Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fantasy Fiction Novels: Must Read for Every Adult

The great philosophers of the world have always said life is about finding peace, contentment, and happiness. While these words have different meanings for everyone, in my case these words reflect my emotions when I am reading my favorite fantasy fiction novels. I am 27, happily married, a technical writer by profession and according to everyone who knows me an absolute escapist and fantasy fiction nut. 

I do read some “serious” books as they are called from time to time but end up gravitating towards fantasy fiction faster each time after I have contemplated upon the cacophony of human emotions discussed in these “serious” book.  The world outside that we see is extremely real, sadistic, brutal and effective in killing our imagination. These fantasy fiction novels present a wonderful escape route to a land where your visualization is the only thing that limits the joy you would feel when you read about Eragon flying on his dragon Saphira to meet the elves. I go through a 4D cinematic experience every time I read about Dumbeldore dueling Voldemort and get goose bumps when Percy Jackson cuts of Medusa’s head to courier it to his father Poseidon(the Ocean god).  It is so much more pleasurable to read how Frodo Baggins and Gandalf destroy the ring of power to end the dark ages than to wonder when Mr Darcy would confess his feelings to Ms Elizebeth Bennet. 
Fantasy fiction novels do reflect the state of our society and make some strong observations on various facets such as slavery, racism, and poverty. However, you can conveniently ignore these observations and enjoy the book. A hobby is an activity that should give you pleasure. When you complete a book, you should have a feeling of having eating a cheese mushroom pasta and complementary ice cream. Books that get you into a state of self reflection or end up shocking you with various candid observations are extremely important but should be read only when reading is a habit and not a hobby.  For example, I read Super Frekonomics and learnt some wonderful things but then got so worked up that I re-read the entire series of Bartimeus Trilogy to get back into my suspended state of happiness. 
Try reading Harry Potter for the first time in the silence of your bedroom sipping a glass of chilled coke. You will fell Harry’s pain at being mistreated by his aunt, his elation when he flies for the first time, his angst and fierce longing to punish Bellatrix when she kills his godfather Sirus. You will fly with him when he plays Quidditch, dodge as avoids opposition players, stretch as he reaches out to capture the snitch, and jump in elation as he wins the match for his house. Fantasy fiction novels by their very nature are extremely graphic. Hence, you get a chance to exercise your imagination and dream along with the book. You realize that you dreams are way bigger than anything Warner Brother studios can create. Do you know what the biggest advantage of reading such novels is? Every day you fear to dream since you are afraid your dream may not come true. In this case, you can dream fearlessly because the author is anchoring your dreams and leading you along across your ocean of thoughts. 
Some of my favorite fantasy fiction novels are:

  • Harry Potter series
  • Percy Jackson series
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)
  • Bartimeus Trilogy and Heroes of the Valley
  • Ramayan by Ashok Banker
  • The Gift, Puzzle, Crow, and Singing by Allison Crogan


Lokesh said...

Fantasy(tically) put forward, Akshay. I feel like going back to my copy of LOTR.

Poonam said...

Woo, you just blasphemous-ly mocked dear Darcy. :P Such moments do have pleasure as well.

Article was a delight to read about fantasy. I am tempted to pick up Percy Jackson. You didn't mention The Millennium Trilogy in your favorite fantasy suggestions?

Vidya said...

I completely agree ... !!! I like to remain in a suspended state of animation and happiness than read very serious books [ although I do read them ... :) ] .
Delightful and effervescent post ....

Weed said...

So true!! THIS is the reason I still hang on to my Enid Blytons.

Also, you could try the Artemis Fowl series.