsay?

Obsessivemom said...

Don't blame them for wanting to start early.. your place seems like so much fun.

janaki said...

We did do that one year. We didn't have a shade outside then, we had large red umbrellas. We called it the Red Umbrella Library.

10 kids put 10 books of their own, to create a pool of 100 books, and ran a library under the Red Umbrella for a month. The first 4 days, they discussed rules, fees, made posters, marketed their library. Then 2 kids a day maintained the registers, so each kid,s turn came only once a week. I put a 12th class summer trainee in charge, the kids had to pay fr costs, pay didi for help, and at the end still made Rs. 60/- per head !

The whole idea was to teach them about commerce and concept of costs, profit and loss !

This was in 2006 !

Obsessivemom : thanks !