Saturday, March 26, 2011

An ode of thanks !

twistntales started in March 2002 with 5 lakhs capital and a small prayer on 28th of March. With the interiors then costing us 2.5 lakhs, we were left with half the amount to start and sustain our business.

As we enter our 10th year of operations, we look back at the last 9 years with an immense sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

It is a vindication of many things.

• That “good quality” will seek and find its own market.
• It is nice to be happy and spread happiness.
• “Word of mouth” is the best form of advertisement and it is free.
• And a “raving fan” gets you more raving fans.
• Folks understand difficult times.
• Relationships are nurtured through good interactions.
• “Old School” values which have stood the test of time, still has place in our lives.

All these and more. Over the years, you have given us place in your hearts and on the bookshelves. As a community bookstore, we have seen the neighbourhood children attend our workshops, grow into responsible young adults. Our monthly mails reach out to close to 3500+ persons, and an occasional hi/hullo from those beyond the far seas warms us up. Our students who are/have working/worked part-time at the Store from Tejal/ Mridula to the current Lijya/ Priyanka have grown tremendously richer in the process of their interactions with you. The pleasure that we have got in identifying good books for you to pick is incomparable. The intangibles far far outweigh the tangibles.

Will reading sustain? Will traditional independent bookstores continue to exist in a few years? If books are available as downloads, what value-add do we bring to your reading pleasure? Yes, these are questions that we need to find answers for.

We are still working this out. Based on some of your suggestions, a few opportunities are being explored. Do continue to write to us, and provide us with your feedback and suggestions.

We understand customers have a choice and respect it. And feel humbled when you choose us to buy your book. Thank you, we have survived, ridden over recessionary times and confidently look to the future - all because of you.

Do join us in our 9th anniversary celebrations tomorrow at the store, 27th Mar, Sun, 6pm onwards. To make sure your celebration is happy too, we will be offering 15% discount on all books in the Store for tomorrow (all day long).

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Shibani said...

Happy Birthday! And a very big hip-hip-hurray for you and all the wonderful girls and boys at tnt. :)