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Here we are, like we promised you in our last mail with two more exciting “Meet the Author” sessions. Thank you for the fabulous response for the book launch of Deepak Dalal’s “Sahyadri Adventures” This month, we start with a book for youngsters and follow it up with a more serious one for adults.

8th August, Sun 7pm “Pearls of Wisdom” by Sonja Chandrachud at twistntales
• 15th August, Sun 1030 am “Retire Rich” (a book on Financial Planning and a CNBC bestseller) by P V Subramanyam at Seasons Hotel.
8th August 2010, Sunday 7pm to 9pm at twistntales

Sonja has had a long happy relationship with twistntales. From being one of the early volunteers in our Sunday Morning Reading Sessions for kids, and doing a workshop for women on Stress Busters, Sonja has come a long way! twistntales is happy to the first to release Sonja’s Pearls of Wisdom.

Dubbed the ‘Desi Rowling’ by the media, Sonja deftly brews up fantastical tales filled with magic, mayhem & mischief. The Potion of Eternity & Pearls of Wisdom are the first two novels in the much loved Hilarious Hauntings Adventures five book series.

Hilarious Hauntings Adventures is about the lovable and quirky wizarding Von D’eth family of the Sorcery World. Like any other place on earth, these sorcerers must be on the alert for the nasty Black Magi are always on the prowl, stealing elixirs, ruining spells, in short trying to mess things for everyone. Check out www.hilarioushauntings.com

Packed with the weirdest, meanest and funniest assortment of ghouls, djinns, witches and yogis, these are the first two books in a series of fantasy adventures that will have you careening from one escapade to another, at the mercy of the creatures from your nightmares.

HHA Book 1.

Count Drunkula Von D’eth, a Transylvanian vampire and a top secret agent for Wizard Organization Worldwide (WOW), has been given a mission to die for… The magical Potion of Eternity, which will grant great powers to the children of a couple who drink it together, has been spiked by the Black Magi during the Great Wedding of the Oriental Sorcerer, Dead Lee and the Enchantress of the Deep, Abyssinia. Instead of declaring undying love, the two sorcerers go off the deep end, whipping up tsunamis, unleashing the Slimy Poaching Agency and threatening to rip the Sorcery World apart!
Time is now running out, the Count must concoct the Antidote and brew a fresh lot of the Potion before all hell breaks loose in the Sorcery World. But all this must be done undercover…decrees the 317 year old druid Nostra Daemus, the Ancient One and head of the WOW.
The Count moves to Wichita, Kansas, buys a charming haunted mansion, and settles down with his large, crazy family to concoct the Antidote and brew a fresh lot of the Potion.
But things can never be so simple in the wizarding world, especially if you have a hotheaded Indian Tantrika, Sinistra Sin-ha as your wife, a Water Sprite, a Vetal and a Psychic as your children, the ugliest, meanest Hag of a witch, Hilda Von D’eth for a mother and a mad mystic, Yogi Baba as your father-in-law!
Drunkula soon realizes he is up against some serious black magic and an enemy in his own house who will do anything to pinch the rest of the Potion from him. Then, there is a ghastly murder, his lab is broken into, his wife goes missing and the arrival of a nasty ransom note…
There’s only one thing for the Count do—take matters into his own hands and fly off to meet the Supreme One, the leader of the Black Magi, and strike a deal in the Belly of the Beast…

Book 2: (SYNOPSIS)

The Pearls of Wisdom, which bestow powers on the ruler of the water world, have been snitched by the notorious Supreme One and his merry band of Black Magi from under top-notch secret service vampire agent Count Drunkula’s nose. He now faces execution for treason, and the only one who can save him and restore order in the water world is his daughter Koral. She has just aced her WWETs (Water Wizadry Eligibility Test), but this mission is way out of her league—2000 leagues under the sea, to be precise.
Deep in the Sea of Secrets Koral is up against creatures from an underwater nightmare—Va Suki the thousand-headed serpent who has his two thousand eyes on the pearls too; Kraus Kraken, ready to strike a deal with the Black Magi; Medusa the gorgon, waiting to snack on any wizard who comes her way; and the deadliest of them all—a new Black Magi leader on the hunt for virgin souls… Will Koral be able to return with the pearls, or will she lose something more precious than her life?
Teeming with eccentric vampires, wizards, djinns, nagas and witches, this sequel to The Potion of Eternity is both a laugh riot and an adventure that twists and turns till its final electrifying finale.

Make sure you are there at your spookiest best. Come with your Black Magic potions, charms, wizardary tools, witchy wigs et. all! And this is your opportunity to buy your books @ a special price and get the author to make it special for you!

An e-invite is attached to this mail, kindly feel free to forward this to others who may be interested.

See you at twistntales!

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