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Launch of Deepak Dalal's new book !

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With SSC results coming today, I am sure that there will be a lot of families celebrating the successes of their kids! Congratulations to all the kids who have done their families/ schools proud with exemplary results, whether SSC/ICSE or CBSE.

While examination success is important, we need to celebrate other successes and achievements of our children. As a neighbourhood bookstore, we are happy to spot, encourage, provide a channel and mentor special talents that our kids have. Most of our summer interns and almost all our part-time evening folks are students from the neighbourhood.

This Sunday, 20th of June, we are happy to present the talent of Anusha Menon, a student of Std. Xth of St. Joseph’s High School. Anusha is a talented artist, and is now becoming big-time J.
Deepak Dalal is a neighbourhood celebrity, having authored many books for young adults with adventure as a focus. Most of you already know of his books, The Snow Leopard, The Ranthambore Adventures, The Andaman Adventures and others. We are happy to release his latest new book, “The Sahyadri Adventures” based very much in Pune and our beloved Western Ghats. This book is a happy blend of adventure, nature, environment and history and has been painstakingly researched and presented. Anusha has provided all the illustrations for this book.

This Sunday (20th June) @ 4 pm, we are happy to present both Anusha and Deepak in a joint session at twistntales Deepak will be reading from his new book, and both will be available for a question answer session after the reading. The books will be available for sale exclusively only at twistntales. Attached is a brief book review.

Book Review

Although interesting, Mumbai’s history is hardly spoken of. Most adults aren’t aware, leave alone children. Mumbai’s Fort, for example, is largely forgotten. This vanished bastion had three gates, one of them beside a church, hence the name Church Gate. Fronting this Fort was a massive open ground known as the Esplanade. The open spaces of the Esplanade still exist, only now they are known as the maidans of Mumbai.

The ‘Sahyadri Adventure’ books delve into the history of Mumbai, describing the life of a boy named Irfan who once lived in this Fort. The period is the 1850’s – a time when the sea flooded the channels between Mumbai’s seven islands and tigers still prowled its famous harbour. For a change, the author, Deepak Dalal, researched his books in a library – the hallowed halls of the University Library – instead of the wilds, where most of his books have been conceived.

Irfan loved his Mumbai, particularly its Fort, its Esplanade, its beaches and the vast open spaces of its untouched hinterland. But Irfan is forced to flee his beloved Mumbai. Along with his best friend, Rustom, he heads for the city’s neighbouring mountains range – The Sahyadri. Accompanying him is his father, who carries with him a stolen cargo.

Deep in the Sahyadri Range rises a mountain known as Koleshwar. On its forested slopes, a 150 years after Irfan’s passing, Vikram and his friends stumble upon tantalising trinkets of this stolen cargo. In a windswept cave Vikram’s friend Anirudh has a dream. He dreams of a boy named Irfan and of a lost treasure.

The Sahyadri Adventure stories are the latest in the VikramAditya Adventure Series. Schoolchildren Vikram, Aditya and Chitra return once more, sharing pages with Mumbai’s historical personalities like Forjett and Lord Elphinstone, in a heady mix of fact, fiction and adventure.

So make sure, you make it to twistntales on Sunday @ 4pm. Come rain or sun, event is on ! Looking forward to seeing you at the Store,

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