Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spreading the love

Where I work now, there is a colleague I don't much like. Or know, for that matter. She's often cranky and tries too hard to be cool. We got along, just about. Then, one day, her gtalk status msg read 'I'm soooo happy I'm back to reading.' Naturally I was intrigued and asked her what she was reading. She said she was midway through Ladies Coupe by Anita Desai. Then she asked the most beautiful question: 'Do you have any books I could read?'
Now, this is a question I have been asked since we started library period in school. People somehow assumed I would know the good books, the right books for them.
I brought my colleague Book Of Rachel. She loved it, she wanted more. I have now given her Pitching my Tent. I love looking musingly up at my bookshelf, wondering what will fit her, what will push her too far. Tis what Weed calls book matchmaking, and really, it's the best kind.
She's recently moved into a new house and while showing us pictures some days back, she said ,'look that's my bedside table, where I keep your book,'
It made my day!

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Tripuri said...

:) Ur posts always make me smile Tia..In my own lil way I do this too.. and yeah feels nice.. really nice!