Monday, December 7, 2009

For Shibani


Hush, she says

It’s my day,

and I don’t want noise

Can’t you stop your clinking?

But they won’t listen

Green and gold and red

She pushes them down

One by one


They gleam

Circle her wrist

Cool againstHer warm pulse

Like love

Glass, silver and gold

She holds up her arm

Runs a finger down

The bunch

They move

Against her skin



Each time she moves

They remind her

That she is changed

Ever more intrinsically

That on this day

They are with her

Holding her

I wish I could've been there...

1 comment:

Shibani said...

And didn't see this too. Thank you so much. 'tis beautiful. Wish I could upload a picture of the bangles too. I'll send you a picture instead.