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Eid Mubarak and welcome Ganesha !

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Greetings of Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you! As we enter into a festive season, may the Divine Lord bless all the faithful, and create abundance, wealth and encourage the Joy of Giving!

We in twistntales have grown, the team is now a total of 9! A back office has been created, and soon you will see changes (all nice, and required) happening at a rapid pace. Our events are getting updated on our blog ( and our facebook page gives you more frequent updates and links to happenings in the book world. If you are not already on these, kindly join up to increase frequency of updates.

We have put a few books on Sale on tables outside the Store (15% and 25% off) for the past few weeks. This will continue till end September – lots of newer titles being added everyday to those tables! So, take your chances and visit frequently!

Lots of new and happening books, many reviewed, the very recent ones not yet.

New Books!

Wow and Noteworthy
“Official Price Guide To Collecting Books” by Marie Tedford & Pat Goudey @ Rs. 725/- (Pgs 309)

Many people love to collect books as a hobby but they don’t have the techniques of doing it. So here comes a BOOK which is full of these ideas. It tells you many things such as edition/prices of books, how to arrange book. It also has interviews of book-sellers, books today are also bought online, so we also get the information about avoiding scams. ‘Auction’ a new way of buying books, comes our way through this book which talks about the ‘Business of Auctioning Books’. This book is a must have for anyone who loves to collect good books & has a dream of having their own library.

“Crowdsourcing- How the Power of the Crowd is Driving the Future of Business” by Jeff Howe @ Rs.425/- (pgs 312)

Jeff Howe is a journalist who has worked for newspapers around the world and has written on every subject under the sun. He gives us his first book, “Crowdsourcing” Have you ever taken an online poll? Or for that matter “liked” a product or a company on facebook? Well then you have just helped in Crowdsourcing!
Crowdsourcing is defined as “the act of taking a job traditionally performed by employees and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call”. And this is usually done with the help of the internet. This book tells us how businesses have been growing tremendously just by Crowdsourcing. Also and more importantly it tells you how you can do it too! But Crowdsourcing has its problems too. It does not always work and many things can go wrong, and this book tells you how you can avoid them and use Crowdsourcing to your advantage. This book is a definite read for everyone – students, business owners – everyone!

“At Home – A Short History Of Private Life” by Bill Bryson @ Rs. 950/- (pgs 536)

Bill Bryson, the author of the highly acclaimed ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ is back with ‘At Home – A Short History of Private Life’, another truly fascinating book! According to Bill Bryson, we have spent so much of our lives studying about the history of the world through different times that we haven’t stopped and looked at our own homes and its history, because a home’s history is far more interesting, the best part being that you yourself make it!
He writes about each room in his house and its history with the extensive research he has put into it. One can feel the history of each room as we travel through the house and discovering secret doors and the history behind the things in the room, which we usually take for granted, and make them seem extraordinary!
Bill Bryson can make even the most mundane things come to life! And he has done it again with ‘At Home’!

“The Crimson Throne” by Sudhir Kakar @ Rs.450/-(pgs 254)
This is a historical travelogue about the inevitable war of succession to the Peacock Throne. Two European travellers Niccolao Manucci & Francois Bernier arrive in India. Little escapes their discerning eye – fabled cities now spinning into decay, harems rife with gossip, lust and venereal afflictions! Niccolac Manucci is employed in the court of Prince Dora, Francois Bernier is employed in the court of Danishma Khan. Set amid the grandeur and intrigue of seventeenth century India, The Crimson Throne masterfully probes the continuities of imperial expansion and a splintered Islam.

“Living Wild” by Bear Grylls @ Rs.599/- (Pgs 255)
The motto of scouting is to ‘Be Proud’ and life itself brings out the essence of being prepared. It doesn’t matter where you are, you need to be well prepared, and so elements like the wind, rain, cold, heat and sun don’t get the better of you. The author, Bear Grylls has guided the reader by using simple instructions that are very important. He also narrated real life camp stories, wanting the reader to read more and more. The photographs in this book are calling out to adventure seekers to join them in those places. This book also includes various diagrams that are guidelines on how to make your own laid cordage, bowline, camp bed etc. Bear Grylls has also written about food and cooking methods in the wild. After all life is an adventure that is best lived boldly!

Indian Writing

“Men Money and Chocolate” by Meena Van Praag @ Rs.250/- (pgs 244)

Maya’s dream is to write a best selling novel, be good looking and that Jake would fall in love with her. She tries to look and find ‘the perfect life’ in her cafĂ©, but when things don’t work out for her, she turns to chocolate, which is her only comforting buddy. Instead of finding happiness and peace, she is lost and does not find her way out. And just then someone steps into her life, which helps her discover what has been missing from her life for a very long time.

“Hostel Room 131” by R.Raj Rao @ Rs.250/- (pgs 228)
Mr. R. Raj Rao is a Pune based author who has penned many books. He is also a professor in the Department of English, University of Pune. His previous novels, also about the gay culture of India – BomGay and The Boyfriend, have received critical acclaim. Hostel Room 131 is set in 1970’s India when being gay was not even ‘allowed’. In this kind of setting, Siddharth, a college lecturer in Bombay falls in love with Sudhir, a student of Pune’s Engineering College. But the path of love is never smooth, and they have many road blocks in the form of Sudhir’s family and his homo-phobic classmates. To dodge these road blocks they are supported by their friends – Gaurav and Vivek, also a gay couple. Entertaining, funny, and captivating, this book is un-putdownable!

“After Taste” by Namita Devidayal @ Rs.399/- (pgs 296)
Namita Devidayal is a journalist for the Times of India. Her previous book, ‘The Music Room’ has received critical acclaim. Aftertaste tells the story of the Todarmal family - a rich, spoilt, sweet shop owning family. When their head, the cunning Mummyji is hospitalized and is hanging on to dear life, her four children have to pretend to care. Why? Because of the money! This book is sinfully delicious! The story spanning over the week of Diwali, shows how a person’s real nature comes out in dire situations faced by them. Also the rare insights into a Baniya family glue together by greed, hunger (of all kinds), jealousy and power is absolutely gripping! Namita Devidayal tells the story so richly and yet in such a raw and real way that you just can’t stop reading!

“Interior Decoration” edited by Ammu Joseph, Vasanth Kannibiran, Ritu Menon @ Rs.395/- (pgs 335)
‘Emotion’ is a very delicate, complicate but most expressive part of human element. People express their feelings either through anger or happiness. But a beautiful way of expressing ourselves is through poems. Interior Decoration brings our way different poems by Indian women in different languages. A landmark volume of 54 women poets from 10 languages. The collection includes renowned poets like Kamala Das, Salma, Anitha Thampi, Mamang Dai – some new, some old, but all wonderful. Though these are translated works they bring out the meaning of what the poet wants to express.


“High Low In-Between” by Imraan Coovadia @ Rs.299 /- (Pgs 237)

Imraan Coovadia is a South African author and journalist. When Nafisa’s newly retired husband is shot dead, Nafisa is lost. Not only does she have to cope with his death, but also his murder. Living in a rapidly changing South Africa, Nafisa feels like she is losing control over her life. Nafisa soon realizes that her husband’s death has many side effects when she is thrown into political and scientific controversy over it. Her only weapons to turn to are the people around her – her son. her maid and her late husband’s best friend. High Low In-Between reminds you just how far South Africa has come and also just how far a person can go with life, love and death.

“Valmiki s Daughter” by Shani Mootoo @ Rs. 299/- (Pgs 398)
Shani Mootoo is a Scotiabank Giller Prize finalist and a bestselling author. Mootoo born in Ireland and grew up in Trinidad. Set in modern day Trinidad, it is about a doctor called Valmiki. Valmiki’s eldest daughter Viveka has ideas about how to lead her life while Valmiki does not agree with her. The author offers a refreshingly different view of Trinidad, evocatively capturing the island’s cultural ethos, and social conventions.

Coffee Table

“The Story of English- How the English Language conquered the World” by Philip Gooden @ Rs.550/- (Pgs 223) (Coffee Table)

The Story of English is literally the story of English! Anyone who is interested in history or English should read this book… and people who are not interested should also read this book because it will get you hooked!
Did you ever wonder where the English language originated? How different words came to be part of the language that is recognized as The Global Language? If you have, then this book answers all your questions. Everything from the origin of words to the correct usage of them in our daily lives to even the correct use of punctuations can be found in this book. With amazing pictures and page layouts this book is a book for all ages! A truly interesting read!

“Jamie does… Spain, Italy, Morocco, Sweden, Greece, France- Easy Twists On Classic Dishes Inspired By My Travels”@ by Jamie Oliver @Rs.899/- (Pgs 359)
Jamie Oliver, ‘The Naked Chef’ is back! This is not your regular, garden- variety cookbook. It has everything from food to travel to photography. Anyone who is a fan of the aforementioned things should have this book! All one can say is: Brilliant recipes + Brilliant photography + Brilliant places = Brilliant book! It will make you want to jump on the next flight to Europe and go backpacking!

“The Mainland China Cookbook” by Anjan Chatterjee @ Rs.499/- (pgs 196)
Mainland China is India’s largest chain of fine dining Chinese restaurants. Anjan Chatterjee, the founder of Mainland China shares her experiences in China and also the story about how ‘Mainland China’ came into being. This book not only teaches one how to whip up your favourite Chinese meal at your own home, but also has details about Chinese regional cooking, the ingredients, the utensils and some of the Chinese cooking methods. This is the ultimate Chinese cookbook for all the Indian kitchens, as it gives you a sense of the varied riches of Chinese cuisine and teaches you how to cook Mainland China’s signature dishes. Now, you may kiss the Cook!

“Ship – 5000 years of Maritime Adventure’’ by Brain Lavery @ Rs 999/- (Pgs 400)
If science is to be believed the first molecule of human existence comes from the sea. Over the centuries, man has been fascinated by the sea. This book traces the history of maritime shipping from early vessels to modern day ships. Starting with boats & rafts, man designed the boats. As new empires ruled, it became important that ships be developed so that one could travel faster & safer. With the advent of steam engine, shipping got a boost. The book also talks about shipping during the two World Wars. With the introduction of luxury cruises, a new chapter of shipping had dawned. Today ships are used for sports as well as fishing. This book is a shippie’s delight!

Theatre/ Personalities

“Close – Up” by Zohra Segal @ Rs.375/- (Pgs 291)

Zohra Segal is a very well known and accomplished actress in Indian and British television and cinema. As she approaches her 100th year she gives us a Close Up - her memoirs about life on screen and off it. This book gives us a front seat view of one of the most amazing lives ever lived. The thing that stands out the most is the energy with which Zohra Segal has “lived” a completely unconventional life! Whether it was going to Germany to learn dance or marrying a man who was not only younger but also a Hindu, she did so unflinchingly. Her tours around the world with her dance and drama troupe are truly worth reading! This book is not just a memoir but also an inspiration. A must read!

“Stageplay – The Journey of an Actor” by Sushma Seth @ Rs 350/- (pgs146)

Sushma Seth is a very well known actor in Indian film and television. Her journey through life, especially on stage and in films is what Stageplay is all about. Also her valuable contributions to society in the form of her work with NGOs and her own school of drama for children are fascinating to read. Her childhood, as she describes it, is almost perfect. Her foray in films began with the film Junoon in 1978 and she hasn’t stopped since then Her passion for theatre never subsided, being part of a theatrical group called Yatrik. Sushma Seth’s work with NGOs is truly inspiring to read. So pick up this book to find out the truly fascinating life of the mom in ‘Dekh bhai Dekh’ and ‘Humlog’!

Socio Eco Pol

“Globish” by Robert McCrum @ Rs 550/- (pgs 310)

How does a language like English become the dominant language today? Though England has no colonies today, why is English still the dominant language today? Questions like these are tackled in Globish. With the advent of the printing press, English spread across colonies of England. Starting with the publication of the Bible, more intellectual debates took place in English which were previously dominated by French and Latin. Between the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1867, some seven million people left the British Isles and went overseas. Thus the English printing world had words like kangaroo, guru, jungle etc. this led to the development of the English language. Slowly but surely the English language became a global language

“Superpower?” by Raghav Bahl @ Rs.699/- (Pgs 242)
In the course of Raghav Bahl’s career as a journalist and as one of India’s top entrepreneurs, he has often faced questions from visiting business investors like – ‘Why are Indian regulations so weak?’, ‘How come your hotels are world class but the roads leading to them have pot holes?’, ‘Do all Indians speak English as well as you?’
Inevitably these questions are followed by an observation – it is not like this in China.
In the race to become a superpower, who is going to win? – China’s Hare or India’s Tortoise? Bahl argues that one doesn’t get declared a winner by investing more and growing faster today but something more intangible, like who has superior innovating skills and more entrepreneurially savvy. This is a unique and indeed gripping amount of the evolving geopolitics and the roles played by India and China in the superpower race.

“The Truth About Me- A Hijra Life Story” by A. Revathi (tr.V. Geetha) @ Rs.299/- (pgs 304)
Revathi was born a boy, but behaved like a girl. In this book she tells how her life turned upside down from the day she realized that she was stuck in the wrong body and around the wrong people –her family who never understood what she was going through. So without completing her schooling she ran away to Delhi to join a house of hijras. It took her long to adjust to this environment, the society’s hurtful comments and dejection from the people she loved the most in her life. Her life became a series of dangerous physical and emotional journeys to become a woman and find love
This is a very emotional, courageous and a moving real life story of a hijra who fought ridicule, persecution and violence both within her home and the outside world to lead a life of dignity and just to make a decent living. In our society, we speak the language of rights, loud and often. But do the marginalized really have access to these rights?

“Struggle for Gender Justice –Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial lectures” edited by Murlidhar C. Bhandare @ Rs.499/- (pgs 272)
This book comprises of 15 lectures delivered by eminent persons in the Justice Sunanda Bhandare Memorial Lecture. This book is a collection of these annual lectures, prominent among them being Prof. Amartya Sen, Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, Ela R. Bhatt, Aruna Roy and other eminent personalities.

“Mafia Son” by Sandra Harmon @ Rs.399/- (Pgs 314)
Sandra Harmon is a bestselling author of many books which even include a co-authored book on Elvis Presley with Priscilla Presley. This book though is no work of fiction. It is a true crime story and Sandra Harmon did her research first hand – by corresponding with the Mafia Son himself – Gregory Scarpa Jr., from his maximum security prison facility – ADMAX.
Gregory Jr. told Sandra Harmon that even though his family was one of the meanest mobs in town, they were also informants for the FBI. What he never imagined was that his father, the man he worshipped, would turn him into the police. In the prison he learnt about the 9/11 bombing 3 yrs before it happened! But the authorities ignored his information. Why? Sandra Harmon, intrigued by Gregory Jr., was in constant contact with him and delved deep into the Scarpa family, even risking her own life. Why should you read this book? Because it is true and also addictive! Read It.


“Ten Much –Ten Ordinary Processes for Extraordinary Success” by A G Krishnamurthy @ Rs.195/- (pgs 163) (Inspiration)

Luck is something that happens to you and is totally unpredictable and accidental in nature. Success is intended, and can be acquired by a rigorous application of certain time –tested processes. This book is a collection of stories of people who are famous and some completely unknown, who have become successful by overcoming various challenges and by simply following 10 simple and basic processes, without any luck factor. The author, A Krishnamurthy asks the readers to dream big, discover what one is good at, no matter what it is, be positive about you being able to do what you wish and dream for. He also asks one to consider money as a secondary priority than rather make it our primary goal. The author has explained these 10 processes in a very simple and very interesting way

“The Cure- The True Story That Inspired The Movie Extraordinary Measures” by Geeta Anand @ Rs.399/- (pgs 467) (Inspiration)

This book is about hopes and aspirations of not just one family but billions of families whose loved ones suffered from the fatal Pompe disease. John and Aileen Crowley’s children, Megan and Patrick suffer from this muscular disorder. Since this is a rare disease, no drug company had found a cure. So when Megan got pneumonia and the Crowleys almost lost her, John decides to do something about the cure for this deadly disease.
John tries to find scientists who could find a cue for this fatal disease. He invests his savings in a biotech company that will try to find a cure. But this being a fatal disease and it is a race against time…This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to survive against all odds.

“Sakuntala” by Romila Thapar @ Rs 375/- (pgs 271) (History)
Sakuntala is a compilation of essays and excerpts on Sakuntala. The book explores the role that Sakuntala has played in the portrayal of Indian women throughout history. It includes excerpts from the Mahabharata and Kalidasa’s play and actively debates between them. It also covers how the Europeans have portrayed Sakuntala in its many adaptations. A very interesting read to all history and literature lovers!

“Urban Crayon: Delhi” by Kim Barrington Narisetti @ Rs.199/- (pgs 232) (Travel)
This is a must have guide for all the fun things to do in New Delhi with your children! Each and every detail is categorized in such a way that it caters to all you specific needs. Have you ever run out of new places to entertain your children? Want to try something new for the weekend? Try the Ice cream Museum – a perfect birthday outing. Go to Eureka – the one and only bookstore for children in the city! Looking for a day break? Try rock climbing and parasailing along with your children! This book is bursting with great ideas and tips for every parent – whether residents or tourists in the city of Delhi.

“The Big Questions: The Universe” by Stuart Clark @ Rs.399/- (pgs 208) (Science)

Stuart Clark is an award winning author of many books like: “The Sun Kings: The Unexpected Tragedy of Richard Carrington and the Tale of How Modern Astronomy Began”. He also writes for many newspapers as well as speaking on BBC radio on astronomy to the general public. Stuart Clark in this book addresses 20 frequently asked, yet the biggest questions about space, time and the Universe. Questions like: What are the stars made of? What is a black hole? Is there life on Mars? And many more have been given answers which explain the answers given by the great minds of our times. This book is for everyone – even if you never asked these questions – you would want to know the answers! Written in an uncomplicated way this book explains it all!

Young Adults

“Let’s Play: The Puffin Book Of Sports Stories” intro. By Harsha Bhogle @ Rs. 175/- (Pgs 182)

With an introduction by Harsha Bhogle this books deals with sports stories. It has stories ranging from cricket to hockey to table tennis. Authors like Varsha Seshan, Nandini Nayar have contributed to this book. In a country like India where sports takes backstage and studies takes centre stage, this book will give a boost to the sports world in India.

“On the Yeti’s Trail” by Shoba Naidu @ Rs.95/-(pgs 76)
Set in the scenic valley of the Himalayan ranges, this book is about a boy called Mushtaq. Mushtaq comes home every vacation to his village. During this vacation, a yeti is spotted in the forest near his village. Hence begins Mushtaq’s quest to find the yeti. He and his friends set out on an adventure to find the yeti. The book also teaches kids about the environment like planting of tress. This book is simple and beautifully written.

“iBoy” by Kevin Brooks @ Rs.299/- (Pgs 292)
Kevin Brooks is an award winning author from the UK. He did a lot of odd jobs before discovering that he actually wanted to write. iBoy is his 10th novel. iBoy is the story of Tom, an ordinary boy who becomes extraordinary ‘accidentally’. He is walking down the street when, out of nowhere an iPhone hits him and cracks his skull. After waking up from a 15 day coma, he is told that, though the surgeons did everything they could, some pieces of the iPhone are still embedded in his brain. Unknown to the doctors, these pieces, turn Tom’s brain into an iPhone (literally) and in turn giving him physical powers he never had. Thus iBoy is born. Though he keeps his superpowers a secret, he can’t help but think of using them to avenge the gang who assaulted his best friend (and secret crush) Lucy and almost killed her brother. But is taking revenge the right choice for iBoy? Because he may get more than he bargained for! This book is addictive! Kevin Brooks is a master story teller!

“The Return Of Ravana Series: Pyre Of Queens Book 1” by David Hair @ Rs. 225/- (Pgs 229)
David Hair is the author of ‘The Bone Tiki’, the winner of Best First Book at the 2010 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards. This story was inspired by seeing the handprints of the burned queens of Jodhpur in the Mehrangarh Fort.
769 A.D, Mandore Rajhastan : Ravinra Raj is an evil sorcerer king and has secretly planned a dangerous ritual, where he and his 7 wives will burn on pyre. In turn, he will rise with the powers of Ravana. But one of his wives, Darya escapes along with the court poet – Aram Dhoop.
2010 – Jodhpur – 4 teenagers – Vikram, Amanjit, Deepika, and Rasita meet at the ancient site of Mandore and realize that the deathless king and his ghostly brides are chasing them. As the dark past discloses a truth, these 4 teenagers fight a battle one more time.

Other Books
“Kala Ghoda Poems” by Arun Kolatkar @ Rs. 360/-
“The Dangerous Book For Middle Aged Men” @ Rs. 475/-

“Refuge” by Gopal Gandhi @ Rs.250/-
“The Authorized Biography – Adoor Gopalkrishnan, A life in Cinema” by Gautaman Bhaskaran @ Rs.599/-
“The Lacuna” by Barbara Kingsolver @ Rs.550/-
“The Red Pyramid” by Rick Riordan @ Rs.399/-
“I, Romantic” by Rajeev Jhaveri @ Rs.225/-
“Reach for the Skies- Ballooning, Birdmen and Blasting into Space” by Richard Brandson @ Rs.599/-
“Moon Walk-His One and Only Autobiography, His Life, In His Words” by Michael Jackson @ Rs399/-
“Tusker Tales” edited by”Ruskin Bond @ Rs 95/-
“The Frontiers of Management” by Peter F. Drucker @ Rs.995/-
“The India Way” by Peter Cappelli, Harbir Singh, Jitendra Singh and Micheal Useem @Rs.695/-
“Strategic Speed” by Jocelyn R. Davis, Henry M. Frechette Jr., Edwin H. Boswell@ Rs 995/-
“The Sacred Grove” by Daman Singh @ Rs. 250/-
“Re - tooling HR” by John W. Boudreau @ Rs.995/-
“A Natural History of Ourselves” by Hannah Holmes @ Rs.499/-

“Emails from an A**hole” by John Lindsay @ Rs.399/-
“Miss Masala: Real Indian Cooking for Busy Living” by Mallika Basu @ Rs. 699/-
“The Little Book of Hindu Deities” by Sanjay Patel @ Rs.299/-
“Delhi Calm” by V. Ghosh @ Rs. 499/-
“Herogiri” by Mainak Dhar @ Rs. 199/-
“An Utterly Exasperated History Of Modern Britain” by John O’Farrell @ Rs. 899/-
“The Appointment” by Herta Muller @ Rs. 399/-
“Hinduism: An Alphabetical Guide” by Roshen Dalal @ Rs. 999/-
“Celebrating Delhi” @ Rs. 350/-
“Dork Diaries” by Rachel Renee Russell @ Rs. 250/-
“The Other Side Of Innovation: Solving The Execution Challenge” by Vijay Govindarajan & Chris Trimble @ Rs. 695/-“The Fakir” by Sunil Gangopadhyay translated by Monabi Mitra @ Rs.199/-
“The Thing About Thugs” by Tabish Khair @ Rs. 399/-“Bottom Of The Heap” by Reeti Gadekar @ Rs. 250/-
“Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare” introduction by Naseeruddin Shah @ Rs. 195/-
“Bala Takes The Plunge” by Melvin Durai @ Rs. 195/-
“Jaya - An Illustrated Retelling Of The Mahabharata” by Devdutt Pattanaik @ Rs. 499/-
“No Way Down: Life & Death On K2” by Graham Bowley @ Rs. 499/-
“The Penguin CNBC-TV 18 Business Yrbk 2010” edited by Derek O’Brien @ Rs.399/-
“Ash & Tara & The Palace Of Silence” by Jeanne Perrett @ Rs. 150/-
“Dark Goddess” by Sarwat @ Rs. 299/-
“The Gambler & Other Stories” by Dostoyevsky @ Rs. 499/-
“The Greatest Trade Ever” by Gregory Zuckerman @ Rs. 399/-
“The Groaning Shelf And Other Instances Of Book Love” by Pradeep Sebastian @ Rs. 395/-“Day Scholar” by Siddharth Chowdary @ Rs. 250/-
“Room” by Emma Donghue @ Rs. 499/-
“Absolute Khushwant” by Khushwant Singh & Humra Quraish @ Rs. 250/-“Opening Doors: The Untold Story Of Cornelia Sorabji” by Richard Sorabji @ Rs. 499/-

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