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Come to wish us Happy Birthday and get amazing Return Gifts !

Hi all,

Here’s an ode to the lovely bookstores that we know.

We may have grown up with Manneys right here in Pune, or with Strand in Mumbai or with the original Landmark in Nugambakkam High Road in Chennai - wherever we have been, it’s thanks to these folks and our friendly neighbourhood garage libraries or the really wonderful teachers and librarians that we have known, that we have all imbibed this wonderful habit of reading. Buy and read, borrow and read, but read we must. Early mornings, mid afternoons, late nights, in flights, airports, on holidays, I am sure many of us have memories of reading story books under the blanket with a torchlight!

It’s these memories and folks like you who share these memories with us that’s happily taking us to our 8th happy birthday on Sunday, 28th March. We hope to give kids in our neighbourhood the same kind of memories that we have had while growing up. The last 8 years has seen kids in our neighbourhood, finish school and college, take up jobs and still sneak in to read Calvin & Hobbes or Asterix! So whether it is Samar, Aditya, Vedang or Vinay, or amongst the junior lot, Siddanth, Varun, Yagnesh or Eeshaan, we hope to have given them this joy and memories for life.

And as we move from 8 to 80 (we are infants compared to the above mentioned bookstores), we send out our heart felt thanks to you all, some of you who have seen us right from our first day! We have come a long way since Mar’2002, and still miles to go. As we learn, we are happy to have delighted you on some days, and disappointed when we have messed up. But you have stood by us, steadied the boat, and helped us get further. You deserve a BIG thanks.

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, 23rd Mar till Sunday, 28th March, we are happy to give you 15% off on whatever you pick. So, hurry, pick your wallets and run. And sorry, we will not be able to put books aside for you, for this week. No gift wrapping either. But loads of books, yes, definitely! So, see you in the Store!

Reviews/ New Books:


“Virus of the Mind” by Richard Brodie @ Rs 299/- (Pgs 249)
Tastes, desires and ways of living and working that are not your own are viruses of the mind known as Memes. And Richard Brodie, one of the world’s leading authorities on memetics or the self-replicating aspects of culture, gives you the low down on how this revolutionary science can help you. Memetics is the long awaited scientific study unifying biology, psychology and cognitive science and can be used to completely reprogram your self simply by being aware of the viruses of the mind. Written in a very witty and engaging manner, Virus of the Mind awakens you to what really happens to the things you see and hear. Pick up this book, then give it to someone you love and help spread a truly valuable ‘virus’!

“The Language of the Genes” by Steve Jones @ Rs 480/- (Pgs 340)
This book is the most ‘accessible’ guide to modern genetics and shows us how remarkable yet fragile product of evolution the human species is. Jones demolishes various myths, addresses sensitive social issues and speaks optimistically of the potentials of modern genetics. What is exceptional about the book is that it is as much scientific as it is literary. Few scientists will have the ability to write well for a general audience and Steve Jones is one of those rare species. The Language of the Genes is a witty tale of curious mutations, Siamese cats and evolution.

“Darwin’s Sacred Cause- Race, slavery and the quest for human origins” by Adrian Desmond & James Moore @ Rs 550/- (Pgs 450)
Did you know that Darwin had a ‘Sacred Cause’ behind his theory of evolution which traced all life back to a common ancestor? Darwin was committed to the abolition of slavery and tried to accomplish the ‘brotherhood of races’- whether black or white, man or animal, plants or people. The authors draw from unpublished family correspondence, manuscripts and rare books the information that led to the creation of Darwin’s world-changing works. Darwin’s Sacred Cause is the untold story of how Darwin’s abhorrence of slavery that leads to our modern understanding of evolution.


“The End of Duality” by Ramesh S. Balsekar @ 195/- (Pgs 84)
“Who wouldn’t look forward to death?” asks one of the world’s leading masters of Advaita, Ramesh Balsekar. Over five days in 2009, Balsekar spoke on one central theme: The End of Duality or in other words, the end of the pleasures and pains of daily living. There was such indescribable beauty in the brevity of his words that it was felt that they should be transcribed, edited and published to reach a wider audience. The End of Duality is the compilation of Balsekar’s provocative speeches. There seems to be a finality in the message being conveyed in these talks, making them slivers of wisdom.


“Strengths Based Leadership” by Tom Rath & Barry Conchie @ Rs. 650/- (Pgs 240)
#1 New York Times bestselling author Tom Rath and renowned leadership consultant Barry Conchie reveal in this book, three keys to being a more effective leader: knowing your strengths and investing in others’ strengths, getting people with the right strengths on your team, and understanding and meeting the four basic needs of those who look to you for leadership. You’ll hear firsthand accounts from some of the most successful organizational leaders in recent history, from the founder of Teach For America to the President of The Ritz-Carlton, as they discuss how their unique strengths have driven their success. Filled with novel research and actionable ideas, Strengths Based Leadership will give you a new road map for leading people toward a better future.


“Rukmini Devi: A life by Leela Samson” @ Rs. 550/- (Pgs 243)
Bharatha Natyam and Rukmini Devi Arundale are words that have almost always been taken in the same breath. Leela Samson, who took over as the director of Kalakshetra Foundation is probably one of the best people to write about this extraordinary woman, whose life embodied a vision of a modern India, while also celebrating its rich civilization. Drawn from a collection of Rukmini Devi’s own papers, speeches, writings, diaries and Theosophical journals housed in Kalakshetra apart from the oral evidences and reminiscences of stalwarts and luminaries like Annie Besant and C Rajagoplachari, the biography also contains unseen personal correspondence and photographs and is an intimate and rounded portrait of the celebrated artiste and dancer- Rukmini Devi.

“Simply Fly” by Captain Gopinath @ Rs. 499/- (Pgs 380)
This book is an exceptional entrepreneurial journey, it is a story of a man who went from riding in a bullock cart in a remote village to owning India’s first and largest low-cost airline- Air Deccan. Simply Fly is a very personal account of Captain Gopinath’s days in the army, his return to the village and life as a refugee, the Guru-Shishya relationship between him and his father, and his subsequent and highly successful ventures in life. Here’s a very ‘Indian experience’ of entrepreneurial and leadership success, of triumph over adversity that conveys the joy and richness of life in rural India.

“Made In India Biddu: Adventures Of A Lifetime” by Biddu @ Rs. 399/- (Pgs 252)
“I was born at a time when Man had finally learned to walk upright”
Biddu was born in India, where he started his career playing in a pop band whose influences lay in the classic repertoire of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. He was the boy with gold in his hair…From the nine-million-selling ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ to the iconic youth anthem of ‘Made in India’ and the numerous hits in between, Biddu’s music made him a household name in India and elsewhere. He became involved in Indian music: composed the cult ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’ for the film Qurbani, which set a new landmark for sales in India. This was followed with Disco Deewane, with Nazia Hassan, which became the largest selling pop album in Asian history. To date, Biddu has sold over thirty-eight million records worldwide. In this first public account of all that came his way-the people, the events, the music tours and companies-Biddu writes with a wry sense of humour about his remarkable journey with its fairy-tale ending. Charming, witty, and entirely likeable, Biddu is a man you’re going to enjoy getting to know.

“The Accidental Billionaires: Sex, Money, Betrayal And The Founding Of Facebook” by Ben Mezrich @ Rs. 550/- (Pgs 260)
What began as a simple argument spiraled into an out-and-out war. This is the story of two Ivy League outcasts who concocted a scheme to meet girls, and ended up inventing Facebook. At Harvard, social acceptance and success with the opposite sex had to be applied for. Misfit and maths prodigy Eduardo Saverin dreamed of joining one of Harvard’s elite Final clubs. His best friend, computer genius Mark Zuckerberg, turned instead to his natural talents, hacking into the university’s computer system to create a rateable database of every female student on campus. After crashing the entire computer system, and escaping expulsion, they refocused to something less controversial – ‘The Facebook’ which spread like a wildfire. Eduardo and Mark were getting nods not just from the female population, but from venture capitalists too. It was then, amidst the dizzying levels of cash and the promise of unbelievable power, ironically Facebook succeeded by bringing people together – but also tore two best friends apart.


“The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind” by William Kamkwamba & Bryan Mealer @ Rs. 399/- (Pgs 273)
Every woman in Malawi had to walk several kilometers to cut down a bundle of thin tress so that they can have their meals… Someone had to help save our woman & trees, and I thought, why not me?
William Kamkwamba was born in Malawi, a country where hunger and drought were a daily reality, and hope and opportunity were hard to find. Facing different adversities, William who has passion for science, had a ‘crazy’ idea. His achievement with Wind Energy is an excellent example of what one person, with an inspired idea, can do to tackle the crisis. His incredible determination has changed his community and transformed the lives of those around him. A must read ‘Inspirational’ book…..

“In The Line Of Alzheimer’s: The Mission Continues” by Brig (Retd) S P Bhattacharjya @ Rs. 175/- (Pgs 88)
…caregiving to an Alzheimer’s patient need not be struggling through the storm only, but it’s possible to enjoy a bit of dancing through the rain as well.
This is a passionate account of a loving husband narrating his experiences and observations as a caregiver of his dear wife with Alzheimer’s disease. This is a tale of a fairly long journey punctuated with making mistakes and correcting them, high expectations and dashing of hopes, some achievements and many failures ending with the acceptance of the reality of essentially incurable nature of the condition and setting a goal of trying to do his best for her in spite of that.

“The Dolphin: Story of a Dreamer” by Sergio F. Bambaren @ Rs. 99/- (Pgs 87)
“May your dreams come true, dreamer; and may they always bring you happiness and wisdom.”
From an author who himself left a lucrative job in order to follow his dreams, this is a wonderful book written in simple language that will awaken the dreamer in us. This is a story of courage, of struggle against ones own fears and limits- this is the story of Daniel Dolphin, who will take you on a magical journey and remind you that in the journey through life it is the will of the heart that decides our destiny.


“Committed” by Elizabeth Gilbert @ Rs. 499/- (Pgs285)
There is no greater risk than matrimony. But there is nothing happier than a happy marriage
How does a skeptic make peace with marriage? Here is Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of her bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love. In her memoir, she fell in love with Felipe, resettled in America and they swore eternal fidelity to each other but swore never, EVER, to get married. But providence intervened and having been effectively sentenced to wed, Gilbert tackled her fears of marriage by delving completely into this topic. The result is Committed – a witty and intelligent contemplation of marriage that debunks myths, unthreads fears and suggests that sometimes even the most romantic souls must trade in her amorous fantasies for the humbling responsibility of adulthood. Committed is ultimately a clear-eyed celebration of love, with all the complexity and consequence that real love, in the real world, actually entails.

“Truth” by Peter Temple @ Rs. 499/- (Pgs 406)
From the author of the international bestseller “The Broken Shore”, Peter Temple’s Truth is a novel about a man, a family, a city. It is about violence, murder, love, corruption, honour and deceit. And it is about truth. At the close of a long day, Inspector Stephen Villani stands in the bathroom of a luxury apartment high above the city. In the glass bath, a young woman lies dead. Villani’s job as the head of the Victoria Police Homicide Squad is bathed in blood and sorrow. Incapable of constancy as a father and husband, damaged as a son, his life is his work. Now, over a few sweltering summer days, as fires burn across the state and his superiors and colleagues scheme and jostle, the girl’s murder will collide with what seems on the surface to be another brutal gangland slaying and expose the darkness in the city’s soul.

Indian Writing

“The Awakening” by Anita Agnihotri @ Rs. 295/- (Pgs 285)
Anita Agnihotri writes in Bengali. Her works have been translated into all major Indian Languages. ‘The Awakening’ has been translated by Nandini Guha who has won the Katha Award for her translation of Bani Basu’s ‘Khharap Chhele’. ‘The Awakening’ is the story of Arjun, a potter, not by birth. It unfolds against the backdrop of the violence of the Naxal movement of the 1960s and 70s that wiped out an entire generation of Bengali’s youth. The author explores issues of caste and class that continue to hassle society in contemporary India.

“Blowback” by Mukul Deva @ Rs. 199/- (Pgs349)
India’s premier military thriller writer is back! After Salim Must Die and Lashkar, comes Blowback. Close on the heels of terror visiting Pune, Blowback makes chilling reading. A warlord in the rugged Tribal Areas of Pakistan pushes his way to the crest of the jihadi wave, seeking to forge an alliance of terror groups to take on the American surge. One of his allies appears to be Pakistan’s ISI. Blowback will keep you riveted with its tight plotting and heart stopping pace.

“Keep The Change” by Nirupama Subramanian @ Rs. 199/- (Pgs 358)
Can the conservative, curd-rice eating Damayanthi become a cool, corporate babe? The uncoolness of her name plagues B.Damayanti, along with the bunch of unsuitable prospective husbands her Amma throws at her and a dead-end job as an accountant in a decrepit firm in Chennai. A wickedly witty first novel, Keep The Change is a rollicking story of every girl’s journey to fulfil her dreams and find her own place in the world.

“Karl, Aaj Aur Kal” by Cyrus Broacha @ Rs. 195/- (Pgs 233)
India’s best known funny man comes up with a witty, hilarious novel about celebrities, Bollywood and politics. Like it says in the preface, “the book was intended as a murder mystery, but due to the author’s revulsion towards blood, it was adapted into a historical documentary with elements of drama, melodrama, but none whatsoever of lovemaking.” A complete time-pass reading for your flight!

“Eating Women, Telling Tales” by Bulbul Sharma @ Rs. 295/- (Pgs 113)
Following on her bestselling The Anger of Aubergines, Bulbul Sharma brings us another collection of women’s food stories from the Indian Kitchen. Each vignette is, by turns, funny, poignant, macabre – a delicious spread, showcasing Bulbul Sharma’s mastery of the stories of small actors and the drama of daily life.

“Chai, Chai: Travels In Places Where You Stop But Never Get Off” by Bishwanath Ghosh @ Rs. 250/- (Pgs 214)
Want to listen to the stories these small towns have to tell – then stop by with Bishwanath Ghosh and listen to the voices of these little – known towns. The idea for this book came to the author when, one evening two years ago, he got down at the Itarsi station to strech his legs. The short pieces in this book are eccentric and funny. ‘Chai Chai’ takes you to seven railway junctions where “you stop but never get off”

Young Adults

“Junk” by Melvin Burgess @ Rs. 199/- (Pgs 389)
Junk=Heroin=Bliss=Despair=A Love Story You’ll Never Forget
“Gemma wants to fly, But no one can fly forever. One day, somehow, finally you have to come down”
Ground breaking and controversial from one of today’s most important writers, ‘Junk’ proves that the complexities of the drug culture are more effectively explored in fiction than in preachy documentaries. The very title was enough to shock when it was published in 1996 rising up different storms. Credible, honest, moving and sympathetic – not to drug taking, but to some of the reasons for it and to how the young fall into it and then, with luck and a bit of help, get themselves out of it. Burgess shows the reality which many adolescents know all too well that many adults want to deny. Junk encompasses the raw, savage and ecstatic world of the adolescent mind, taking the reader through first-person accounts of an “adventure” that leads to addiction. The Winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award.

“Half-Minute Horrors: Very Small Stories. Very Big Scares” by Neil Gaiman & James Patterson @ Rs. 199/- (Pgs 141)
How scared can you get in only 30 seconds ? Dare to find out with Half Minute Horrors, a collection of deliciously terrifying tales and creepy illustrations by an exceptional selection of writers and illustrators. Each one takes only 30 seconds to read…. But the chills will take much longer to fade. Featuring stories by Holly Black, Lemony Snicket, Neil Gaiman and others.

“Panna” by Kamala Das @ Rs. 125/- (Pgs 26)
This is an enchanting story about a girl called Panna who while waiting on the seaside for her brother Moti falls asleep and enters the magical land under the sea. With sensational pearly streets, coral houses, bewitching green skies and fascinating inhabitants like the Fish King, Fish Queen and Wind Monster, writer poet Kamla Das has written a truly captivating story for young readers. Illustrated with traditional Madhubani folk art, Panna is a lovely story of fairy tale magic that will steal your heart away.

“S’s Secret” by Shobhaa De @ Rs. 95/- (Pgs 153)
Shobhaa De’s Snappy Happy Series is her first book for children.
S’s Secret
tells about a 14-year-old girl named Sandhya. Life is such a roller-coaster for her. The agony and ecstasy of her first crush, the delirious planning for the school social, all the nameless yearning for oh-so-many things, and the overwhelming urge to rebel against doting but strict parents! And looming like a dark cloud on the horizon is a secret she can’t tell anyone…not ever her best friend…Will life ever be the same again for Sandhya if she tells?

Newer Books in tnt:

“Mission Moon: Exploring The Moon With Chandrayaan 1” by S. K. Das @ Rs. 175/-
“Shoo, Jimmy Choo!: The Modern Girl’s Guide To Spending Less And Saving More” by Catey Hill @ Rs. 399/-
“A Disobedient Girl” by Ru Freeman @ Rs. 550/-
“Ram Jethmalani: The Authorized Biography” by Nalini Gera @ Rs. 450/-
“Love Is Hell” by Melissa Marr & many more @ Rs. 250/-
“The Sign” by Raymond Khoury @ Rs. 299/-
“The Piano Teacher” by Janice Y.K. Lee @ Rs. 335/-
“Home Boy” by H.M. Naqvi @ Rs. 399/-
“Corporate Governance And Stewardship” by N Balasubramanian @ Rs. 795/-
“Manto Selected Stories” translated by Aatish Taseer @ Rs. 295/-
“In Other Rooms, Other Wonders” by Daniyal Mueenuddin @ Rs. 395/-
“Holmes Of The Raj” by Vithal Rajan @ Rs. 295/-
“First There Was Woman And Other Stories” by Marija Sres @ Rs. 195/-
“The Beast With Nine Billion Feet” by Anil Menon @ Rs. 295/-
“Nine By Nine” by Daman Singh @ Rs. 250/-
“Year of the Tiger” by Sohaila Abdulali @ Rs. 299/-
“Chicken Soup For The Indian Romantic Soul” by Jack Canfield @ Rs. 295/-
“The Mystery Of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies, Possibilities” by Gregg Braden and more @ Rs. 299/-
“Good Small Business Guide 2010: How To Start And Grow Your Own Business” @ Rs. 1199/-
“Whole Earth Discipline” by Stewart Brand @ Rs. 599/-
“Runner” by Thomas Perry @ Rs. 299/-
“The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life Of Paul Dirac, Quantum Genius” by Graham Farmeld @ Rs. 450/-
“Word For Word” by James E. Snyder @ Rs. 399/-
“Lessons In Forgetting” by Anita Nair @ Rs. 399/-
“The Perfect Prey: The Fall of ABN AMRO, Or What Went Wrong In The Banking Industry” by Jeroen Smit @ Rs. 650/-
“The Land Of Cards: Stories, Poems And Plays For Children” by Rabindranath Tagore @ Rs. 199/-
“Dork” by Sidin Vadukut @ Rs. 199/-
“An Endless Winter’s Night: An Anthology of Mother-Daughter Stories edited by Ira Raja & Kay Souter @ Rs.375/-
“Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Survival in India” by Vandana Shiva @ Rs.300/-
“Home: Storytelling House” by Nina Sabnani @ Rs.450/-
“Hanuman’s Ramayan” retold by Devdutt Pattanaik @ Rs.135/-
“Way To Go” by Upamanyu Chatterjee @ Rs. 499/-
“Becoming Indian: The Unfinished Revolution Of Culture & Identity” by Pavan k. Verma @ Rs. 499/-
“Witness The Night” by Kishwar Desai @ Rs. 225/-
“Mr Oliver’s Diary” by Ruskin Bond @ Rs. 150/-
“Maria’s Room” by Shreekumar Verma @ Rs. 299/-
“It Rained All Night” by Buddhadeva Bose @ Rs. 150/-
“Percy Jackson The Demigod Files” by Rick Riordan @ Rs. 199/-
“Where Girl’s Dare” by Bhavna Chauhan @ Rs. 150/-
“Dreams In Prussian Blue” by Paritosh Uttam @ Rs. 150/-
“Love Over Coffee” by Amrit N. Shetty @ Rs. 150/-
“Monkey-Man” by Usha K.R. @ Rs. 299/-
“Connected: The Amazing Power Of Social Networks & How They Shape our Lives” by Nicholas Christakis @ Rs. 499/-
“A Warrior’s Life: A Biography Of Paulo Coelho” by Fernando Morais @ Rs. 599/-
“Anna: The Life And Times Of C.N. Annadurai” by R. Kannan @ Rs. 550/-
“Freefall: Free Mkts & The Sinking Of The Global Economy” by Joseph Stiglitz @ Rs. 499/-
“Trickster City: Writings From The Belly Of The Metropolis” by diff authors @ Rs. 499/-
“Don’t Sprint The Marathon” by V. Raghunathan @ Rs. 199/-
“Delhi Durbar” by Krishan Partap Singh @ Rs. 195/-
“The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything” by Ken Robinson @ Rs. 350/-
“Strangers” by Anita Brookner @ Rs. 299/-
“The Spark: The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan For Losing Weight, Getting Fit, And Transforming Your Life” by Chris Downie @ Rs. 299/-
“The Power Of No” by Beth Wareham @ Rs. 225/-
“Possession” by Kamala Markandaya @ Rs 250/-
“Ash & Tara And The Emerald Dagger” by Jeanne Perrett @ Rs. 150/-
“Three Cups Of Tea: The Young Reader’s Edition” by Greg Mortenson @ Rs. 299/-
“What Is Man: Selected Writings Of Sri Madhava Ashish” by Madhava Ashish @ Rs. 350/-
“The Murder Room” by PD James @ Rs. 299/-
“The Drucker Difference” edited by Craig L. Pearce @ Rs. 575/-
“Rides A Dread Legion” by Raymond E. Feist @ Rs. 350/-
“Roverandom” by J.R.R. Tolkien @ Rs. 310/-
“The Shadow Of The Great Game: The Untold Story Of India’s Partition” by Narendra Singh Sarila @ Rs. 399/-
“Mother Pious Lady: Making Sense Of Everyday India” by Santosh Desai @ Rs. 399/-
“Kaifi & I: A Memoir” by Shaukat Kaifi @ Rs. 295/-
“Repositioning” by Jack Trout @ Rs. 250/-
“Beyond Twilight: Explore The World Of Vampires” by Manuela Mascetti @ Rs. 395/-
“Intimate Pretence: Oriya Short Stories” by Paramita Satpathy @ Rs. 95/-
“The Scalpel: Game Beneath” by H S Rissam @ Rs. 195/-
“Jihad, Peace & Inter-Community Relations In Islam” by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan @ Rs. 295/-
“Hakuna Matata: Life Is Calling” by Srinivas Yanamandra @ Rs. 95/-
“Running On Full” by Tina Sharma Tiwari @ Rs. 95/-
“Sarojini Naidu: Selected Poetry And Prose” Edited by Makarand R. Paranjape @ Rs. 295/-
“Times Food Guide 2010” by Karen Anand @ Rs. 125/-
“The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone In The Universe” by Paul Davies @ Rs. 599/-
“The World Is Curved: Hidden Dangers To The Global Econamy” by David M. Smick @ Rs. 499/-
“House Of Cards” by William D. Cohan @ Rs. 499/-
“The Maruti Story: How A Public Sector Company Put India On Wheels” by R.C. Bhargava @ Rs. 499/-
“Street Smarts: An All-Purpose Tool Kit For Entrepreneurs” by Norm Brodsky & Bo Burlingham @ Rs. 499/-
“Vampire Academy: Shadow Kiss” by Richelle Mead @ Rs. 299/-
“The Theory Of Moral Sentiments” by Adam Smith @ Rs. 499/-
“Einstein’s God: Conversations About Science And The Human Spirit” by Krista Tippett @ Rs. 499/-
“Flying Your Golden Bird To Riches: A Prosperity Book For The Indian Soul” by Dr. Michael J. Duckett @ Rs. 199/-
“The Art Of Meditation” by Matthieu Ricard @ Rs. 399/-
“Profit Now I Know: A To Z Finance And Investing” Edited by Vinod Mehta @ Rs. 125/-
“The Temple Goers” by Aatish Taseer @ Rs. 495/-
“Soulmates: True Stories From The World Of Online Dating” by Sonali Fernando @ Rs. 399/-
“Himglish & Femalese: Why Women Don’t Get Why Men Don’t Get Them” by Jean Hannah Edelstein @ Rs. 399/-
“Heliopolis” by James Scudamore @ Rs. 399/-
“My Comeback: Up Close And Personal” by Lance Armstrong @ Rs. 550/-
“Fighting Ruben Wolfe” by Markus Zusak @ Rs. 199/-
“Lords Of Finance” by Liaquat Ahamed @ Rs. 499/-
“Sadhus: Going Beyond The Dreadlocks” by Patrick Levy @ Rs. 250/-
“A Good Talk” by Daniel Menaker @ Rs. 550/-
“The Long Song” by Andrea Levy @ Rs. 595/-
“Solar” by Ian McEwan @ Rs. 550/-
“The Hidden Heart Of Emily Hudson” by Melissa Jones @ Rs. 295/-
“The Swan Thieves” by Elizabeth Kostova @ Rs. 595/-
“No Lovelier Death” by Graham Hurley @ Rs. 350/-
“On The Brink” by Hank Paulson @ Rs. 599/-

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